5 Best Working VPN for Zoom 2022

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 07:08 am


With the outbreak of the coronavirus which has made social distance a must, virtual meeting and working from home has become the new normal. With corporate organizations using any possible means available to them in holding meetings and briefs, Zoom has become tremendously important. Its importance is not only felt in the corporate world but in different aspects as it enables millions of users all over the globe to connect, interact and bond with colleagues, friends and family members they cannot see physically from the comfort of their homes.

However, zoom is an indispensable tool, it is open and prone to prying eyes, hackers, cyber threats and data theft. Plus, unresolved privacy matters, missing end-to-end encryption in its software package and its inability to work in some countries and regions like the United Arab Emirate due to government Censorship.

To put a finishing icing on the cake, a VPN is required to solve the privacy and security issues and provide a breakthrough in regions and countries where Zoom is not allowed.

What a Virtual Private Network does is to mask your data so that eavesdropping becomes impossible; it also grants you access to regions where you ordinarily can’t gain access to by connecting you to a server in that location.

Content and information shared via zoom are some highly classified as they include personal details or corporate organizations trade secrets and if not properly protected can be stolen and used as a means of undoing such organization. To prevent these ordeals, a reliable VPN is recommended.

Since virtual meetings happen in real time and require reliable connection with high speed, a VPN will always come handy by augmenting for the speed and preventing lag and delayed connection.

How to Unblock Zoom and use it from anywhere in the world.

  • Choose a high speed Virtual Private Network with servers in the location you wish to connect to.
  • Download the VPN app from their website, Install, launch and subscribe to the VPN app.
  • Choose a server that is in a zoom-friendly region or country like the United State of America or the United Kingdom.
  • Sign up or log in to Zoom to attend a group chat or virtual office meeting.

List of Best Working VPN for Zoom

Here is a list of Virtual Private Networks that have been tested and have been proved very effective to work with zoom.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Surfshark
  5. PrivateVPN

1. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is one of the top three VPN providers in the world of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and it is always valued because of its speed. With about 3000+ servers in 94 countries and 29 high-speed VPN servers in the United State of America alone it allows for a seamless virtual meeting without any lag.

Key features:

  1. Great content-unblocking capacity
  2. Fast connection across various streaming platforms
  3. Perfect app support
  4. Top-notch security and privacy policy
  5. Global server coverage

One of its amazing features is its capability to unblock and grant Zoom access even in locations where it is not allowed.

With Express VPN you are sure of an end-to-end encryption which zoom does not originally offer. It uses an American Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption with perfect forward secrecy. It triggers a Kill Switch in the event of loss in connection to prevent you from video conferencing without protection. To make sure your browser history is protected, it provides a DNS leak protection.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are accepted as a means of payment as an extra level of privacy plus the fact that their service keeps no log.

With a single subscription, five devices can be connected simultaneously and it is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Apple TV and routers.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN allows you to simultaneously connect as much as six devices with one NordVPN subscription; granting you the liberty to carry out your virtual meetings and parties from any device.

Key features

  1. Excellent Multiplatform support
  2. Universal connectivity
  3. Affordable and accessible
  4. Strong privacy and security policies

With 5,000+ servers in 59 countries, including 1,500+ servers in the United states of America, 350+ servers in Canada, 260+ servers in the Netherlands, 250+ servers in Australia, and 40 servers in New Zealand. NordVPN is VPN that has high speeds and scale through the fence of geoblocking thereby granting you access to Zoom-unfriendly countries and.

NordVPN is compatible on different platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Linux, routers, and more making it more flexible to use.

In the aspect of protection and security, NordVPN seems like a stronghold. It implies Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithm to guard your communication, which is the most secure encryption available. It is an encryption algorithm that is even trusted by top government agencies and is to hide top-secret files. It combines the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard with a SHA2-384 authentication, 2048-bit DH key, and perfect forward secrecy which assigns you a new key each time you log on to NordVPN,

NordVPN Runs two categories of security protocol: OpenVPN UDP/TCP and IKEv2/IPSec. Hence Android and Windows users have OpenVPN only, MacOS and iOS devices can use any of the two.

3. CyberGhost

Cyber Ghost VPN is the VPN with the highest numbers of servers with 7,000+ servers in almost 90 countries, which means you can use zoom in any location.

Key features:

  1. Relatively affordable
  2. Wide range of servers
  3. Has a very wide reach when compared to most providers
  4. Great security and a superior no-logs policy
  5. Stressless setup and use.

It boasts of an unlimited bandwidth and a dependable high speeds, using Zoom for virtual meetings just got better without lag or buffering and in real-time. It unblocks Zoom allowing you to connect from any part of the world; also giving you the access to simultaneously connect up to seven devices with a single subscription.

With just an elementary knowledge, you can install and work your way through the app because of its user friendly nature.

Cyber Ghost offers you security and privacy online with its pre-configured security features such as AES 256-bit encryption, WebRTC and IPv6 leaks protection against DNS, automatic malware-scanning and ad-blocking, a no log policy - meaning that you do not have to care about your privacy, a kill switch. You also have the option of signing up with bitcoin and a disposable email.

With a manual installation, CyberGhost works perfectly with wireless routers and Linux OS; it also offers apps on various platforms and operating systems including Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

4. Surfshark

SurfShark is a VPN company based in the British Virgin Islands and has servers across various locations in the United States with more than 1700 servers in 60+ countries. Surfshark is a recommended VPN for unblocking Zoom; some of its servers are located in strategic locations across the United State of America that will give you access to unblock Zoom and allow you to connect to anywhere in the globe virtually. SurfShark is a force to reckon in the aspect of speed as it boasts of high speed that makes virtual meetings more appealing because of the absence of delay in connection or low picture quality.

Key features:

  1. Great access for seamless streaming across various platforms
  2. Many users can stream from a single subscription simultaneously
  3. Strict no log plus top-notch privacy policy.

Security and Privacy being a major reason why a Zoom user will use a VPN is given high priority by SurfShark. It uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your activities; parades other security features like a kill switch that allows you to still carry on your virtual meeting protected even if you lose connection with the server in all versions of the app. There is also IPv6, DNS and WebRTC leak protection. It has a NoBorders feature that allows a user to bypass country-wide internet restrictions that blocks Zoom from working or allow some apps to avoid the VPN entirely.

There is an option of making payment in three different cryptocurrencies (Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum) as any data that can be traced to your identity is not logged by SurfShark.

In the aspect of simultaneous connection, SurfShark allows for an unlimited number of devices to connect with a single subscription.

5. PrivateVPN

To video conference on zoom with lags, delay and low picture quality is an annoying experience. To deal with that, you need a VPN with a lightning speed. PrivateVPN servers offer high speed for a perfect Zoom meeting experience and in unblocking Zoom.

Key features:

  1. No data retention laws.
  2. Simultaneous connections.
  3. Strong Malware protection.
  4. High-performance servers.

Although it does not have a robust network compared to some other VPN with around 150 servers in 60 countries. Its high speed joint with its exceptional unblocking capability makes it the perfect bride for using Zoom in geoblocked locations where they are originally not allowed.

As a starter, it security structure is well to do as it incorporates a split-tunneling feature that lets some certain apps dodge the VPN; an Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption, protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks, a kill switch available only for Windows, and a stealth mode that lets you operate in a ghost mode while using a VPN.

Like other VPN, it allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously with a single subscription and stream safely wherever you are.

Its security and privacy takes an extra step with the no log policy plus the use of Bitcoin make anonymous subscriptions. Private VPN offers apps on different platforms including Windows, Android, mac OS and iOS. However, it requires manual configuration for it to function on Linux and on various routers.

How can a good VPN help you in streaming Zoom?

Good VPN service provider will give you access to all of your banking, email and other personal accounts with a strong assurance for security. A top notch VPN like ExpressVPN uses banking-grade end-to-end encryption to secure all of your data and browsing histories and logs from cybercriminals and hackers.

Good VPN Service providers use IP masking techniques to help you unblock geo-blocked services and sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC Iplayer. The VPN service providers we have listed above can unblock international streaming libraries from almost anywhere in the world.

Can I get free VPN Service providers that I can use to access Zoom anywhere?

There is no free VPN Services provider that comes without restrictions and blocks, and most are very insecure to use. Most lack the required security and obfuscation or incognito features necessary to obfuscate your online activity from your ISP and the wandering eyes of the government. Others do really terrible things like leaking or selling consumer data to pay for the so-called free service.

Zoom does a great job in keeping you connected to the world. Nonetheless, you are likely to find some things about it's usage difficult especially if you are staying in an area that restricts Content streaming across platforms. No doubt about you encountering challenges and bad exposures when you do not use the proper VPN for streaming Zoom.

What we have tried to achieve in this article is to bring you closer and make known to you abounding opportunities perfect for streaming Zoom with no fear of insecurity.

Make a choice from the list we have carefully put together for your streaming pleasure and start your journey to exciting streaming.