Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN

There’s been a remarkable proliferation of VPN usage in 2020 with more persons having to work, study, and stay entertained from home. With more persons concerned about the privacy and security of their actions from home, this is hardly a surprise.

But selecting a VPN is tough with so many of them in the market today. Selecting a free VPN? That’s even tougher. While a free VPN could easily provide basic services such as security on a public network, there are levels to what can be achieved with one.

With a free VPN, there’s also the risk of getting a VPN that uses your personal data for profit. This is hardly surprising considering the cost of setting up and running a VPN service. But this risk can be avoided through careful selection.

To save you reviewing every free VPN service out there, we’ve tested them ourselves using a strict 62-point check list. One thing is certain, none of these come close to their paid competitors. But there are really good ones that give you a good chunk of the benefits of a paid VPN… FOR FREE!

How to Select the Best Free VPN

VPNs are a crucial part of the arsenal for anyone who is privacy-conscious. As privacy threats continue to grow around the world, a VPN ensures you stay safe online, keeping your personal data… personal. But we do understand that its cost may not be for everyone.

If you’re not ready to part with some cash to get a VPN, don’t worry, you just have to look carefully to ensure you’re not compromising your security or privacy by your choice.

What, then, should you consider while selecting a free VPN?

  • Security: Your chosen VPN should offer you complete online protection. It should be able to block out trackers, as well as adware and malware. It should also do enough to keep you safe on vulnerable public networks.
  • Privacy: If your VPN company does keep logs of your activity, you’re only taking your data from your ISP and handing it over to them for free. Check with the end user license agreement to ensure they keep absolutely no logs of your activities.
  • Trade off: Free stuff can hardly be as good as that which you pay for. For most free VPNs, this means a limit on bandwidth and server locations, prevention of P2P file sharing and torrenting, or even security limitations. Ensure you can live with the limitations available.
  • Business model: How does your chosen provider make back their investment. If they have a paid version which they hope to rope you into, that’s their model. If they don’t, they’re likely selling off your data to the highest bidder. Be sure to do your homework.

Best Free VPN

1. Windscribe

  • Very safe and secure: no leaks, no viruses
  • Allows torrenting on most servers
  • Supports multiple devices across popular operating systems
  • User-friendly app
  • Decent same-country speeds
  • Does not support live chat
  • Unreliable internet speeds
  • Barely works in China
  • Based in Canada: a privacy-unfriendly jurisdiction
  • Best Price

    $4.08/month - 12 month plan


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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    22 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

Windscribe  most impeccable feature is its data allowance as you have free 10GB of data monthly plus an extra 5GB when you tweet about Windscribe. You also get a 1GB bonus when you refer your friends to Windscribe.

Windscribe  comes with both free and paid subscriptions and all users can access its features which includes R.O.B.E.R.T. – its ad and malware blocker. It also supports torrenting across almost all servers, including some of its free servers.

There is a plainness to the company shows as they explain to you the kind of information they store, plus they have a no-logs policy. Their encryption is military-grade and they have top-rated security.

Windscribe also comes in desktop apps and browser detection. Its interface is user-friendly and it has a range of customer support options such as setup guides and live chat. It limits the data you use and the server options are limited to 10/50 countries.

If you need free VPN for your macOS, free VPN for Linux, free VPN for Chrome, free VPN for Firefox, free VPN for Windows phone then you need Windscribe.

2. ProtonVPN

  • Decent VPN speeds
  • Strong no-logs policy
  • User-friendly VPN apps for iOS, PC, Mac and Android
  • Unlocks Netflix and other streaming services
  • No live chat customer service feature
  • Torrenting is only allowed on four server locations
  • Not compatible with BBC iPlayer
  • Small server network covering 54 countries
  • Does not bypass internet censorship in countries like China
  • Best Price

    Basic plan - €4.00/month

    Save €12

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    54 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

If you have a free account with ProtonVPN you get three free VPN trials which allows you to choose from any three VPN server locations and one simultaneous connection. With Proton VPN, you can be sure that your data is safe even though it may be slow. P2P isn’t allowed on the free ProtonVPN.

You have access to unlimited bandwidth and you can browse as long and as often as you want when you are on the ProtonVPN free. To upgrade to a paid account costs a monthly subscription of €4 and this will help you circumvent many restrictions online. There is a higher package which comes at €8 and this provides all the services that you can get on ProtonVPN.

Whether you subscribe to the free service or paid serviceProtonVPN offers great VPN services.


  • Fast VPN speeds
  • Allows P2P and torrenting on many servers
  • Apps are easy to use for Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android
  • Live chat agents are unable to provide solutions to technical problems
  • Unreliable in China
  • Premium plan is expensive
  • Best Price

    £4.61/month - 2 yrs plan

    Save 61%

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  • Top Speed


  • Servers

    35 Countries

  • Available on

The Bottom Line

This VPN comes with 2GB data cap of free data monthly and it supports torrenting It offers its users reliable free service. It also gives an opportunity to connect to any of its servers in any five countries and the UK is one of those countries. is not one of the best VPN for Netflix but it allows torrenting which is what makes it the choice of many VPN users.

With free means free and there is no free trial and there are no penalties for its free account users. You have unlimited and unrestricted technical support all day long and you can browse with no ads popping up on your screen. also comes with a no-log policy, multiple security protocols and a strong encoding system to guarantee your privacy. If your are searching a free VPN for Apple devices, free VPN for Linux, free VPN for Chromefree VPN for Amazon Fire OSfree VPN for Windows phone or free VPN then you are searching for and it can be easily installed on a router.

The benefits associated with the free version of include lightening speed connection for browsing, it comes with no-log policy and and it comes with a lifetime free service (which means there is no trial period)

However, the downside includes that you wouldn’t be able to use more than 2GB in a month and the servers at your disposal are limited plus you have limited bandwidth too.


Just like most encrypted technology, it can be difficult to say a particular VPNs security is not just tested but also 100% trusted. Even though we can track the activities that come from the VPN server to say they are all encrypted, it still doesn’t say much about the VPN.

Here’s what I mean…

If the encryption process of a particular VPN has challenges in the way it is set up, it is almost impossible to find out. You also can’t detect if your VPN provider is selling your information to others or it is committed to maintaining your privacy.

In truth, free VPNs come with a few challenges. The cost of running a VPN service means that returns are needed. Some free VPN service providers find alternate ways to make these returns at your expense. It’s really no coincidence then that the VPNs above all have free and paid versions.

There are good free VPNs and there are some like the Open VPN or IKEv2 that are made with modern technology. Some like the ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Cyberghost are good VPNs but they don’t come free.

While our recommended free VPN, Windscribe, is a really good option, we can understand why you may want something more. If you do, check out our options for the best VPNs of 2020. Some of the pricing plans on offer are truly affordable.