CyberGhost’s New Dedicated IP Feature: All you need to know

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 11:26 am


One of the biggest names in the VPN industry, CyberGhost has announced a new addition to the privacy features on its VPN service with the launch of an anonymous dedicated IP feature that allows “smooth access to IP-restricted networks” without having to sacrifice your privacy or security.

CyberGhost previously had only one option for users on its network – a shared static IP address. This means that when connecting, users are assigned an IP address shared by others. Your IP address also changes regularly, depending on your selected server.

Interestingly, VPN providers could also theoretically track you while using a typical dedicated IP. Of course, this is all in theory. For VPNs like CyberGhost who keep no logs, none of this should be a threat. Still, there’s no denying that such practice “comes with some privacy downsides”.

Anonymous Dedicated IP – Same Security, More Control

To remove these privacy downsides, CyberGhost says it will be retiring this “old and outdated practice”, while “setting new standards for the feature”.

For CyberGhost, this means providing you with complete anonymity when you purchase a Dedicated IP. Using a new and innovative token system, they’ll remove any ties between your CyberGhost account and your Dedicated IP.

Thanks to this “Zero-Knowledge System,” CyberGhost will have no records of the static IP you’re assigned, and the address cannot be traced back to your account.

With the new Dedicated IP feature, you get all of the privacy and security protection you’d typically get from a regular CyberGhost shared IP address. Your connection is encrypted with high-level encryption protocols, your original IP address is hidden, no records are kept of your online activity, and connections are super-fast.

Note: You’d be able to switch freely between your dedicated IP and other shared IPs on your CyberGhost account.

But you also get more. Some of the extra benefits to come with a dedicated IP include:

  • Easier account access: Constantly logging into your online bank account, trading platforms, and even email accounts with varying IP addresses may trigger an account block to prevent a hack. A dedicated IP offers you the protection of a VPN without the hassle.
  • Safe remote work: Many businesses employ IP whitelisting to block out cyber threats from their online channels. A dedicated IP provides you with a static IP that can be whitelisted, offering you the cover of a VPN without limiting your access to work accounts.
  • Total control: A bad neighbor on a shared IP who somehow gets blocked from accessing a forum, may also get their IP completely blocked. This means even you will be blocked out for the activities for others. But you don’t have to suffer the neighbor effect with a dedicated IP.
  • Complete security: A dedicated IP can be listed as the only allowed IP address into the backend of your FTP servers or website. This increases your security level while retaining your desired online protection.

Of course, whether you need a dedicated IP or not depends totally on your personal needs. Both give you the same levels of privacy and security, with a dedicated IP only giving you a little more control.

How to set up a CyberGhost Dedicated IP

Purchasing and validating a CyberGhost Dedicated IP is a straightforward process as is the case with a regular CyberGhost download or subscription, with only a few added steps for validation:

  • When purchasing a regular subscription, check the Dedicated IP option.
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  • Head over to the ‘ My Account’ section of the CyberGhost website and login.
  • Click on the new ‘My Dedicated IP’ option on the left-hand pane.
  • After reading the instruction that appears on the screen, click on ‘I acknowledge, I want to pick my location.’
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  • Next, choose your preferred location. You’d be able to choose between Germany, France, UK, Canada, and the US. Once that’s done, select ‘Redeem Token’.
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  • An automatic token code will be generated for you. Be sure to save this code securely as CyberGhost says they’ll have no copy of it and cannot regenerate it under any circumstance.
  • Now, open your CyberGhost app on your device where you’ll find a green notification with an ‘Activate’ button for your new dedicated IP. Click on it and insert the token in the popup.
  • Your new dedicated IP is now active. Star the location to ensure it doesn’t drop, and use anytime you please.


The CyberGhost Dedicated IP feature is here, and there’s a lot to be excited about. While it doesn’t differ in functionality from any other VPN provider’s dedicated IP feature, it does come with a lot of the privacy upside we’ve come to expect from CyberGhost.

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