Is it Legal to Use Showbox

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 05:11 am


Showbox is a renowned streaming service that features a massive library of TV shows, series and movies. This third party media streaming service offer users the opportunity to stream tons of exciting content at zero cost.

Initially, showbox app was only popular in the android community. But today, Showbox free download is widely available, supporting a range of devices including iOS, Windows and Mac.

With showbox, its non-stop access to your favorite movies, shows, series, news and a host of video content - just like Netflix. In fact, every time with showbox is literally show time.

But one thing constantly raises eyebrows among users - Is showbox safe? Is it legal to use the service? In this article, you will find answers to these questions and more. Ranging from Showbox download to Showbox install, how to download showbox movies and best VPNs that keep your activity safe on showbox app.

Furthermore, it is not out of place for users to face restrictions as several countries have made attempt to censor the use of this app. Such restrictions stem as a result of the copyright laws practiced in associated countries. In which case, users caught violating these laws may face serious lawsuits.

The best way to avoid showbox problems is using a VPN. You will find reliable VPN mentions within this article

Is it legal to use showbox?

This question of legality seems to capture the interest of many today. And whether it's because showbox online has had some lawsuits filed against it in recent years, or for the reason that it puts users at risk by allowing them to download illegal video content. One thing we can tell you is this - apps like showbox are borderline illegal.

To further explain - most of the content on showbox app are said to be pirated. And while you may easily get off with streaming pirated content online, you might be asking a lot of trouble if you go ahead to download such content.

Facts hold true that streaming pirated content online is legal while downloading the same content to your device is considered illegal. However, at the end of the day, all questions bordering around legality depend largely on individual country copyright protection laws. For instance, you can face huge penalization especially in Western countries with strict copyright protection laws.

It is worthy of mention that Hollywood studios, certain TV producers and law firms are taking drastic measures to mitigate copyright violation issues. And end users may find themselves in a pickle if they are caught downloading contents they do not own rights to.

In fact, some websites now leave stern warning to users about the security of their IP addresses and how these can be made available to third party companies. To avoid risking your safety, it is advised that you use a VPN for showbox.

What do VPNs do?

VPNs simply act like a cloak that masks your identity online. In other words, your ISPs and other third parties are unable to view your IP address, personal data or online activity.

More so, in countries where Showbox servers are censored, VPNs can allow you to easily bypass such censorships. Put simply, with VPNs you can enjoy all that Showbox app offers without fear and restriction.

Is my mobile or computer at risk of harm with showbox?

When it comes to the safety of showbox online, technically speaking, there is no cause for alarm. Showbox app contains neither malicious softwares nor viruses designed to harm your mobile device or PC.

However, since the app is unavailable on Google play, you will find thousands of download links out there. All of which claim to connect you to the latest Showbox APK file. But sadly, there have been lots of reports of unscrupulous websites with cloned versions of Showbox app leaving users susceptible to malwares and viruses.

If you ignorantly click on such dodgy links with cloned versions, you might be setting your device up for possible attack or damage. Especially when you do not have an antivirus installed on your device, to enable you detect these harmful software.

We mostly advise the use of VPNs that offer all-round protection including antivirus and malware blocker. You’ll find NordVPN and ExpressVPN as some of the top VPN picks here.


When it comes to showbox problems, it doesn’t end at viruses and malwares. You can find yourself facing more weighty problems like lawsuits. For obvious reasons - Streaming torrented content that you do not own license or legal rights to.

Now the easiest way to avoid showbox problems while streaming safely on showbox app is using a VPN. As earlier stated, a VPN will mask your IP address while serving you top range security and anonymity, irrespective of your location in the world.

Here you will find some of our best picks. For one thing, they give you strong protection while keeping you out of the radar of organisations looking to bring torrenters and copyright violators to book.


NordVPN Review  NordVPN

Want to enjoy all that showbox has to offer in confidence that your browsing history will not be traced back to you? NordVPN is your go-to option. Operating a tried and true zero logs policy, this VPN provider stores neither data nor history.

On top of that, you are ensured the highest level of protection - military grade encryption. Large server network spread across 59 countries around the world. You can download showbox movies on any device with NordVPN as one subscription gives you protection on 6 devices simultaneously.

More so, with NordVPN’s powerful unblocking ability to bypass censorships on sites like Netflix, you’re well on your way to an uninterrupted time on Showbox.

And Good news is - you can experience the service without commitment by taking advantage of its 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Online anonymity is assured thanks to a 256-bit AES encryption. This is paired with IP/DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, and a solid zero-logs policy to ensure your personal data is safe at all times. We also found the built-in ad, malware, and tracker blocker very helpful.

A CyberGhost subscription comes with an allowance for up to 7 simultaneous connections. Be sure to purchase a payment plan of not less than 6 months to enjoy the generous 45-day money-back offer.

ExpressVPN    Review  ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is by far one of the best VPN options for showbox app out there. Its unlimited bandwidth is one feature that makes it stand out for streaming. And no, this doesn’t come at the expense of speed: you can expect top speeds while streaming with ExpressVPN.

When streaming showbox online, ExpressVPN readily encrypts your data with a 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to this top level security, the provider puts in place DNS/IPv6 leak protection and split tunneling, to ensure that no data is leaked following a drop in connection.

So whether its showbox for windows, showbox for mac or android, ExpressVPN ensures an all round protection.

Feel free to subscribe to one of ExpressVPN’s subscription plans or try it risk-free by accessing its 30-day, money-back guarantee.

IPVanish   Review  IPVanish

IPVanish has some interesting features that puts it on this list. Besides an array of servers spread across several cities in the world, this VPN offers users unlimited bandwidth for streaming.

With IPVanish, you can download showbox movies without a trace as your IP address is hidden from the rest of the world. It doesn't end there - your identity is further kept under wraps with its strict no logs policy.

More fascinating is how this VPN provider offers unmetered connections. What this means is, literally every device you own is protected. Whether it's your mobile, mac, windows or iOS.

To explore IPVanish’s offerings, you can access its 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Cyberghost      Review  Cyberghost

With CyberGhost, incredibly fast, unrestricted internet access is promised with over 6,000 servers spread across 90+ countries

Showbox app users not only have access to high speed servers with Cyberghost but are sure of secure internet connection. Cyberghost wraps a military-grade encryption type around an automatic kill switch and leak protection.

And for uninterrupted streaming with showbox online, Cyberghost offers unlimited bandwidth on as much as 7 simultaneous connections.

Furthermore, you can access cyberghost VPN risk-free by leveraging its 45-day, money-back guarantee.

Surfshark VPN Review  Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is one VPN to consider for showbox if you need a pocket-friendly service. Though it offers affordable plans it boldy competes with most of the high priced VPNs on all fronts.

With Surfshark there’s no need to bother about showbox problems. Your online activity is kept secure with a 256-bit encryption and an OpenVPN protocol. It also has a readily available kill switch and split tunneling.

While you are on the showbox app, you can enjoy hours of streaming and downloading without fear of tracks leading back to you.

Lastly, Surfshark also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to explore its offering, you can do so before making a buying decision.

How to download showbox

As popular as it is, showbox download is unavailable on Google Play Store. This is unsurprising as Google’s Play Store policy does not support promoting third party apps that distribute content they do not own rights to.

Follow the steps below for showbox app download (same steps apply to downloading showbox for PC).

  • Enter the search query “showbox download” or "showbox app download" on google
  • metager
  • You’ll find a ton of websites pop up.
  • Or you can simply click here to visit one site.
  • On the website click on download showbox button
  • metager
  • Choose from the available option - you will find showbox for android, showbox for iOS, showbox for PC
  • metager
  • Select the option depending on your device type.

Downloading apps from untrusted websites could expose you to malware/viruses that steal your personal data. Ensure you have an antivirus or a VPN installed on your device.

How to install showbox

Following showbox download, installing showbox online follows very simple steps across all devices. We will show you step by step how to install showbox on android, iOS and also showbox for windows

Showbox Install for Android

Since showbox download is not available on Google play, Android security will show a warning by default during installation.


And if your device is not set to allow installation from unknown sources, you will first need to configure it. Find the steps below:

  • Enter the search query “showbox download” or "showbox app download" on google
  • First go to settings
  • metager
  • Next navigate to lock screen and security
  • metager
  • Then turn on “ unknown sources”
  • Now open your file manager
  • Proceed to downloads
  • metager
  • Locate the Showbox app file
  • metager
  • Then click for showbox install
  • metager
  • In a matter of seconds you should see the showbox home screen
  • metager

Showbox install for iOS

The steps below show how to get showbox on your iOS device.

  • After downloading the iOS file
  • Go to your settings
  • Navigate to General Profile
  • Next click on showbox
  • Then tap on “Trust this app”
  • You can now see the showbox icon on your home screen

How to Install Showbox for windows

The steps below shows how to get showbox installed on your pc

  • Download the showbox EXE file as stated in the download steps
  • From your file explorer
  • Go to downloads
  • Install the file on your PC
  • Proceed to run the app


To download and install showbox for Mac, it is very different from steps of showbox download for PC. Here you’ll need an android emulator.

Showbox free download for mac using Andyroid emulator

  • Go to
  • Install Andyroid software on your MacOS
  • Navigate to Andyroid and open the default web browser
  • Enter the URL for downloading showbox apk
  • Click download app button
  • Go to the ES File explorer on Andyroid
  • Next go to sdcardo you’ll see the showbox app icon
  • Click on the icon
  • Navigate to install showbox for Mac
  • Next click open
  • You can always find your showbox apk on the Andyroid home screen
  • You can now enjoy steaming your favorite shows

Showbox install on Mac using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator. Bluestacks follow similar installation steps with Andyroid above, but is slightly different.

  • To download bluestacks go to
  • Proceed to install bluestacks on your mac
  • Next, go to URL for downloading showbox apk
  • Click on the download button
  • Download showbox APK
  • Next navigate to the folder where you saved the APK file
  • Right click on the file and open with bluestacks
  • The app automatically starts installing
  • After installation you will find showbox on My Apps tabs on bluestack.
  • You can now enjoy watching your favorite shows on your MacOS

How to update showbox app with latest version

For most apps, when you get a prompt about updates, you can easily update your version from play store. (This is hardly the same for Showbox app seeing as it is unavailable on Google play store)

As with every other app, showbox creators regularly update the app with new features and bug fixes. If you want to update your showbox free download with the latest version, follow either of the steps below.

  • If you get a prompt about a new update
  • simply tap on the “update” option available to download a new version

  • In the event that you do not get automatic notification for updates:
  • i. Uninstall the older version on your device

    ii. Go to your file manager

    iii. Navigate to your download where the apk file is located

    iv. Click to automatically re-install a new version manually.


If you cannot afford subscription on streaming sites like Netflix - if you must use free alternatives like Showbox - ensure you are well-protected.

In order to stay protected, a VPN is considered your best bet. With a VPN, you can watch your favorite Showbox online shows, knowing that your activities remain untraceable.

Our top VPN recommendations in this article offer powerful encryption that ensure that your ISP cannot lay hold of your personal data or browsing history. In addition to keeping you away from third parties, they keep threats from viruses and malware off your device.