What is Double VPN

  • 28/Jun/2021
  • 09:00 am


With all the advancements in the technological landscape, you cannot be too sure of privacy anymore. An extra layer of security and privacy won’t hurt anyone. Connecting to a single VPN server is the level of internet privacy but connecting to a double VPN is a higher level of privacy and security.

A double VPN, also known as VPN cascading or Multi-hop VPNs, happens when a user connects to a server and the server the user is connecting to is connected to another server. The user can only browse the internet when the VPN hopping is done between the two interconnecting servers; this is more like having a VPN inside VPN.

How Does Double VPN Work?

The central idea behind the use of double VPNs is to create multiple secure tunnels with which a user can encrypt and re-route their internet traffic whilst hiding their real IP address. This is the true cascading and its aim is to get the user a double masking instead of just one; here, you are not just anonymous, but an invisible ghost.

Multi-Hop VPNs is a form of VPN server cascading. A multi-hop VPN doesn’t restrict you to just two simultaneous VPN connections, it also gives you access to have multiple VPN connections all at once. A multi-hop VPN traffics your internet operation through multiple interconnecting servers, then it loops into the public internet. Each of these additional servers gives the user a fresh layer of encryption and a whole different IP address. Multi-hop VPNs consist of two major categorizations: the “nested chain” and the “cascade” categories. The first type of multi-hop VPN setup is the “nested chain” setup. Here, two or more different VPN services can be used, and the user can choose from the various available locations. The “nested chain” setup provides stronger protection against VPN services or servers that can easily be compromised. The cascade option makes use of one basic VPN service and connects to two or more servers on the services’ VPN servers’ network. For each hop, your IP is renewed and your data decrypted and re-encrypted, after which your internet connection proceeds.

Benefits of Double VPN

Connecting to the internet via a double VPN is basically all about the extra anonymity it provides. The advantage to move freely on the streets of the internet having two security and privacy backups is something every person who seeks anonymity online will truly appreciate. There are many fascinating benefits attached to using double VPN and we will highlight a number of them below.

Your encryption will be doubled

As we have already established, there are various reasons to use a double VPN, but one outstanding reason to hide your internet activities behind two VPNs is to give you more encrypted surfing of the internet than one VPN will give you. This double encryption will also prevents your Internet Service provider from saving and possibly selling your online browsing activities to ready third party buyers.

Your ISP will not discover your Destination

Every now and then, there is an entity seriously trying to gain access to monitor your home network; hackers, government agencies and so on, are all looking to get a peek at what you are doing online. With a single VPN, you will be very vulnerable seeing that your Internet service provider can more easily dictate your location. It is easier for the prying eyes to see the user’s connection to a VPN server and then follow the connection. With a double VPN, the user and avoid all these drama and keep the prying eyes from seeing your entire connection, they might only see your first connection. This makes it easier for users to browse without reservations because nobody will know the users destination or IP address.

Even the second server won’t discover the users IP address

It even gets more interesting because even the second VPN server is totally ignorant of your true IP address. This is where the true security is; the first server hides the users IP address from the second server. So, even if the prying eyes are able to compromise or break the second VPN server, they cannot still see your IP address. A double VPN gives you an entirely new identity whilst you are online at every stop of the interconnecting loop of VPNs.

You can use up to two different transfer protocols

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

UDP is way faster than the other transfer protocol which is Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in many cases. The reason for this is that TCP connections are encumbered with many other tasks to handle. But TCP connections are more dependable and better most of the time because of the extra tasks it handles. The TCP makes sure that files are received exactly the way and in the order that they were sent in.

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Connection-oriented protocol is the mainstay of the TCP. Whilst using the TCP to connect to a client on a network, you will send a piece of data and then wait for a response. If you get no response back, you will be required to resend the packet all over. But if you do get a response, you can then send the next packet. This way, the TCP confirms and blocks away error and makes sure that your communication is delivered appropriately. Whichever way, using the two transfer protocols ensures more speed and privacy.

Who needs the Double VPN ?


Rarely the word activists means anything to people around the world today, but anyone out there leading a charge against any form of injustice and corruption as an activist. Activists are very clear targets of people who are against their message, and being that nearly everything is digitalized and that many activists push their vision on the internet, there is a need for added protection from all the forces that tends to stand in the way of their movement. Many countries prohibit people from protesting, either online or offline; this means that activism in such an environment will even draw the eyes of the government and worse still, if it is online.

To effectively lead a charge and gather people in our present world, one needs to be technologically inclined, this makes it important for activists and their likes to have a presence online, but they can’t afford having their identity exposed. So, adding an extra server to their already existing VPN connection, activists maximally reduce the chances of being nabbed online or even offline.


A journalist's work is very much like an informant's work, especially investigative journalism that tends to explore and expose secret dealings of high profile entities and the various ills that these high profile entities so much try to hide. As a journalist, it is very likely that you will be required or inspired to report on stories about these high profile entities and also the government won’t like it. That’s why it is important to have your identity and browsing activities hidden from prying eyes especially to protect your personal interest whilst also covering up on your sources. Every journalist needs a good serving of double encryption.

Just like the informant needs high level anonymity, so does the journalist. Connecting to a second server gives you an assurance that even if the government discovers that you are making us of a VPN, they will not be able to track you down to your final destination.

Dark Web Surfers

A lot of countries have laws that restrict citizens or people living within the country from accessing information online. Probably, you need to access some information in a place considered to be an internet dark zone, but you can’t because of the inhibitions on browsing the internet in that place, you will require another avenue to get what you are looking for. That’s why you need a double VPN.

Let’s say you travelled to Ghana for a short visit, you travelled from the United Kingdom which is an internet open market and moved temporarily to Ghana which is known to be amongst other Nations of the world with certain internet inhibitions. But now, you need to access some very important information online which might be prohibited and at the same time bypass the already existing inhibitions. All you simply need to do is to connect with a VPN server in a location you choose – has to be somewhere without any further internet inhibitions, and as a way of insuring your connection, you can then connect the existing connection to another server possibly in another location.

Whilst you browse from Ghana, onlookers will think you are accessing a site from your chosen locations.

Privacy enthusiasts

If you are like me, always trying to be there secret agent, even when there is no reason to be, then double encryption is for you. I always want to be lost in plain sight especially when doing some important work online. Yes it's true that some people don’t want anyone to know what their online activities look like.

People like that will plan high value on privacy just for the sake of premium privacy. If you are like this, then no doubt, double VPN is exactly what you need.

How to Install Double VPN

We now know that it is possible to use a VPN on another VPN and the next question and the lip is how to get things running already. It is not difficult to stop and to use a VPN on a VPN they create your own double VPN encryption.


Here is a step by step guide:

Install a Virtual Machine on your choice device:

First, you need to source for a copy of a free virtualization tool like Hyper-V or Virtual Box, and then use it to install another operating system on the virtual machine you already have. Depending on the one you get, the operating system of the computer and your virtual machine mustn’t be the same.

Move to the installation of your VPN (on Both Systems):

After the installation of a virtual machine, you then install your choice VPN on your computer/device and on your virtual machine you have already installed. This may appear as two devices depending on your provider, you need to ensure that you have not exhausted the number of computers that is allowed by your VPN provider.

You can now enact your double VPN:

After the installations, find and connect to a VPN server in a country that can give you access. Once done with that, you can now go ahead to turn on your already installed virtual machine. Finally, you will need to enact the VPN on your virtual machine and connect to a server in another country of your choice.

Your double VPN is ready for use:

You are all setup to dive right in, you can then browse rest assured that all traffic sent in from your virtual machine will journey through the first VPN server before it journeys through the second VPN server – now you have a VPN on a VPN.

Best VPNs For Double VPN

If there is one common knowledge amongst VPN users, it is that all VPN service providers don’t provide the same level of security, there are levels to what is attainable with certain VPN service providers. With experience using VPNs, it is possible you would have come across some of the best VPN providers available. But when it comes to double VPN, it is an entirely different story. If what you desire is a double VPN to be sure of privacy and security whilst surfing the net, it’s very crucial that you discover and make use of a VPN provider that offers qualitative and possibly the best double VPN connections for internet browsing.

A lot of popular VPN providers do not have a provision for double VPNs. Most of these VPN service providers are accountable to the law of the states from which they operate, and as companies and are mandated by law to keep logs and report records of their users actions. This, therefore contradicts many promises and assurances of the no-log policy. As such, for VPN services provider to make provision for the double VPN option, they will have to create a tracking system that will oversee/track and log user activities on every dual VPN connection; and at the same time, these VPN providers will have to keep their promise on the no-logs policy, thus the logs have to be undiscoverable to any third parties. All these are long calls and only a few VPN service providing companies can manage such technicalities.

In a bid to avoid the government intervention and surveillance, some of these VPN companies have shifted their operations to remote areas, all these is an attempt to secure their clients data and at the same time maintain a working relationship with the government of the state. Their choice of location and the efforts they put in to secure user data and logs is an important consideration when choosing a VPN service provider. We have gathered some of the best and hence put together a best VPN review to aid you make a choice.

Here is our list of top-rated VPNs below, for double VPN connections:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has managed to appear on top of this list anytime a list of the best VPN service is mentioned or curated. The VPN service provider offers the VPN users pleasure of both speed and security features added to the fact that their service spans across a large global server network. The company is very strict on no-logs policy and being that they are headquartered in Panama, it gives them more flexibility to balance their reputation between their clients and the government and any ISP trying to gain access to VPN service providers user logs.

To ensure a strong Cyber Security feature that disallows malware and malicious ads NordVPN uses military-grade AES encryption, plus an automatic kill switch that keeps the users location hidden from any prying eyes no matter what. Their SmartPlay mode feature gives the user a one-click access to video streaming online using well secured VPN. NordVPN’s Double VPN feature offers the most simple and most effective setup more than any other VPN provider. And it can be used on NordVPNs Android, MacOS, and Windows apps. NordVPN provides a stable Onion over VPN service, just in case you discover that you need an even higher level of internet privacy. The Onion over VPN feature makes using Tor as easy and secure as can be. All this is to answer your, “what is Nord double VPN?” question, for anything Double VPN or double encryption, NordVPN offers the best options.

With NordVPN’s 30 days money-back guarantee, every user can try this premium VPN service easy and stress free.

It Supports torrenting and includes P2P specialty servers.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is not very old in the VPN business, but has over time crafted a reputation and has already proven to be a top VPN service provider. They combine super high speed other advanced features that makes them stand out in the business. Surfshark offers very smooth streaming, torrenting is not difficult, and browsing with their platform is safe and secured.

Surfshark boasts a constantly and rapidly growing network that currently encompasses 3,200 servers in more than 65 countries. Surfshark is very keen on client and user security and privacy. And as icing on the cake, Surfshark provides a double VPN option simply called MultiHop. MultiHop is very accessible with very simple clicks, and it also works well with the Surfshark’s Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android apps. MultiHop doubles your speed as it gives you premium privacy.

What’s More?

Now you know that double VPNs are secure and can offer additional privacy and security protection for VPN users who want something more private, you can go on to try them out. By following our suggested double VPN service providers, you can enjoy privacy for less.

Nothing like Nord double VPN gone wrong. Of course, many people are aware of the malware rave on peer-to-peer networks, but with double VPN, you won’t have to join the VPN vs. P2P argument, you will get enough privacy and security.

For better experience and dependability, we strongly recommended that desiring users sign up with NordVPN double VPN.