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  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 05:56 am


Talk about some of the best streaming TV apps in Europe and you must count Ziggo GO. The Ziggo TV app, ZIggo GO, offers over 300 channels on the TV app. It contains more than 100 channels that can be streamed live in HD quality and with Dutch titles. The TV app also provides some of the best telephone services, cable television – as seen above, and broadband internet. Ziggo TV is Netherlands pride and Ziggo GO as an offshoot, has a very advanced interface with loads of fun things to be done on the app, which is only evident of the work that has been put in to make it world class.

Access Ziggo GO from Anywhere in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Sign up for our top recommendation - NordVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app
  3. Connect to a server in the Netherlands.
  4. Sign into the Ziggo GO app and start streaming.

Why Ziggo Go?

Ziggo GO boasts some of the TV best features that most European TV lovers enjoy. They include, Live TV, TV Replay, Movies and Series XL, FOX Sports Premier League, Video country, Ziggo Sport Total, FOX Sports International, Hindi and Turkish channels, Football day pass, etc.

Ziggo GO has over 55 High Definition TV channels, including History HD and National Geographic HD, Discovery HD. It comes with a Replay feature allowing users to repeat shows of a TV program that the user might have missed, and the replay services will be up for free up to 7 days after the actual date of broadcast.

But like many other TV streaming apps or premium online streaming services, Ziggo GO is geo-locked, which means that only people in certain locations can access their services. This is sad news for people living outside the Netherlands, because Ziggo GO is only authorized in the Netherlands. Nothing to worry about though because, that’s why we created this guide. This article will help you set up and stream Ziggo GO from anywhere in the globe using some of the best VPN services as we will recommend soon. But before we go into that, let’s find out why Ziggo GO is even geo-blocked.

Our top 6 recommended VPN service providers to stream on Ziggo GO app:

  • NordVPN: this is one of the best choices for Ziggo GO. It has the fastest speed and best geo-unblocking strengths.
  • ExpressVPN: this boasts of high speed for streaming and easy access to Ziggo GO and other geo-blocked content
  • CyberGhost: this is an intuitive app with servers improved for streaming especially for lag-free buffer-free viewing.
  • IPVanish: this has the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices per license and on a single subscription.
  • PrivateVPN: this has a massive network of servers in the Netherlands that gives super-fast access to stream Ziggo GO without hitches
  • VyprVPN : this has the best security protocols (Chameleon) enhanced to allow their users circumvent geo-restrictions and their servers are optimized for efficient performance.

Why is Ziggo GO geo-blocked?

There are many other streaming platforms that bans foreign IPs from accessing their content, so the geo-block issue is not peculiar or exclusive to Ziggo GO. Many streaming service providers online, use the same approach to protect their content and that of their service providers or even sponsors. Streaming inhibitions can also be caused by State laws by the government who might have religious or political opinions about the programs aired on Ziggo GO. Simply put, some streaming inhibitions are usually based on censorship laws.

Netherland residents who already have a valid subscription with Ziggo can also have this issue when they travel out of the country. And the frequently asked question is, “will I be going against the law if I use Ziggo Go whilst on a trip to another country?” Whilst we can’t give a general answer to this, we know that everyone enjoys watching their best TV shows in the language they will understand better and secondly it is always a good thing for positive nostalgia when we touch base with what is happening at home whilst we are away. Even though Ziggo has an internet over cable modem called Ziggo Connect Box, which is a product of their cable company, it is not improved to give access from outside the Netherlands, that’s why it is necessary to use VPN for Ziggo GO.

How to watch Ziggo GO with a VPN?

To use a VPN service is about the only way to connect to Ziggo GO whilst outside the Netherlands. Using a VPN to stream Ziggo GO through a Netherlands server, you are immediately assigned a Dutch IP address that makes it seem you are still within the country. It is the same as secretly re-entering into the country whilst still on your trip outside the country. Just like we stated earlier, everyone always enjoy watching their best TV shows in a language they understand better, so the use of VPN is very handy for people who are traveling and would rather avoid nostalgia in hindsight and just do what they can to get what they want, especially watching their favorite shows from back home.

If you get a good VPN, you will get much more than just unblocking Ziggo GO, you will also be able to use the services of the good VPN to get additional benefits like, up-to-date security and privacy, get access to many other geo-restricted streaming platforms or sites, and protection from cybercrime and the prying eyes online. Follow the steps below for easy registration and stress free streaming.

  1. Subscribe to one of our recommended VPN service providers
  2. Download the necessary software and run an installation on your chosen device. Ensure that you choose the best app for the operating system your device runs on.
  3. Launch the VPN on the device
  4. Login in to your Ziggo account or register a new account on the Ziggo app if you don’t already have one
  5. Make sure to connect to a server in the Netherlands whilst choosing servers. Ensure you do this before opening the Ziggo Go app
  6. Then connect to your chosen Dutch server on your VPN services server settings
  7. After these initial steps are satisfied, you can then unblock your Ziggo Go app and start watching your best shows rest assured that you are a ghost online.

If you encounter any issues before, during or after running the installations, you can contact your VPN service provider on the 24/7 live chat to get immediate help.

Best VPNs for Ziggo GO from March 2022

We are careful for the recommendations we make and that is why we painstakingly research and discover the top VPN services that guarantee stress free surfing online. Our top VPN choices for Ziggo GO are based on certain parameters, which include _

  • Excellent speeds
  • Versatility of services
  • Customer service and guarantee
  • Global server network
  • Compatibility on many operating systems
  • Strong encryption mechanisms and security protocol (like 256-bit AES)

Every VPN user knows that speed is crucial to having topnotch internet experience. They are also very careful for cyber security, zero logging, and very strong privacy policies. We have curated a ‘best VPN review’ for seamless Ziggo login from anywhere in the globe.

1. NordVPN

Key features

  1. Over 5,400 servers in 60 countries, and a whopping 200+ in the Netherlands alone
  2. Can take up to 6 devices per license and on a subscription
  3. A sure 30 days money-back guarantee users can count on
  4. Works well for Ziggo Go, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and more
  5. Compatible on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and more

NordVPN unlike many VPN service providers is always keen to remain at the top of their game for as long as possible. NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services providers in the world, it is very simple to install and even easier to use. NordVPN offers access to 5,400+ servers across the globe, with all of them enhanced to bypass geo-blocks and even the one placed on Ziggo GO content. For Android TV users, NordVPN makes viewing Ziggo TV app on Android TV seamless and stress free.

NordVPN has servers enhanced for streaming that also ensures high quality viewing experience and the NordVPN security protocol boasts of a 256-bit encryption with an exclusive Onion over VPN feature. All these along with a kill switch and the fact that you can have up to 6 connections secured with high scale privacy makes it even more beautiful.

If you are new to the VPN landscape and would like to try it out first, then you can rely on their 30 days money-back guarantee to get first-hand experience of their services before you make a decision.

2. ExpressVPN

Key features

  1. Can take over 5 devices per license and on single subscription
  2. Guaranteed 30 days money-back after payment
  3. Works well for Ziggo Go, Netflix, Hulu, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more
  4. Very compatible on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and more
  5. Can access their services in the Dutch Language

ExpressVPN is a top player in the VPN global league. The service provider boasts of some of the best features for accessing geo-restricted contents online. ExpressVPN is a very popular VPN services provider. They have over 3,000+ servers in 90 countries and as implied in their name, ExpressVPN offers an ultra-high speed. This plus their strong security protocol makes them a top choice for streaming and privacy oriented surfing online. With ExpressVPN for Ziggo, UK and US connections are sure.

Such security features include a DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, and a 256-AES military-grade encryption. ExpressVPN can take up to 5 devices per license and subscription, that way, you can have all your devices connected and protected at the same time.

You can get their services with a sure 30 days money-back guarantee and even if you run into some problems before, during or after installation, you can easily fall back to their 24/7 live chat to get help from their customer experience experts.

3. CyberGhost

Key features

  1. Over 6,300+ servers in 90 countries across the globe, with a whopping160+ Dutch dedicated servers
  2. Can take up to 7 devices per license and on a single subscription
  3. A tested and trusted 45-day money-back guarantee
  4. Works well for Ziggo Go, Netflix, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, and more
  5. Also compatible on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, and more
  6. Their in-app services can be accessed in the Dutch language

CyberGhost is one of the best VPN providers to reckon with anytime. It has one of the largest server networks with over 6,500 servers in 90 countries. These global servers are not only made ideal for streaming but are very efficient for torrenting and other Peer-to-Peer file sharing.

CyberGhost has a 7-day free trial for their iOS and Android apps which gives users the chance to try out their awesome VPN features on or with Ziggo GO even before signing up or opting for a subscription.

CyberGhost can take up to 7 devices per account and on a single subscription and they have a very nice user-friendly interface. CyberGhost has a strong 45 days money-back guarantee after payment and their 24/7 live chat help is available to users to help them when they run into any challenge, which is very less likely to happen.

4. IPVanish

Key features

  1. Over 1,600+ servers in 75 countries and a whopping 70+ in the Netherlands alone
  2. Can take an unlimited number of devices per license
  3. A sure 30 days money-back guarantee
  4. Works well for Ziggo GO, Netflix US, HBO, Vudu, DAZN, Hotstar, SlingTV, and more
  5. Compatible on Windows, Chromebook, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and more

IPVanish boasts of over a whopping 1,600 servers in 75 countries which are all globally enhanced for the best privacy and security enabled surfing online. This means that the VPN services provider comes with an added layer security for all their users. Their unlimited bandwidth feature makes it very easy to connect an unlimited number of devices on a single license and subscription, this means that you can have more people hooked on with a strong connection and yet highly protected with IPVanish VPN. They have a strict no logs policy, even though this was contested in the past whilst they were under a different ownership.

IPVanish VPN services provider makes it easier for their users by enacting a sure 30 days money-back guarantee after payment, and this has been effective as confirmed by many users. They also have a dedicated 24/7 live chat that helps users with any matter that requires professional attention.

5. PrivateVPN

Key feature

  • Over 150 servers in 60 countries with 2 dedicated servers in the Netherlands
  • Can take up to 6 devices per license and on a single subscription
  • A sure 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Works well for Ziggo GO, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Also compatible on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and more
  • Apps is accessible in different languages, including the Dutch language

PrivateVPN is exceptional for efficient customer service. They might not have as many advanced specifications as other premium VPNs, but their no limits on bandwidth and downloads is very reliable for uninterrupted video streaming. The VPN services provider has thrived on the praises of their users and it has earned them a place amongst the top-rated providers. PrivateVPN is not a mere network of VPNs, but has been improved to readily serve our audience in the global platform. Their industry topping support team is always at the beck and all of all the users. No redirecting at any point, once you call them, you’ll talk directly to their experienced developers who jump into action to get your problems solved as quickly and easily as possible.

They have kept up to their promise that whenever their services doesn’t live up to their claims of high-speed standards, security and geo-unlocking, they will refund you all the money you paid.

So, there is no rush, no need to make a final decision yet. You can try PrivateVPN for 30 days and then decide if you want to stay under their umbrella for premium private internet services.

6. VyprVPN

Key feature

  1. Over 70+ servers with 2 million+ users worldwide
  2. Can take up to 5 devices per license and on a single subscription
  3. A sure 30 days money-back guarantee
  4. Works well for Ziggo GO, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, Sky GO, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more
  5. Also compatible on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and more

VyprVPN is an industry leader for unblocking geo-restrictions, VyprVPN has its own security protocol called Chameleon allowing their users to bypass geo-blocks, and this helps their servers to operate more efficiently to give clients and users optimal experiences. VyprVPN boasts of various Dutch dedicated servers which gives users access to the country’s websites and streaming services including Ziggo Go.

With VyprVPN’s WireGuard security protocol, users can experience a speedy connection when they stream or download their favorite content online. VyprVPN protocols have strong AES 256-bit encryption and an enhanced DNS protection, including IPsec, OpenVPN and Chameleon. They also maintain a strict 30 days back money guarantee users can trust.


Being outside the Netherlands doesn't have to mean giving up on the hopes of streaming your favorite shows on Ziggo GO app. If you are worried about choosing the best vpn provider for Ziggo, our advice is - you can use any of the aforementioned. And if you happen to be unsatisfied, there’s zero risk of loss of investment as you can easily request for a refund since they all offer money back guarantee.