Best VPN For Firestick

Best VPN For Firestick

The use of Amazon Firesticks to stream movies and TV has exploded over the past few years. However, so has the number of geo-restrictions on where you can use them, meaning you can’t always access them where you are.

That is where the best VPN for Firestick comes in…! A VPN service will unlock all of the available sites and apps on your Firestick. A good VPN will also deliver fast speeds, allows torrenting (important for Kodi), and provides robust privacy.

We have reviewed the best VPN services available for Firestick based on a strict 62 point checklist. As new VPNs come onto the market every day, we constantly update the list of the Best VPN for Firestick so it’s always up to date!

These VPN services will hide your true IP address to protect your online identity and wont log your viewing habits! The best VPNs for Fire TV Stick will even work with services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Should You Use a VPN for Firestick?

Although the Firestick is a great gadget in this time, it’s not without its drawbacks. Indeed, while using your Firestick, you could be subject to:

  • Online surveillance: You could be watched by your Internet Service Provider, Government and even worse by hackers and cryptocurrency miners which puts your data at risk.
  • Internet Throttling: If you tend to do heavy streaming services, your Internet Service Provider could in turn slow down your internet speed, leading to endless buffering issues.
  • Content geo-restriction: Users in certain locations around the world are denied access to certain websites or streaming services.

All of these setbacks can be gotten rid of by simply setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Firestick. The Virtual Private Network  will hide or mask the IP address thereby shielding your online identity/data which gives and protects your privacy.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a VPN for Firestick

When choosing a VPN for Firestick you would have to consider the following features;

  • Security and Privacy: The essence of a good VPN is to provide online identity privacy and prevent hackers, Internet Service Providers, and Government surveillance. This is the key feature to look out for when choosing any VPN software.
  • Numbers of Server and their Locations: VPNs with more servers are typically faster than regular VPNs. It’s also important these servers are in your desired locations, allowing you unblock your favorite services.
  • Bandwidth Cap & Limit: For a user to get the most from a VPN service, unlimited bandwidth should be on the list of its benefits. This would prevent every kind of streaming or buffering issues.
  • Price: Ensure that the price you pay should be equivalent to the service you get. You can do this by comparing the features and prices of different services
  • Support: The customer support service should be fast, reliable, and available 24hours or most of the time.
  • Speed: When deciding on the VPN service to pay for, ensure the VPN service has little or no impact on your internet speed, i.e. the encryption and decryption processes would have little effect on your internet speed.
  • Cross-Platform Support: The VPN service should be able to run on any device or platform. This allows users to connect from virtually all over the world and also grant access to change locations at will. A good VPN service should have more servers.

Best VPN For Firestick

1. CyberGhost

  • Fast average VPN speeds
  • Great VPN server network covering 90 countries
  • Dedicated servers for torrenting and P2P traffic
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Unlocks streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Does not allow torrenting in the US and Australia
  • Does not work in countries with high censorship
  • Best Price

    £2.25/month - 3-year subscriptions

    Save 83%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    90 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

CyberGhost VPN is a Romanian based VPN provider, which is growing fast. This VPN solution has the following features:

  • Supports Fire Stick
  • Access to over 6500 servers
  • Servers are located in over 90 countries
  • Multi-platform support
  • Allows 7 simultaneous connections
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Unblocks streaming websites
  • Online identity protection guaranteed
  • Reliable and fast internet speed
  • In-built Internet kill switch
  • Affordable pricing options

However, support options for this VPN solution are limited. .

2. Private Internet Access

  • Great VPN speeds
  • Does not store user logs and no IP/DNS leaks
  • User-friendly apps for major platforms
  • Unlimited P2P activity and torrenting
  • 3,300+ servers across 32 countries
  • Seamless access to Netflix
  • Small server network compared to some of the best VPN services
  • Slow responses from email support, limited live chat feature
  • Based in privacy-unfriendly US
  • Intermittent access in China
  • Best Price

    £2.19/month - 3 yrs plan

    Save 82%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    52 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

Private Internet Access is based out of the United States and fall under its jurisdiction. Its features include:

  • Supports Fire Stick
  • Over 2,000 servers in 46 countries
  • Superfast connections
  • Keeps no logs
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • SOCKS5 Proxy included
  • Supports PPTP, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and LT2P protocols
  • Netfilter Project for blocking websites, ads and malware
  • Multi-platform support, including support for routers and TV sticks
  • Yearly transparency report on data gathering and usage

3. NordVPN

  • Stable and fast VPN speeds
  • Allows torrenting on many servers
  • Works great with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services
  • User-friendly apps for IOS, Mac, Android and PC
  • Strong logging policy and no IP, WebRTC, and DNS leaks
  • Massive server networks: over 5,700 servers running in 60 countries
  • Alternative VPN protocols require manual configuration
  • Obfuscated servers (designed for countries with restricted access) do not always work in China
  • There are no obfuscated servers for IOS
  • Best Price

    £2.86/month - 2 yrs plan

    Save 68%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    90+ Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

NordVPN solution country of jurisdiction is Panama, and offers the following features

  •  Supports Fire Stick
  •  Access to over 5000 servers
  •  With about 5000 IP addresses to choose from
  •  VPN servers in over 60 countries
  •  6 simultaneous connections
  •  Unblocks Netflix
  •  AES 256-bit encryption
  •  DNS Leak protection
  •  No logging Policy
  •  Good internet speed
  •  Live chat and email support for customers

4. IPVanish

  • Very fast VPN speeds
  • Great choice for torrenting
  • User-friendly apps for MacOS, iOS, PC, and Android
  • Compatible with Netflix
  • Decent server network spread across 50 countries
  • Zero-logs policy and protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks
  • Does not work in China
  • Based in a privacy-intrusive jurisdiction
  • Not compatible with BBC iPlayer
  • Refund period is very short
  • Best Price

    $2.91/month - 1 yr plan

    Save 76%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    77 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

IPVanish is a great VPN for Firestick based out of the United States. It has the following features:

  •  VPN Servers in 60 Countries
  •  Access to nearly 1200 servers
  •  Good speed
  •  256-bit encryption
  •  No Streaming restrictions
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Killswitch
  •  Unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  •  10 simultaneous connections
  •  Dedicated apps for all devices
  •  7-day money-back guarantee

However, the customer service is a tad slow to respond to concerns. They also do not offer any free trial and have surprisingly high prices.

5. ExpressVPN

  • One of the fastest VPNs with same-country speeds
  • Strict logging policy and no IP, WebRTC, DNS leaks
  • A vast network of servers across 160 cities in 94 countries as well as great privacy features
  • User-friendly apps compatible with IOS, Mac, Android, and PC
  • Allows file sharing and unrestricted torrenting
  • More expensive than other VPN services
  • Fires Stick TV can be improved
  • Best Price

    £6.54/month - 12 months plan

    Save 35%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    94 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

ExpressVPN solution software with jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands, offers the following features

  •  It is easy to setup,
  •  Access to over 3000 servers,
  •  160 server locations, in 94 countries,
  •  A 30-day money-back guarantee,
  •  Impressive live chat/email support,
  •  256 AES encryption,
  •  Allows 3 simultaneous device connections,
  •  Unlimited bandwidth,
  •  Superfast speed.
  •  Supports cross platform support (such as Windows, Apple, Penguin, Fire Stick, Android)

Provides cross platform support (such as Windows, Apple, Penguin, Fire Stick, Android)

6. PrivateVPN

  • Very fast VPN speeds
  • Compatible with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services
  • User-friendly apps for popular devices
  • Strict logging policy and protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks
  • Allows torrenting and P2P activity on all VPN servers
  • No custom app for Linux
  • Small server network
  • Live chat is inconsistent
  • Best Price

    $3.82/month - 12 months plan

    Save 65%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    59 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

PrivateVPN is a top-level VPN provider based in Sweden. Amongst its primary features are:

  • Fire Stick support
  • Highly secure, encrypted connections
  • 2048-bit encryption
  • SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy
  • Port forwarding
  • Torrenting support
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Multiple VPN protocol support
  • IPv6 leak protection
  • Zero logs
  • Impressive customer support

7. StrongVPN

  • Very fast and consistent VPN speeds
  • Compatible with Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Allows P2P and torrenting on all servers
  • Allows up to 12 simultaneous connections
  • Zero-logs policy
  • Works with popular devices and operating systems
  • Based in privacy-intrusive USA
  • Small server network
  • Best Price

    $5.83/month - 12 months plan

    Save 42%

    See all plans
  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    46 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

StrongVPN falls within the jurisdiction of the United States, but that doesn’t make it any less sturdy. It offers the following features:

  •  It supports Fire Stick
  •  AES 256-bit encryption
  •  Servers are located in 70 countries
  •  59,500 IP addresses
  •  689 servers
  •  Allows no logging policy
  •  Ticketing support system
  •  Supports streaming websites
  •  In-built internet kill switch
  •  Allows 12 simultaneous connections

However, it has a slow internet speed, a not-so-friendly user-interface, and a high pricing plan..

8. PureVPN

  • Decent VPN speeds
  • Supports all major VPN protocols
  • Industry standard encryption method
  • Allows P2P and torrenting on most servers
  • Over 2,000 servers spread across 140 countries
  • User-friendly appsfor popular devices
  • Controversies surrounding its logging policy
  • Unreliable at times in China
  • Desktop VPN app can be unresponsive
  • Customer service personnel lack technical knowledge
  • Best Price

    $8.33/month - 6 months plan

    Save 24%

    See all plans
  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    144 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

PureVPN is one of only a few high-ranking VPNs based out of Hong Kong. It offers the following features:

  •  It supports FireStick
  •  High internet speed
  •  Multi-platform support
  •  Allows for 10 simultaneous connections
  •  Unlimited Switching
  •  Access to 2000 servers
  •  Unlimited bandwidth and data
  •  256-bit encryption
  •  Over 80,000 IP address
  •  Provides customer support via live chat and email ticketing system
  •  180 server location in 6 countries
  •  30-day refund policy
  •  Unblocks streaming websites
  •  Good overall performance


What is a Firestick?

Amazons Firestick, Chromcast, and Roku, are the latest type of electronics called Streaming TV Sticks that stream movies and TV shows from the internet. They are small devices typically in the form of a flash drive that users plug into a TV’s HDMI port.

This plug-and-play electronic device transforms any TV into a Smart TV once plugged into a HDMI video port. The Fire Stick allows streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO go, and much more via Wi-Fi.

What are the Best VPN for Firestick in 2019 ?

After reviewing the types of VPN available, our recommended VPN is CyberGhost, but you’re certain to find other great alternatives on the list of the best VPN for firestick above. Using a VPN on Fire Stick provides great benefits. With VPN protection, no matter where you are, you would get the best possible experience free from all troubles.