Best Kodi addons: Top 10 You Should Install Right Now!

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 06:57 am


Kodi is particularly beautiful for its ability to draw streams from different sources. While some of these are endorsed by Kodi, a ton are hobby projects designed by other developers to improve your viewing experience on Kodi.

The number of addons available to Kodi users runs into the hundreds. This gives Kodi the unrivalled ability to box all of your favorite channels, movies and TV shows in one place.

However, even as new addons for movies are constantly added, others also get discontinued. Even amongst those not discontinued, it’s not entirely surprising to find that certain addons are no longer maintained, leading to poor quality content or, worse, no content at all.

In short, finding a good repo – despite the hundreds available – is a tough chore. But we’ve taken the time to sort through the mess on your behalf, putting together this list of the best Kodi addons for movies and TV shows that still work.

Warning: You Need a VPN for Kodi

Before installing any addons to your Kodi box, be sure to invest in a quality VPN. Extra expenses, no doubt, but a hugely important one.

For starters, a VPN helps you access geo-blocked content on Kodi. This is important as many streaming services impose some form of content restriction by locality. A VPN alters your IP address, spoofing your online location and tricking the website into granting you access.

A VPN also helps protect your online safety from hackers, viruses and malware. With many of your addons coming from third-party providers, this is a critical step in ensuring you aren’t picking up any malware from the third-party repository.

Finally, a VPN is important to keep your connection beyond the reach of your internet service provider (ISP). You don’t need them throttling your connection speed because they’ve detected your heavy usage of media streaming services. A VPN hides what you do online, thus preventing any such throttling.

Although we’ve found a number of VPNs for Kodi that work just fine, we strongly recommend CyberGhost. With its dedicated servers for Kodi, it’s just about the best VPN for Kodi out there – both in terms of security, speed and ease of use.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows

Kodi does provide a stable, reliable repository that doesn’t disappear as frequently as third-party repos may do. However, its content is generally more limited than other options.

External repositories and addons for movies provide you with thousands more movies, but you’d have to ensure their legality yourself. You’d also prepare yourself for these repos being more unstable than those provided by Kodi.

That said, here are the 10 best Kodi addons we found during our search.

1. Netflix

Addon Netflix
Repository CastagnaIT Repository
Restriction Local Netflix Library
VPN Servers Any server within your country of choice

If you already subscribe to Netflix, the media streaming platform can be integrated with Kodi. Once integrated, you can enjoy your full Netflix library right on your big screen, and stream just about any title you wish.

There are two things to note, though. First is that you’d need to install the stable Kodi 18 Leia version for this integration to work. Secondly, this addon is entirely legal as it works with your existing Netflix subscription.

That said, this is a robust Kodi addon for movies, and it shows. You’d be able to login to multiple user accounts, navigate through multiple categories, and find new types of movies from newly curated categories.

Tip:If you’ve gone ahead to install a VPN on your Kodi, you’d be able to access Netflix libraries from countries other than your current location.

2. YouTube

Addon Netflix
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction Geo-restriction and censorship
VPN Servers US is ideal for unblocking most content, but you may use other servers to lift local restrictions or bypass geo-blocks.

YouTube has evolved greatly from just another site where people post videos of themselves or their pets. At this moment, it is a powerful site that contains everything from music to movies, documentaries, how-to hacks, comedy series, and more.

Thankfully, all of this can be accessed from Kodi. YouTube has set up its own Kodi addon which can be found on the official Kodi repo. The addon is very stable, and provides you with a ton of content on your big screen.

Unlike the Netflix addon, this addon runs comfortably on newer and older versions of the Kodi application alike. It is also constantly improved due to its popularity among Kodi users.

Tip:YouTube often suffers from local censorship as well as geo-restrictions. To unblock all that YouTube has to offer, you’d need a powerful VPN.

3. Crackle

Addon Crackle
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction USA Only
VPN Servers US servers

Crackle ranks highly for us amongst the best free sites for movies and TV shows. So we’re thankful for the presence of this addon which makes it possible to enjoy the platform through Kodi.

Crackle is a media streaming service which is a part of the Sony network. An entirely free platform, it gives you access to hundreds of titles – old and new, including movies, docuseries, and TV shows. Since Sony took over the platform, we’ve also seen an increase in originals on the platform.

Of course, you won’t be finding a lot of blockbuster titles on Crackle. However, it remains a great way to kick in and enjoy a movie for free on Kodi, thanks to its fairly stable addon.

4. BBC iPlayer

Addon iPlayer WWW
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction UK Only
VPN Servers UK servers. Check out our confirmed best VPNs for iPlayer here.

While it may initially seem like it, BBC iPlayer isn’t only for fans of British TV. Best known for its mix of Live TV, documentaries and sports, the iPlayer is also a great source of movies and TV shows.

Movies you’d find on BBC iPlayer range from blockbuster older titles like ‘The Accountant’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, etc. to newer hits like ‘The Bridge’, ‘Us’, ‘Lethal White’, and the pulsating sci-fi series ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

With its plethora of always updated titles, the iPlayer is surely amongst the best Kodi addons for movies available, and can be gotten from the official Kodi repo under the name ‘iPlayer WWW’.

You should note, though, that this repo is only available to those in the UK who have a valid TV license (although all you’d have to do is tick a checkbox saying you’ve got a license).

5. Pluto.TV

Addon Pluto.TV
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction USA Only
VPN Servers US servers.

Like the iPlayer, Pluto.TV is mostly associated with the streaming of live TV. This includes a selection of free TV channels, as well as ‘themed’ options that allow you to run Pluto TV as a replacement for your cable TV plan.

Cord-cutters in the US looking to use Kodi for all of their TV needs, can thus rely on the Pluto.TV addon for the satisfaction of these needs.

However, Pluto.TV does also come with a good selection of on-demand movies and TV shows. This selection combined with live TV and a beautiful interface rank it very well for us.

6. FilmRise

Addon FilmRise
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction Available worldwide
VPN Servers None needed

FilmRise is a television distribution company with its own budding streaming service. At the moment, the platform plays host to over 7,500 titles all of which are free and legal to watch.

The FilmRise Kodi addon serves as a gateway to its YouTube channel which is regularly updated. As expected of any free channel, most of its titles aren’t blockbusters.

However, while independent movies rule the day, you’d also find popular movies like ‘The Proposition’, ‘Seventeen Again’, and ‘An American Crime’, among others. You can expect to see the available titles updated weekly.

7. PlayOn Browser

Addon PlayOn Browser
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction Geo-restrictions depending on service
VPN Servers Ideally US. However, any server location that satisfies your needs will do just fine.

The PlayOn browser is a really interesting way of accessing movies on Kodi. Unlike the others on this list, PlayOn doesn’t provide its own movies. Instead, it integrates multiple paid streaming services into a single cross-platform solution.

A subscription of just $2.50/month grants you access to this platform which allows you access everything from Netflix to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, The CW, etc. on Kodi. You’d also be able to download any movie on these platforms, and watch them offline.

This is an especially great option if you’re using older versions of Kodi. For those with the Kodi 18 Leia, though, you will be able to directly integrate the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video directly using their own addons.

8. British Pathe

Addon British Pathe
Repository Official Kodi Repository
Restriction None
VPN Servers None needed

History buffs get in here! This Kodi addon for movies isn’t the biggest out there for full-length movies. However, it contains a massive library of historical videos and documentaries from around the world, as well as old-time classics.

Doesn’t sound like a lot? The Kodi addon has a library of over 85,000 videos! This includes historical content on sports, British royalty, politics, war, country history, seasonal content, etc. all available for free.

The shows may be as recently created as 2009 or as far back as the 1890s, and can be sorted by decade. If you’re a sucker for history, there’s sure going to be more than enough in here to keep you glued to your screen.

9. Internet Archive [Video]

Addon Internet Archive [Video]
Repository MetalChris Addon Repository
None None
VPN Servers None

If you’re a fan of the classics, you’re sure to enjoy the Internet Archive [Video] Kodi addon. This fully legal addon is home to tons of license-free classics, including everything from software to music, movies, etc.

You’d find classic hits like ‘As You Like It’ (or whichever kind of classic that gets you going) in here with little effort. No registration or payment needed. Just download the addon, and run your searches to find whatever you’d love to see.

10. SnagFilms

Addon SnagFilms
Repository Official Kodi Repository
None None
VPN Servers None

SnagFilms boasts a business model that’s most similar to FilmRise on this list. Originally a film and TV distribution company, it has begun running its own free streaming service.

As of today, SnagFilms has a collection of over 5,000 titles – including movies and TV shows – in its library. This is smaller than FilmRise, but still filled with plenty of good movies. And, yes, it’s totally free and legal.

1. Installing an addon from the official repository

  • Launch Kodi and click ‘Add-ons’
  • On the upper left-hand corner of the page, click the box icon
  • Now click ‘Install from repository’ > ‘Video Add-ons’
  • Search for your desired channel, click to open, and click ‘Install’
  • Once installation success is confirmed, head back to your home page and find your channel

2. Installing an addon from an external repository

  • Launch Kodi and click on the cog icon at the top left-hand corner of the page
  • Select ‘File Manager’ > ‘Add Source’
  • Now, enter the repository URL and select ‘OK’
  • Next, enter the repo name and select ‘OK’ again
  • Head back to your home page and click on the box icon
  • Select ‘Install from Zip’ and click the file name when it appears
  • Once installation is confirmed, repeat steps 3 – 5 above for the new repository


With a new release almost every year, Kodi has continued to expand and evolve since it first hit the shelves. This makes it a great option for movie lovers as well as those inclined to do away with their cable TV.

Kodi allows users enjoy all of their favorite channels and platforms in one place. Thanks to its ever-expanding repository, and a constantly growing third-party repo collection, there’s plenty of content to enjoy on here.

To fully benefit from your Kodi addons for movies, be sure to get a great VPN that protects your connection from ISP snooping (and the eventual speed throttling that follows), while also protecting you from potentially dangerous third-party repositories.