Best VPN For Apple TV

Best Apple Tv Vpns 2022

Apple TV is an entertainment device that offers you access to tons of channels, including apps, streaming sources, and audio/visual content. Its interface is so unique, well-polished, and makes for good viewing.

However, there is no hiding the fact that Apple TV comes with certain limitations. Much of the interesting content is geographically restricted, but a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you bypass these roadblocks.

A VPN can change your IP address so it looks like you are in a different location. This will allow you access content that is blocked in your location.

For instance, if you want to view a US-only content, a VPN will make it appear as though your device is connected to a network inside the U.S. a VPN also protects your online activity from snooping eyes by encrypting your internet connection.

However, there are lots of VPN providers in the online space, each offering very attractive features. But not all of them actually perform as they preach on their box. So, this article – a result of our testing and reviews – discusses three of the best VPNs for Apple TV, no matter what your needs may be.

Here’s our top three VPN Recommendations:

How to Select the Best VPN for Apple TV

There are several factors to be considered when deciding on the best VPN for your Apple TV. Amongst other things, you’d need a VPN that conveniently unblocks your desired content, while also offering you other quality performance features.

We’ve broken down the factors we considered in our selection into the following:

The ability of the VPN to life location blocks will mostly depend on the locations of its servers. Your selected VPN should have servers in all of the major locations you’d wish to unblock.

You want a VPN that offers you high level internet connection speed for 4K and HD streaming. You’d also need unlimited bandwidth with your subscription to ensure seamless streaming of your desired content.

A solid encryption suite/protocol is a no-brainer. A privacy policy that ensures no data logs are kept is also non-negotiable.

Your selected VPN should be flexible both in device and customer support. It should support a wide range of devices, and have a readily available

In all, you want to get value for whatever amount you pay for your VPN. Our selected VPNs offer the best balance of pricing, functionality, and ease of use.

Best Apple Tv Vpns 2022

1. CyberGhost

  • Fast average VPN speeds
  • Great VPN server network covering 90 countries
  • Dedicated servers for torrenting and P2P traffic
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Unlocks streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • User-friendly apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & Firestick, Xbox, PlayStation, and even for routers
  • Does not allow torrenting in the US and Australia
  • Does not work in countries with high censorship
  • Best Price

    $2.24/month - 3 year + 3 months

    Save 82%

    See all plans
  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    90 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

With over 6500 servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost offers a comprehensive global coverage capable of allowing you access to lots of geo-restricted content. CyberGhost offers the fastest speeds of all three VPNs in this article; this means you can watch your favorite content in all of its glory in 4K HDR. There are also no data caps or bandwidth restrictions which means you can binge watch all you want.

Your privacy is a priority for CyberGhost, as it works with a strict no-logs policy and accepts cryptocurrency payments to protect your payment information. There is also an excellent customer support service, including a live chat support, support ticket system and a support library.

2. ExpressVPN

  • One of the fastest VPNs with same-country speeds
  • Strict logging policy and no IP, WebRTC, DNS leaks
  • A vast network of servers across 160 cities in 94 countries as well as great privacy features
  • User-friendly apps compatible with IOS, Mac, Android, and PC
  • Allows file sharing and unrestricted torrenting
  • More expensive than other VPN services
  • Fires Stick TV can be improved
  • Best Price

    £6.54/month - 12 months plan

    Save 35%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    94 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

ExpressVPN is a top choice for Apple TV. With over 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, its global server coverage is comprehensive. This coverage almost guarantees you access to geo-restricted content that you desire, including content from the most popular streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

ExpressVPN also offers one of the fastest VPN speeds, with its performance capable of ensuring you keep enjoying HD and 4K HDR content on Apple TV. There is also an excellent customer support service – a 24/7 live chat service, email support, support library, and support tracking system. This means you can never run into trouble with ExpressVPN as the technically sound support team is readily available to answer your queries.

With ExpressVPN, you can use a pre-flashed router, which is an easy way to enjoy content on Apple TV. The VPN provider also has its own custom router firmware for those who don’t have a pre-flashed router.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the VPN’s performance. Other exciting features include a zero-logs policy, kill switch and DNS leak protection.

3. NordVPN

  • Stable and fast VPN speeds
  • Allows torrenting on many servers
  • Works great with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services
  • User-friendly apps for IOS, Mac, Android and PC
  • Strong logging policy and no IP, WebRTC, and DNS leaks
  • Massive server networks: over 5,700 servers running in 60 countries
  • Alternative VPN protocols require manual configuration
  • Obfuscated servers (designed for countries with restricted access) do not always work in China
  • There are no obfuscated servers for IOS
  • Best Price

    £2.86/month - 2 yrs plan

    Save 68%

    See all plans
  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    60 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

NordVPN is the perfect alternative to ExpressVPN as it offers similar access to online content blocked in your region on Apple TV. The VPN service has a feature called SmarPlay – a proxy resource useful for unblocking restricted channels.

NordVPN also sells pre-flashed DD WRT routers which are already configured with the resources you need to access blocked content. What’s more, whether you are a newbie to VPNs or an advanced user, NordVPN has the right knowledge base to help you find answers to your doubts and queries.

NordVPN’s server coverage is very impressive too. There are more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries, which almost guarantees access to the content you covet, including those on Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. There are also no data caps or bandwidth limitations which makes the VPN deliver top speeds for 4K content.

Overall, NordVPN is a great choice if you are looking for near unlimited access to the tons of content on Apple TV.


Why Connect Your Apple TV to a VPN?

Do you really need a VPN for your Apple TV? For the most part, no. You can perfectly access videos on your Apple TV without a VPN. However, content available for streaming varies widely by country. Apple TV also completely restricts access altogether to persons in certain countries.

If, for any reason, you find yourself outside the zone of your registered iTunes account and payment method, you’d likely hit a geo-restricted wall. You may also find that you wish to access particular content not available to your country. In either case, a VPN helps lift those geo-blocks, allowing you unrestricted access to your desired content.

How do I Unblock Geo-blocked Content on Apple TV?

Geographic locks and restrictions are Apple’s way of maintaining their copyright agreements with movie publishers and distributors. But this means limitations on just how much we can access as individuals. Whether you simply want to access your home content from a foreign land, or you wish to access foreign content, a VPN can come in handy.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your device traffic, routing it through a server in a different location. This fools the destination website into thinking your traffic actually came from the virtual server location. Using this technology, you can easily access any geo-locked content.

You should know, though, that Apple TV doesn’t come with support for VPNs. To use a VPN with your Apple TV subscription, you’d need to install the VPN at source. This means installing it directly on the Wi-Fi router your Apple TV is connected to. You may also purchase a pre-configured Wi-Fi router.

Is it Illegal to use a VPN with Apple TV?

You’re well within the allowances of the law if you use a VPN with an Apple TV. So long as the use of a VPN isn’t outlawed in your country – and it isn’t in over 95% of countries – this is legal.

However, Apple TV imposes geographic blocks for a reason. They would rather you respect the copyright holder’s wish and not bypass these blocks. Still, there’s little they can do about you bypassing it, and so you’re left to decide whether you need to bypass or not.

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