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Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy is a Swiss-based VPN services that claims to “encrypt and anonymize” users’ online activity. With loads of advanced privacy features and industry-standard protocols, would it be right to trust this claim?

Well, we always do our homework, so you can rest assured this VPN review covers everything about Perfect Privacy, including its great and not so good features.

But here’s a quick look at some of the pros and cons that define this VPN service:

Before we provide answers to these questions, let us consider some Perfect Privacy pros and cons:

  • Torrenting support
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Unblocks tough locations like China
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Small server network
  • Doesn’t support torrenting on all servers
  • Pricey
  • Torrenting support
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Unblocks tough locations like China
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Small server network
  • Doesn’t support torrenting on all servers
  • Pricey

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€8.95/month - 2 yrs plan

Speed and Reliability Test

Decent Speeds on Local Connections

Perfect Privacy’s speeds on local connections are decent at best. Connections to nearby servers will allow you stream buffer-free on at least one or two devices, though you may struggle to protect the internet-connected devices in your home if you’ve already installed Perfect Privacy on your router. Ping time was average, so you may want to consider other options if you are a gamer.

Perfect Privacy’s download speeds of around 42Mbps on local connections isn’t as great as those offered by some top tier VPN services, but it was good enough for buffer-free streaming. The speeds dropped to 17Mbps when we connected to the US East Coast servers, but even more impressive was Perfect Privacy’s performance over longer distance connections, with Singapore and Australia having 16Mbps and 18Mbps.

The latency level was less impressive – around 8ms even on city-level connections.

Before connecting to Perfect Privacy:

Download Mbps
Upload Mbps

When connected to Perfect Privacy:

Download Mbps
Upload Mbps

Our speed test results from our physical London location using a London test server.

Before connecting to Perfect Privacy:

  • 42Mbps (download)
  • 17Mbps (upload)

When connected to Perfect Privacy:

  • 16Mbps (download)
  • 18Mbps (upload)

According to our tests from our location in the UK, here are the average speeds you can expect when in these locations:

Mbps Mbps

According to our tests from our location in the UK, here are the average speeds you can expect when in these locations:

  • : Mbps (download) & Mbps (upload)

Incredibly Small Server Network

Only 300 IP Address Spread Across 23 Countries

IP Addresses

Perfect Privacy has a very small server network, covering just 23 countries. This coverage includes all of the popular European and North American destinations, but does not include other parts of the world. Before signing up for Perfect Privacy, we’d recommend you check their server list to ensure your desired locations are covered.

Sadly, this also means that Perfect Privacy has very few individual servers, with a total of just over 60. Each IP address has between 4 and 21 servers to choose from. This small pool of IP addresses may cause congestion at busier times, but the good news is that you can use your desktop app to keep track of each server’s load. This way, you can avoid the busier servers.

Perfect Privacy has five city-level choices in the US, which is decent enough for a VPN service of this size. There are also five city-level choices in Germany, two in the UK and the Netherlands, and three in France. The only countries covered in the Asia-Pacific region include Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Egypt is the only country covered in Africa.

Bypassing Censorship

Works Well in China

Perfect Privacy is a good choice for users who may want to connect from high-censorship countries like China. The VPN service has a range of obfuscation tools such as their unique Stealth VPN protocol which masks your VPN packets, making them seem like HTTPS traffic. This obfuscation tool makes it easier to bypass China’s Great Firewall so you can access otherwise blocked content such as Facebook and Google.

A big plus for users in China is that the Perfect Privacy website isn’t blocked in the country, meaning that you can download the VPN even after you have arrived China. However, we still advice that you download it before your trip just to be on the safe side.

This also means that Perfect Privacy is a good choice for users living or traveling to other countries with high censorship like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey. The only downside of this network is its small server network, which would require that users connect over long distances to reach the nearest free-speech country, but you shouldn’t worry if incredibly fast performance isn’t a priority.

Streaming and Torrenting

Not Ideal for Streaming but Great Choice for Torrenting

While Perfect Privacy values user privacy, it does not easily unblock popular streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. A lack of optimized streaming servers and minimal city-level choices in the US (only five) means that accessing Netflix via Perfect Privacy was always going to be difficult, and so it proved to be during our tests.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this problem will be addressed anytime soon, so we’d recommend VPN services like SaferVPN for streaming fans.

Sadly, the story is the same with BBC iPlayer. With only two city-level options in the UK, Perfect Privacy couldn’t access iPlayer during our tests. So, you may want to consider other VPN services with dedicated streaming servers if access to this kind of services is important to you.

  •  Torrenting

The story is different for torrenters. In fact, Perfect Privacy is a very popular VPN service for torrenting, as it allows P2P activity on most of its servers. A combination of this with the VPN’s reliable upload speeds and zero-logs policy makes Perfect Privacy a reliable choice for torrenting. You can rest assured your privacy wouldn’t be compromised.

Encryption and Security: Great Security and Privacy Features

  •  Encryption: AES-256
  •  Protocol: OpenVPN (TCP/UDP); L2TP/IPsec; PPTP
  •  Security: VPN kill switch; IPV6 leak blocking; DNS leak blocking; WebRTC leak blocking; First-party DNS; Supports TCP Port 443
  •  Advanced features: SOCKS; TOR via VPN server; Ad blocker

Perfect Privacy does a great job when it comes to privacy. The apps startup to OpenVPN on default, which provides a balance between security and speed. Users can also choose to connect using IPsec, which is another safe and reliable protocol. Perfect Privacy’s encryption method is the near impenetrable AES-256.

One interesting feature that appealed to us is that the kill switch is automatically activated once a VPN connection is established, ensuring your connection is protected in the event of a connection drop.What’s more, even the behavior of the kill switch can be configured in three modes. Your configuration will depend on whether or not you want to continue your online activities even after signing out of the VPN, but the default mode is always the best option, though.

Perfect Privacy operates its own no-logs DNS servers, protecting your web traffic from being routed via less secure third-party servers. WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leak protection is integrated into Private Privacy’s VPN Manager for Linux and Microsoft Windows. This means you wouldn’t need to worry about the risk of your true IP address being exposed when switching servers.

Logging Policy

Strict Zero-logs Policy

Perfect Privacy does not collect even the basic connection logs that many VPN providers use for the running of their service, like chosen VPN servers or timestamps. As a result, it is impossible for your online activities to be linked back to you as an individual.

Perfect Privacy only records the ‘total usage ratio’ of servers, which is just a record of the volume of traffic per server. They use this data for troubleshooting purposes, and even users can view it on their server status page.

  •  Jurisdiction

Perfect Privacy is a Switzerland-based VPN service, well beyond the reach of the intrusive data retention laws of countries like the UK and US. A combination of this ideal location as well as their strong zero-logs policy means that users can rest assured no third parties will have access to their personal information.

Devices and Operating Systems

Supports Major Platforms but not iOS

Perfect Privacy offers native apps for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Google Android, and Linux, but there is no custom app for iOS.

If you have internet-connected devices with different operating systems, you can protect all of them by installing Perfect Privacy at router level, without having to install a custom app for each device. Perfect Privacy’s compatible routers include AsusWRT-Merlin, pfSense, Tomato and DD-WRT.

device logo


device logo


device logo


device logo


device logo


device logo


Streaming Devices and Game Consoles


Amazon Fire TV





Perfect Privacy offers a native app for Amazon Fire TV Stick, though its edges are a bit rough. You can protect your streaming devices and game consoles by connecting them to a configured router. This may be a pre-flashed router you purchased from a partner website or one you installed the software on yourself.

Customer Support

Decent Customer Service Quality

Perfect Privacy provides good enough customer support for basic troubleshooting problems and setup queries. There are also step-by-step installation guides for devices without custom apps, which we really like. These guides are not only well detailed, but include useful screenshots that can literally walk you through the process.

Perfect Privacy also has FAQs that cover a wide range of topics, from technical issues to common questions related to accounts and payment.

Perfect Privacy offers users two options for their customer support: either through a contact form on their website or directly through email. The agents were pretty quick and helpful during our tests, but we would still like to see a live chat feature enabled for this service.


Plans and Payment Methods

Perfect Privacy has a range of pricing options. The good thing is that all plans have the same features, but the longer you subscribe for, the less you’d pay per month.

A standard monthly plan costs $12.99, but you’d be saving 23& by signing up for the annual plan, which costs $9.99 per month. The two-year plan offers the biggest savings, coming at $8.95 per month which would save you over 36%.

Perfect Privacy offers a genuine ‘no questions asked’ seven-day money-back guarantee. All you need do is send a refund request within seven days of the date you subscribed, and you’ll receive the money in your account.

Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy does not offer refunds for subscribers who make payments via cash transactions, cryptocurrencies, a gift card or any coupon-based methods.

Perfect Privacy accepts a range of payment solutions, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and all major credit and debit cards. Through its partnership with Paymentwall, the VPN service also accepts over 60 international options, including EasyPay, Alipay and Neosurf.

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