How to watch line of duty online: stream season 6 free in UK and from anywhere

  • 03/Jan/2022
  • 07:31 am

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'How can I watch Line of Duty online?' 'Is the Line of Duty on Netflix?' These have been questions on the lips of many since the release of its latest episodes in the sixth series. Viewers have scurried to various line of duty blog posts in search for answers to questions including free VPN that work with Netflix.

And little wonder why.

The series was the most popular drama series broadcast on BBC Two and is a winner of the Royal Television Society Award and Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Drama Series. Additionally, it was included in a list of the Top 50 BBC Two shows of all time and in a list of the 80 best BBC shows of all time.

Also, in 2016, the series ranked eighth in The Independent's list of the twenty greatest police shows of all time and third in a Radio Times 2018 poll of the best British crime dramas of all time. In 2022 Line of Duty went ahead to win the National Television Award for Special Recognition.

With a consolidated audience of well over 5 million viewers interested in the line of duty, it has quickly become a fan favorite for many. So, suffice to say that the series is worth the fanfare.

This article guides you on how to watch Line of Duty online from anywhere in the world using the top 10 VPN services as well as the best free VPN for Netflix.

Here is a Quick snippet on how to watch Line of Duty from anywhere

  • Download the Express VPN (which is the best VPN) or any of the VPNs we have recommended .
  • Connect to a server in the UK. This will unblock Netflix UK so you can start watching Line of Duty.
  • Start watching Line of Duty.

Here is where to watch Line of Duty online

  • You can watch Line of Duty season 6 for free on BBC iPlayer. All 6 episodes are there to stream right now!
  • Seasons one to five are also available to watch for free on iPlayer if you want to catch up.
  • For Free UK stream: watch on BBC iPlayer for FREE
  • To Watch in Australia; get BritBox
  • To watch anywhere: try the top VPN we have recommended with 100% risk free

What is Line of duty?

Line of Duty is a British police TV series produced by Jed Mercurio & World Productions. On 26 June 2012, BBC Two began to broadcast the first series; it was its best-performing drama series in ten years with a consolidated audience of 4.1 million viewers. Broadcast of the second series began on 12 February 2014; its widespread public and critical acclaim led to the BBC commissioning a further two series. The third series began on 24 March 2016 on BBC Two; the following three series were broadcast on BBC One.

Looking for where to watch all Top Gear episodes? Or are you tired of asking - "where can I download Top Gear episodes? You can try the BBC iplayer. However, from experience we can tell you that BBC iplayer currently doesn’t host the earliest seasons of Top Gear.

How can I watch Line of duty from anywhere in the world

Line of duty is a series that has released seasons 1 to 5 and this is the season 6. People outside the UK keep asking questions such as 'when will Line of Duty series 5 be on Netflix?'/

Right now you can watch Line of Duty on the following apps

Netflix: To Watch Line of duty on Netflix, You need a VPN, as line of duty is available only on Netflix in the UK. A VPN moves past regional geoblocks without detection by hiding your real location, tricking Netflix into thinking you are in the UK so you can easily access shows like Line of Duty.

We have also found out that ExpressVPN works best for it because of its reliable connections and fast speeds.

Amazon Prime: To Watch Line of Duty on Amazon prime, you need to have an Amazon Prime subscription and then you'll be able to watch all seasons of Line of Duty at an additional cost. Individual episodes are $3 or you can buy each series for around $18.

BBC iPlayer: To Watch Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer. It is being streamed for free to UK residents. However, you need to possess a UK postcode to access it.

You are also able to stream Line of Duty by renting or purchasing on Vudu, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Google Play.

Line of Duty rundown

Anti corruption unit (AC-12) has a contemporary face and a brand new goal in collection 6 of gripping police drama Line of Duty. We element beneath how one can watch Line of Duty season 6 on-line, and get pleasure from all seven episodes free within the UK and stream them from wherever on this planet.

Keen younger detective constable Chloe Bishop is attempting to show herself to her battle-scarred colleagues because the dysfunctional anti-corruption unit focuses its glare on the enigmatic DCI Jo Davidson (the ever-exceptional Kelly Macdonald), the senior investigating officer on a homicide case.

The occasions of season 5 means the dynamic is just a little awkward, however our favorite bent copper-catching trio Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) are again on the case – however even they’re struggling to know what to make of DCI Davidson.

Jo has been handed the reins for the investigation into the homicide of Gail Vella, an investigative journalist. It is a high-profile case that has left detectives scratching their heads for 12 months, however when new details about a possible suspect involves mild, Jo’s weird conduct makes it seem as if she would not intend to convey Vella’s killer to justice in any case.

Is Jo as much as not good, or is she really on the appropriate facet of the road? You do not have to look out for a long time, as we clarify methods to watch Line of Duty season 6 on-line from wherever – and utterly FREE on the BBC for those positioned within the UK.

How to watch line of duty online in the UK

You can make use of an iPlayer.

Don’t have a TV or cable supplier? With BBC iPlayer you possibly can live-stream Line of Duty , or get pleasure from it just a few hours later on demand. The entire seven episodes of Line of Duty season 6 premiered on BBC ONE on Sunday, 21 March.

This means that you can watch Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer, even the latest season. It’s a completely FREE service only if you are in possession of a valid UK TV license, as these now cover digital content consumption, too.

So if you are a British TV licence fee payer, you should be good to go eventually. But if you do not have access to BBC iPlayer, each episode can be purchased on Amazon.

All the seasons of Line of Duty used to be streamed on Netflix. The streaming app aired Line of Duty series 5. You could also watch Line of Duty season 4 on Netflix. Other seasons starting from Line of Duty season 1 also aired on Netflix (UK).

But you won't find the series on the streaming giant anymore due to some restrictions. Thankfully, there are other channels through which the entire series can be watched online.

You can find Line of Duty on Hulu, where it’s available with a basic subscription. The police drama is also available to watch on Acorn TV, BritBox, AMC Premiere, Sling TV, and Prime Video, where you can sign up for an Acorn TV extension (which includes a 7-day free trial). You can also opt to buy episodes and seasons of Line of Duty on Vudu and iTunes.

Not within the UK proper now? Just use a VPN to change your IP address so you possibly can stream your favorite TV exhibits and series similar to call of duty solely from wherever you are.

How to watch Line of Duty online in the US

Viewers have asked, 'Is Line of Duty on Netflix USA?'

In an bid to answer that question, we can tell you that in the US, streaming provider BritBox has exclusive rights to Line of Duty. USA local channels made episodes available starting from May 18. The Line of Duty US release date sees the show coming to BritBox just a couple of weeks after it will have ended across the pond on BBC1.

The US release date announcement also brings with it the news that BritBox will become the exclusive US home to all subsequent seasons of the hit show!

Do you have issues streaming Line of Duty?

If you are unable to access Line of Duty as a result of annoying regional restrictions. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will can help you stream Line of Duty online regardless of the place you’re in.

1. Express VPN is the answer!

ExpressVPN is the best VPN in UK and around the world right now.

There are lots of VPNs to select from, however we advocate and recommend ExpressVPN. This is because of its fast speed, efficiency, easy to make use of, and easy to put in. In addition, it’s suitable with a complete host of gadgets, just a few of which incorporate Amazon Hearth TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and iOS and Android software programs.

And for those who change your thoughts throughout the first 30 days, allow them to know they usually will provide you with a refund without a quibble.

As soon as put in, simply decide the situation of your private home nation, and click on join. You’ll then be free to get pleasure from Line of Duty on-line, regardless of the place you are located.

While it is not the cheapest VPN out there, it is a favourite for many users, for good reason. It has a vast server network, fast and consistent speeds, solid security infrastructure, 24/7 live support similar to Netflix customer support, and allows up to five connections at the same time.

During our speed tests, ExpressVPN stood unmatched when compared to other premium VPNs. And you need not worry about annoying buffering when you're watching just-landed blockbusters like Security on Netflix.

In addition, the ExpressVPN app is incredibly easy to use and is compatible with all major mobile devices and desktop platforms. That includes iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Fire TV, and routers. ExpressVPN is the best smart TV and can be installed onto your device.

More so, as our recommended choice for best VPN for Netflix in the UK, it reliably bypasses any country’s Great Firewall and unblocks WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Google, and more. Its connections are incredibly fast and are available in a huge number of countries.

With all these excellent features and fantastic values, ExpressVPN offers, if it doesn’t meet your requirements for a VPN, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee available to you - with no questions asked.

However, there are other VPNs that work well too for Netflix, Incase you are not satisfied by the services of the Express VPN you can try the following VPNs below:

NordVPN - Second Best VPN for Netflix, NordVPN offers connections to two or more servers via a multi hop technology, which creates a chain between two or more of its servers. so anyone who wants to trace your IP address will have to decrypt two servers.

Nord offers great connection speed, they make sure your traffic is hidden from view and even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

CyberGhost - Tough Encryption with unbanded streaming, CyberGhost offers a free trial period through which you can download and test the service to have a personal opinion before purchasing it. Cyber Ghost doesn’t sacrifice security for value

Once the free version is finished, a payment must be made to continue enjoying the full service. Users' opinions of this service are very positive due to its excellent performance. It also has an intuitive interface.

Surfshark - Great speed and unlocks libraries of UK and US ,Surf Shark VPN's Clean Web feature is appealing to many looking to enjoy an ad-free browsing session. It can successfully unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.,Secure AES-256 encryption, Split tunneling, has a clean Web feature for ad, tracker, and malware blocking

Unlimited simultaneous connections. Wondering how to get American Netflix or how to get the best Netflix deals in particular regions? Surfshark, one of the more recent players in the VPN space, has proven very solid since its appearance. As one of the best VPNs for Netflix in the market, Surfshark VPN successfully unblocks many Netflix regions – including US, Canada, Japan, UK, Italy, and more; while delivering impressive speed levels

IPVanish - Impressive streaming abilities,IP Vanish has a configurable interface, which makes it an ideal client for those who are interested in learning how to understand what a VPN does under the hood. encrypted with the Military-grade encryption and authentication are par for the course. It also streams without traffic or metadata logs

Private Access VPN - Big on Privacy and unblocks Netflix,Private Internet Access doesn't not only take privacy seriously, it also offers strong speed and a good VPN service. Its users are thrilled by its great privacy, tormenting tools and also its ability to unblock Netflix.

StrongVPN - Stream 4K videos without buffering,StrongVPN has made moves to improve its overall service offering over the last few years. It’s no surprise, then, that it remains one of only a few VPNs that are fairly reliable with unblocking Netflix.

VyprVPN - Tough security with decent server spread,VyprVPN is good for those who need adequate security for digital footprints while browsing the net or streaming. This is because the service originates from Switzerland; a country with advanced and stern privacy laws.

IvacyVPN - Also great for unblocking Netflix, Ivacy allows users to set up split tunneling. This feature means users can choose which apps go through the VPN’s connection, and which ones go through an unencrypted connection.

Allowing users five simultaneous connections, with apps available for iOS, Windows, Android and MacOS, you can stream from your Netflix download on Mac and Netflix on your mobile device at the same time. If you happen to run into any troubles, you enjoy 24/7 live customer support to address user queries.

FAQS about Line of Duty

Is Line of Duty on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no. BBC failed to extend Line of Duty streaming rights to Netflix in all regions. You will only be allowed to watch line of duty if you are in the UK.

How many episodes are in season 6?

Season six has seven episodes though, after the BBC confirmed in a tweet that an extra episode was coming to the sixth series, despite six originally being commissioned.

Can I Watch Line of Duty in the US & Canada

US and Canada-based fans will have to wait to stream season 6, but it will be available on BritBox starting May 18th. They're airing new episodes weekly, so binge-watchers will want to hold off on starting (and be very, very careful about what you read online).

Need to remind yourself what's happening? Seasons 1-4 are available on Prime Video. Seasons 1-5 are available on Acorn TV. You could also watch Seasons 1-4 with either BritBox or AMC+. As if that doesn't give you enough options, you can also use Hulu to view Seasons 1-5. Season 6 is said to be exclusive to BritBox, initially.

Can I watch Line of Duty for free?

There is a way to watch Line of Duty for free at the moment. Netflix is still offering a 30-day free trial in select countries so you can take advantage of that. More so, you can also take advantage of Premium VPN refund policy/ 30day money back guarantee if you choose to connect using a VPN.-

To watch all previous seasons free on BBC iPlayer when you’re not in the UK, New Zealand, or another location that has Line of Duty, you’ll need a VPN to access these content.

Where can I stream all seasons of Line of Duty?

You can watch Line of Duty on Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and fuboTV. You are able to stream Line of Duty by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. You can also use VPN to stream on Netflix if you are not in Canada.

When will line of duty series 5 be on netflix?

Season 5 of the hit BBC drama is on Netflix and it saw AC12 return to investigate a balaclava-wearing criminal gang.

Stephen Graham, Anna Maxwell Martin, and Rochenda Sandall joined the cast for the biggest season of the show to date.

The final episode was the BBC's most-watched programme of the year.

Are VPNs really necessary?

If you are at all concerned with your data privacy, VPNs are an easy-to-use, reasonably priced security measure that gives you a base level of internet protection. While it may seem silly to protect your data when you aren't doing anything “wrong” on the internet, even the most innocent among us do have data secrets online, such as sensitive passwords and financial information.

A VPN's encryption and identity protection services are like a lock on a door, or in other words, a basic security measure that everyone should have.

Is Line of Duty on Prime Or Netflix?

Line of Duty is available to watch on Acorn TV, BritBox, AMC Premiere, Sling TV, and Prime Video, where you can sign up for an Acorn TV extension — which includes a 7-day free trial — or buy seasons and episodes individually. You can also buy episodes and seasons of Line of Duty on Vudu and iTunes.

Is there a 100% free VPN?

The free version of ProtonVPN has no data limits, which is unique amongst free VPN providers. ProtonVPN works with Mac, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, and even certain routers.

Free VPNs generally come with certain limitations. Premium paid VPNs, on the other hand, are more secure and offer more options, such as unlimited data, unlimited speeds, proper customer support, and access to streaming services from all over the world.

If you want to try a premium service for free, there’s a strong up-and-comer we wholeheartedly recommend: Surfshark. For only $2.49 per month, you get all the advantages of a premium VPN. The free trial comes in the form of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within those first 30 days, you can get your money back without any problems.

Additional Tips

How can I download VPN on Android?

  • There are two main ways in which we can set up a VPN, and these ways includes
  • The App/Software Based Approach
  • The Manual Configuration Approach

The App/Software Based Approach

This is the easiest way to set up a new VPN and if you are a new VPN user, we recommend that you use this

The Manual System Approach

This type of approach is preferable for users who need/want more configuration options. This approach is slightly more complicated than the App method. You need to find the VPN protocol and VPN address for this new VPN service during this process.

  • How to Set up the App/Software Based Approach
  • Sign up for a VPN service
  • Create an account
  • Download the app for your chosen VPN service on your device
  • Log into the account you created when signing up for the VPN service
  • You might be asked for a two step authentication code or a security key depending on the service you selected
  • Connect to a VPN server once you are in the app
  • Run a speed test once you get connected
  • Viola your VPN service is being set up

How to Set up the Manual System Approach (For Windows 10)

  • Click the start icon
  • Click the network and internet
  • Click on VPN
  • Click add a VPN connection
  • Under the VPN provider, select windows
  • In the box for connection name, enter a name you won't forget
  • In the box for server name or address, enter the address for the VPN server you are trying to connect to
  • Under VPN type, select the VPN protocol your VPN service is using
  • Choose the type of username and password or one time password you want to use
  • Click save
  • On the right side of the taskbar, click the network icon
  • Select the VPN profile you set up previously and connect
  • If prompted, enter the sign in information you set up previously
  • Click on the network icon again, the VPN profile should have "connected" underneath its name
  • Check the VPN status while performing different task online to confirm that the VPN is working

How to set up the Manual System Approach For Android

  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Network & internet.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Tap VPN.
  • Tap Add.
  • Enter the information including Name, Type, Server Address, Username, and Password.
  • Tap Save.
  • Again, tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Network & internet.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Tap VPN.
  • Tap the VPN name you just added.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Tap Connect.
  • If you downloaded an app for your VPN service, it should open.
  • When connected, the VPN name should show up in the VPN menu