How to Watch HBO Max from your Country

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 09:48 am


What is about good TV shows? Nobody seems to get enough of them. On the flip side though, a lot of people are bored and tired of the regular shows they get from regular channels. You might as well be running out of good shows to watch especially now you are home more often.

Amidst other alternative channels for good shows you might never really get enough of is HBO Max; yeah baby, this is the new best thing. Launched on 27th May, 2020, the HBO Max is the improved replacement for HBO Go. With more shows for your streaming pleasure including Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Chernobyl, Succession (etc); you can never go wrong with HBO Max. At launch, HBO Max had 2000 movies with a promise of more to come seeing the company has bought licenses for most of your favorite shows from other good channels and currently have existing collaboration with 54 content providers including 20th Century Fox, Adult Swim, BBC, CNN, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Walt Disney, Relativity Media, Summit entertainment, Paramount Picture, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. You will agree that HBO Max is the big thing now for online streaming.

However, HBO Max is available for streaming only in the United States, with promises of expansion to other countries where HBO Now and HBO Go were already functional. This means that HBO Max is currently geographically locked. Since you can't access HBO Max with IP addresses from outside the United States, you will need a good VPN to stream shows from HBO Max. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses an app to encrypt your internet connection and channel it through a server in different location. Even at this, not all VPNs are able to access HBO Max. That is why we have compiled a list of the best VPNs for HBO Max online streaming.

But first, here's how to watch HBO Max from your country:

  • Choose a good streaming VPN anyone from the ones we have compiled for you.
  • Find and connect to a US server.
  • Search for HBO Max and sign up or log in. You will need a US credit card or HBO gift card to subscribe. Subscription is currently benchmarked at $15 per month.

HBO Max at no extra charge.

Now to our premium suggestions of good VPNs for your optimal streaming desires:

1. ExpressVPN

Think of a VPN provider that easily scales the fence of HBO Max, that's ExpressVPN. With over 20+ servers in the US alone and an outstanding network of 3,000+ global VPN servers in 90+ countries, optimized for speed, ExpressVPN is top pick for anyone who likes their fix of shows seamless and free of congestion, bandwidth caps or throttling.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended because of it's many high capabilities and quality; one of many is, being able to be used by wide range of devices such as android, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Fire TV and the ability to access wide range of awesome streaming services like the BBC iplayer, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll,Sky TV and YouTube

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for HBO; it's safe and friendly for novices. It's very fast in streaming with an average speed of 58 Mbps and functions impeccably even in countries that place high security on contents like China and Russia. Since the HBO Max is currently locked in other geographical region, using ExpressVPN would be a good decision as it has proven to be highly efficient in bypassing geographical blocks.

Torrenting without a VPN in 2022 is one of the major mistakes that must not be made to avoid the risks that comes with it and ExpressVPN does the job exclusively well. It keeps no logs which implies that torrenting histories can not be accessed or viewed by third parties.

  • It also speeds fast when connected to server from a long distance
  • It offers the limitless free trial for 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It gives the constant live chat support

2. NordVPN

Placing NORD VPN as second best does not deduct it's quality as it also carries a lot of features which includes high speed, privacy although it was recorded that it's security system was hacked in 2018 but that rather served as motivation as high level of visible amendment has been done to hinder the second happening; security standard for data centers used by this VPN has been increased immensely and audits for it's confirmation has been made.

NordVPN, just like ExpressVPN; posses the ability to break through geoblocks and this made it one of the best VPN for HBO.This quality is supported by smartPlay DNS which is equipped with the ability to bypass your traffic through a certain server which sure transcends above any kind of HBO Max's geoblock.

NordVPN successfully unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iplayer and even Amazon Prime Video and the apps are readily available in devices such as Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android , Fire TV and exclusively, the HBO Max from abroad. The VPN allows the connection of up to 6 devices with a single subscription while the speed rate remains excellent.

The VPN offers 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch feature (excluding Android),zero log policy to ensure cyber security. It works well in China and it streams extremely fast with the average speed of 115 Mbps and offers also a 30 days money-back guarantee to its users.

3. CyberGhost

HBO Max had over 2000 films available at launch and presently should have more than that; this is too much to lose for those outside the USA.

Not to worry, efficient VPNs are there for you!

Cyberghost is one of the best VPNs that will successfully do the location masking magic to enable you have maximum access to HBO Max.

Cyberghost is user friendly with 6,500+ global servers in 90 countries, 1,000 + US servers capable of bypassing geo-blocks efficiently, an average speed of 61.67 Mbps and limitless bandwidth which enables uninterrupted streaming.

You don't have to struggle on how to stream your favourite films on HBO Max using cyberghost; just type in "HBO Max" into the search box and it will direct you to the best server.

It is very sound speed-wise in HD streaming and allows seven simultaneous connections; more than one device can be connected and streaming will remain interesting and hassle free.

Cyberghost makes your streaming journey easier by easing you the trouble of trial and error of the location that might work; it permits you to choose a server based on the streaming service which you desire to release.

Cyberghost can unlock Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, DAZN, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and can't unlock Amazon prime Video and Sky TV; the app is available in Linux, Window, iOS and it is also compatible with router that flows with OpenVPN.

As regards to security, cyberghost is secure, although they have a record of leaked username in 2019 due to the breach they experienced. Luckily, no password or confidentials was leaked all thanks to their no-logs policy and since them, their security system has been topnotch.

With CYBERGHOST, your Internet traffic is secured as it is encrypted with 256-bit encryption making it difficult for government bodies or even hackers to penetrate.

See what's more interesting about cyberghost!

It's headquarter is situated in a privacy friendly country, ROMANIA with no social force that requires them to share confidential information about users. So you're free!


Cyberghost, just like surfshark, posses several interesting features like the kill switch with the pricing as low as $2.25/month and 45 days money-back guarantee as against the normal 30days.

4. Surfshark

This VPN is a fast developing one with the average speed of 40 Mbps, the newly improved apps are accesible and they work with low-end devices.

It's obvious that Surfshark cannot complete with other VPNs with larger network serve like the ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, it is sure surpasses other VPN with smaller Server such as the VyprVPN and the PrivateVPN.

The good thing about this VPN is that it allows it's users to operate on different devices using one account and it's uniqueness still include

  • Whitelister: the presence of an amazing feature called the surfshark whitelister allows customers to access apps and websites that are normally not accessible by VPN. This feature is seen in both Windows and Android apps.
  • Override GPS location:Surfshack instantly connects the GPs signal of the user's device to the company's server location where he/she desire.
  • Camouflage mode:This hides or masks your Internet traffic; it seals your VPN use from your internet provider making your activities on the net private.
  • Multi-hop server:This feature is in charge of allowing the connection to multiple countries at a time; giving you also premium security.


This is a system that will notify an immediate breach of your email address and password.

Kill Switch:

The many features of surfshark is exciting but what's more interesting is that your activities will be automatically blocked if the VPN connection drops at any point and reconnects when your connection is back on track. This feature runs on Androids, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Surfshark is another good choice for streaming; it works well on netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, DAZN (It can be seen only in Canada and Germany only), Kodi and the BBC iPlayer. It has proven to be efficient. It's also a good choice for torrenting as your history and credentials are kept safe to ensure a high level of online privacy.

With surfshark, almost 100 percent (if not 100%) of your activities are secured as it does not keep record of some information ranging from the band with used, Network traffic, Session information, IP addresses and even the browsing history.

The more anti-VPN technology are being developed by countries, the more VPN related industries work to ensure the bypass of geo-blocks, hence the presence of Noborder feature in surfshark. This feature is built to discover a restricted network when it is connected to and ensures an immediate redirection of traffic to give the user a complete access to the restricted content. Amazing right?

I won't forget about the 30 days money-back guarantee that it offers. This means you can test run and have the taste of all its amazing features.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a fast growing Sweden-owned VPN provider with a zero data logging policy, 150 servers and an average speed of 71 Mbps. They focus deeply on the security of users as their name portrays; they keep no log such that the government and hackers won't get through to users no matter how they try because of the 2048-bit Encryption which seems to be the largest in all other VPN.

Since the HBO Max is available for the US citizens only, tampering with it involves big time risk and as such, you must be security conscious. While ExpressVPN and NORDVPN can be used because of their speedy nature and other qualities, privateVPN is also highly encouraged.

You want to now why?

Because they have you covered; your cyber security matters most to them. These features proves my point

  • IPv6 Leak Protection and kill switch feature; this protects your credentials even when there is an emergency disconnection. Your identity is safe with PrivateVPN. Kill switch only available for windows.
  • ZERO Data Logging Policy; as earlier mentioned, your information are safe as no log and history is kept.

PrivateVPN unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BB iPlayer and also works well in China despite their tough anti-VPNs technology; this shows how efficient the VPN is with a price as low as $3.82 and the best part is the 30-days money-back guarantee. It also allows 6 device simultaneous connection, live chat support even though it's not 24/7.

PrivateVPN is supported in these app; Windows 7, MacOS 10.11, Android 4.0, iPhone, iPad and it goes down well with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ITV Hub, Disney+ and BB iplayer.

6. IPVanish

IPVanish is a US based VPN provider with 1,300 sever in over 60 countries. It's one of the best VPN for watching HBO Max as it unlocks it with no hitches or hassle, it also unlocks Netflix US and ITV Hub. When using this VPN on the HBO, high speed and a great level of security and privacy is assured as it has an average speed of 71 Mbps and also features like that of kill switch, 256-bit encryption, protection against IPv6 and DNS leaks.

This VPN is powerful; it allows the connection to 10 different devices with a single subscription with same level of accerelated speed. App is available in Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. The VPN allows users to download the app on their device (so long as the device is compatible) and it's interface is remote friendly.

It definitely has money-back guarantee but as against other top VPNs, it relatively 7 days. It keeps no log and has the kill switch feature , hence, users activities on the net is secured. It's okay to note that PrivateVPN does not 24/7 live chat.

PrivateVPN functions with other sites like the Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+,BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. IPVanish pricing is relatively simple. The service present three options and allows user to go with their most favorable; the first option is the monthly pay which cost up to $10.00, the annual pay is $77.99 and the third is $26.99 every three months.

Your credentials or identity and activities online is worth protecting while enjoying the plethora of movies that HBO Max offers and these 6 VPNs are sure bet to what you really deserve.