Top 5 Uses Of VPN


Do you ever have a hunch that someone can be snooping on your information online? Do you get sick of ads constantly popping up on your screen when you don’t want them? Are you thinking of how to access some website content that are restricted by the government or your ISP? Would you want to watch movies on Netflix that can’t be accessed in your location?

Need an answer to your questions? Try VPN!

VPN (also known as Virtual Private Network) is basically used to help you gain a secure connection, protect your data and helps you access restricted sites and circumvent restrictions. There are different uses for VPN (you can use VPN for Netflix) and different kinds of VPN such as Cyberghost, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

The VPN helps you to encrypt connection between the server (which can be in any part of the world) and your internet connected device while you surf the web. This protects you from commercial surveillance or cyber criminals even when you are not using private network to browse.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be using VPN

You can browse securely on a public Wi-Fi

When you are browsing in a coffee shop, the airport, your hotel or any public place where you have access to free Wi-Fi, it’s quite normal for you to get online check your mails, go through social media and stream or download content. The truth is that this usually comes at a price as you at a huge risk especially if your device is not VPN protected.

  •  Sometimes free Wi-Fi is a trap for you to connect with it so they can lay hold of your data. Free Wi-Fi would always require that you give out some of your personal and sensitive information before you can access the network. This can be implicative.
  •  Your online activity isn’t code and you can send uuencoded radio waves which can be picked up by anyone.
  •  You can pick up malware or spyware from any device that’s connected to the network.

With the help of the VPN you can overcome these challenges.

With your VPN you can save money when you shop online

This might seem odd but it’s true; there are many stores online that offer different prices for the same goods or services. Why? The country that you are located is the determining factor.

This may be hard to accept especially for consumers when they know the prices in different locations or regions differ. The way to beat this is to search for the prices carefully which means that you wisely switch your location with the help of the VPN servers until you can get the best price for your deal!

This may take you a while but in the end you get to save some money which makes your effort worth it!

You can save money on flights

With your VPN you can save money spent on flights as well as accommodation or hotel bookings in some countries. Sometimes the prices of tickets are cheaper when bought in specific countries.

Even though the departure and destination time and place are the same, the country where you are purchasing from determines the price you get. I noticed that the price of air ticket is cheaper if you have a Norwegian IP than if you have a Malaysian IP.

You can easily circumvent this with the help of a VPN.

You can automatically encode anything you want

Even though it may seem or sound untrue, it is true. With a VPN on your device, you can encode the data you exchange with in accessible websites or servers. This means that any online activity you engage in while you have the VPN app running on your device running on your device when you are connected to the internet will automatically be encrypted. There are VPN for windows 10, VPN for iPhone, VPN for google chrome and other devices.

A secure or private tunnel will be created for your data to pass through it securely. This way, the public Wi-Fi is safe for you to use as you are adequately protected. All VPN services come with a client app and it is via this that you can select the server you prefer and connect with it.

All your activities online will be rerouted through the VPN which keeps your information private and secure. It doesn’t matter if your data is intercepted as the hacker can’t decode the information.

Boost your online gaming speeds

If you are game lover then you need a VPN. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring for gold or fighting in the game or waiting for your opponent to take their next shot, there is a higher chance that your ISP or hackers are monitoring your activities.

How do you beat this? With a VPN of course! A VPN can be used to make you anonymous online.

A word of caution: be sure that the VPN server is close by and it has the ability to undertake the task for which you want it. This is because most VPN sever can tell how busy your server is and this will determine if you may face bandwidth or speed challenges and this wouldn’t help your game.