What is my IP? How to hide my IP address?

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Once your device is connected to the internet, you automatically have an IP address. Over the years, it was always in form of a 32-bit string of four groups of numbers that is demarcated by a full stop sign and a good example is 133.131.11. 313.

The challenge with this 32-bit string of four groups of numbers is that only a little over 4 million numerical combinations can be generated from it. 4 million might seem like a lot but if all the internet users in 3 or 4 continents have their IP from the 32-bit strong of four group of numbers (IPv4), there will be no more IP addresses available to others.

This is why there has been a transition from the IPv4 to the IPv6. The IPv6 unlike the IPv4 uses 8 groups of four hexadecimal groups that is demarcated by colons; an example is 2110:0bd7:76o1:1111: 1011:7f4a:0032:6776.

And that’s not all; the advantage with the IPv6 is that there are over 420 trillion combinations that can be derived from it. There are other technical benefits that come with using an IPv6 that make network providers prefer it to the Ipv4 but internet users don’t know the difference.

Here are some important facts about IP addresses

  •  Any device connected to the internet comes with an IP address
  •  The IP address is crafted by IANA which is the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  •  The location of your device is what determines your IP address.
  •  With the right apps and the ability of an expert, your IP address can be used to determine your current approximate location, your city your state, your ISP provider, the kind of browser you are using, the OS on your device, the name and brand of the device, the size of your device’s screen and other important or minute details about your device and your location.
  •  Even though your ISP can determine the location of any device of your IP address, they protect you, the user by keeping your information private (which is what they are supposed to do) but they will hand over the data to relevant authorities if they are instructed to so by the law.
  •  Internet marketers and non-internet marketers also use your IP to identify your activities online and they use it to send you specific ads after tracking the kinds of things you do online such as the websites you visit or the content you read.

Is it possible to hide my IP address?

Of course it is possible to hide your IP address! You can do this by getting a good protected connection. This way your data is protected from the government, your ISP, internet marketers, the government, hackers and all other kinds of people or agencies snooping online.

If you want to hide your IP address temporarily, you can walk into a restaurant or a coffee shop and connect to their Wi-Fi. But this is a temporary connection and it isn’t going to be convenient for private work plus it makes it easier for hackers to intrude into your device.

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A better solution is the VPN

With the VPN you redirect your internet connection and hide your IP address so you can stay connected to a remote server. Even though you still have an IP address (as you can’t stay online without having one) it wouldn’t be your real IP address since it isn’t connected to your real location or your ISP.

This is why a VPN offers your device protected connection because your online location and identity is hidden from the eyes of everyone who wants to hack into your device and get any valuable data on you.

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