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  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 06:28 am


Everyone that enjoys Italian media knows that RaiPlay is a premium provider of some of the best Italian TV entertainment world over, being that it is the country’s National TV. Raiplay is a leading player in the Italian media featuring various Documentaries, TV shows, Sports, Movies, Music, Podcast Playlists etc. RaiPlay has a very wide reach, seeing that the content spans many age groups from children to teens and adults alike. Check out the list of premium movies and shows you can only find on RaiPlay here (RaiPlay Official website). Interesting right?

For many reasons, including immigration, people have been separated from their favorite shows on RaiPlay because it’s exclusively reserved for Italian residents – this means that RaiPlay is geo-restricted. Analytics shows that people have tried to access RaiPlay from the US and many other countries around the globe but were instead confronted with an annoying short video that says:

“The streaming of this content is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience”

In this article, our team have proffered tested and trusted solutions to the geo-restriction on RaiPlay for people living outside Italy. Of course, the solution to geo-restrictions is mostly the use of top VPN services, but on the flip side, many VPN service providers that pass off as great can rarely penetrate the RaiPlay restriction. That’s why in this article, I will guide you to the list of the best VPNs for RaiPlay.

Best VPNs for RaiPlay

As stated above, there are over a hundred choices of VPN services out there to use but only a few are usable for RaiPlay viewers. We have painstakingly put up our list of the best VPNs for RaiPlay based on research and the following criteria:

  • VPN service providers with servers in Italy
  • Speedy and trusted connections
  • Top-notch security and encryption
  • Doesn’t keep logs
  • If the website has a dedicated language translator available in Italian

From top to bottom, here is our list of tested and trusted VPNs to watch RaiPlay :

  • NordVPN – appropriately priced at $3.71, this remains a top choice for RaiPlay, with super-fast speed and a great geo-unblocking capabilities.
  • ExpressVPN – priced at $.6.67, this could pass as the most excellent choice because of its high-quality and speed for streaming and its seamless access to and viewing of geo-restricted Italian content.
  • Surfshark – properly priced at $2.49, this service provider is commendable for its ability to connect an unlimited number of devices per license.
  • CyberGhost – priced at $2.25, this service provider is strongly recommended for its streaming-enhanced servers built for buffer-free streaming.
  • Private Internet Access – priced at $2.91 and wit over 100 fast servers in Italy, this is a premium choice for viewing RaiPlay from outside the country.

How To Watch Raiplay From Anywhere

Obviously, there are people who are new to the VPN revolution and lack the basic understanding of its set up and operations especially for the purpose of this article. Here we have put down a guide below on how to easily set up a VPN and use it for RaiPlay or even Rai TV online. This process outlined below is a simple guide for the installation of VPN to watch RaiPlay on any device, it could be on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Here are easy steps on how you can watch RaiPlay outside Italy with a VPN:

  • Sign up for any of the VPN services we have recommended in the list above.
  • Download and also install the service provider’s VPN app into your device.
  • After installation, open the app and go to the server selection page.
  • Check through the list of servers by country, and choose your preferred server in Italy.
  • Push Connect buttons and wait for the establishment of a connection.
  • Once connected, the app will send a prompt as indication that you are connected to one of the service provider’s VPN servers.
  • Once this happens, you can then open RaiPlay in your browser and start streaming!

Best VPNs For Raiplay From March 2022

1. NordVPN

Key features:

  1. Over 5,000 servers in 50+ countries, and more than 60 servers in Italy alone
  2. Takes simultaneous usage of up to 6 users
  3. Lightning bolt speed for secured and quality streaming
  4. Money-back guarantee after 30-days
  5. NordVPN is usable on Windows, Android, macOS, Firefox, iOS, Chrome, and routers.
  6. Works perfectly for Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+ and many more.

NordVPN remains a top choice for accessing and watching RaiPlay while securing your address from prying eyes. Unlike many other VPN service providers, with NordVPN anybody could easily watch shows like Foodie Love, Stalk, Foreigners or Robin Hood on RaiPlay from the US and other countries where the servers are present. During our test, with NordVPN we were able to bypass ISP’s throttling that is very normal with other VPN service providers; we had a secured, uninterrupted, high-quality and lightning bolt speed streaming.

With its split tunneling feature, NordVPN gives you stressless access to geo-blocked content and at the same time keeps you connected to all your normal or basic internet services without network breakages. This means that with NordVPN, you can be streaming your best and at the same time access your Bitcoin wallet, Bank Account or even make online payments.

Even if it’s your first time using a VPN service, you don’t need to worry much because NordVPN is really simple to set up and to use. General installation usually take less than 6 minutes and just like that, you will get hold of all your best shows and TV programs within reach in your present location. One great feature of the NordVPN when it comes to set up is that you don’t need to go through the hassles that are often associated to setting up and connecting to a VPN service, all you need do is to find the “quick connect” button and do all the necessary set up in just one click.

Even though you can rarely get a VPN Free Trial with NordVPN you can trust the service providers’ word on its 30 days money back guarantee. To be sure of this we investigated the refund process, it was interesting to know that everyone who applied to get their money back got a full refund at no time at all. That’s super great and that’s why NordVPN stands at number one on our list of best VPNs for RaiPlay.

2. ExpressVPN

Key features

  1. Over 2,950 servers in 85+ countries, with multiple servers spread across Cosenza and Milan
  2. Super-fast connection speeds.
  3. Can take simultaneous connections from up to 5 different devices
  4. Tested and trusted 30-day money back guarantee
  5. Works very well with Showtime, Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Hulu and many more
  6. Usable with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more

ExpressVPN with its numerous servers in Italy’s capital city – Milan, gives its users unrestricted access to RaiPlay documentaries, shows and movies. With ExpressVPN, you can watch exclusive movies and series like Pure, Mental, Ossi De Seppia etc. all dubbed in Italian with any form of associative buffering.

ExpressVPN comes with a lot of interesting features. ExpressVPN is a very customer centered VPN service provider with a dedicated Italian language section on the website. With strong servers that are actively enhanced for maximum speed and reliability, the users of the VPN service provider would have no issues streaming their favorite Italian shows from RaiPlay or RaiTV in High Definition. ExpressVPN makes use of the strongest and most secure encryption standards in the VPN business and deletes all backlogs of your activity and also hides your real IP address. Also, with the DNS leak protection feature, RaiPlay wouldn’t identify or determine where your website lookups are directed to, even by your IP address. With the ExpressVPN Speed Test feature, you will be able to monitor the strength of your server connection. It shows you all the inner workings, as related to speed, of all connected devices by giving you access to a breakdown of the Speed Index of and for the server. Streaming on ExpressVPN is not hard on latency, which makes it a top choice for all game lovers who don’t joke with their server speed.

Excellence has a price, even though ExpressVPN isn’t the easily affordable everyday VPN service provider, it makes sure to cover premium user experience in their pricing strategy, and a more critical view at what their users get shows that the users are in fact getting more for less. The quality, speed, security and other premium features makes up for the price. Just in case you decide to try ExpressVPN but aren’t sure you will be needing a VPN service for long, then you can absolutely rely on their 30 days money-back guarantee to take advantage of their premium services, rest assured you will get your money back.

Although ExpressVPN is very user friendly and simple to navigate, should you run into any trouble, you can always contact ExpressVPN’s highly responsive customer service team 24/7 through live chat or email.

When it comes to security this VPN provider does exceptionally well. We put ExpressVPN through its paces and found that it offers the high end security features like 256-bit AES encryption , a strict no log policy and an automatic kill switch.

With ExpressVPN you have no trouble bypassing tough geoblocks including apps like Netflix. And with a simple connection to ExpressVPN UK servers, you can be well on your way to accessing the big bang theory season 12 free stream online.

3. Surfshark

Key feature

  • Over 3,000+ servers in 60+ countries, with many servers spread across Italy
  • Super speed streaming and high-quality network connection
  • Can take unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Sure 30-day money back guarantee
  • Works perfectly with Netflix, CBS, ESPN, Hulu, Prime Video and others
  • Usable on Windows, Linux, macOS, browsers and streaming TVs

Surfshark has proven to be a great VPN service provider to its teeming users especially the ones who which to access RaiPlay from the US without hitches. With Surfsharks theater section, users gains access to tons of premium local and international productions. With various Surfshark server clusters spread across Rome and Milan, every user or potential user of the Surfshark VPN service can choose from multiples of IP address choices available. Surfshark is popular at a global scale for its ability to sustain its reputation for geo-unblocking of services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, for a very long time now and still counting. As if that’s not enough, Surfshark also boasts as the only VPN on this short list of best VPNs for RaiPlay that permits for an unlimited number of connections simultaneously per account. This feature alone places it at number for family and friend’s connection and usage.

Surfshark’s has a very simple user interface that is very easy to navigate, notwithstanding the device you are operating from. The fact that you can have unlimited devices simultaneously connected on a single account, means that you can simply switch streaming from your computer to your smartphone, tablet, or whatever device all at once with just a single payment.

And as a guarantee for all who are interested in using this VPN service provider with no intentions of using VPN for long, you can rest assured that you will get your money back after 30 days based on the service providers’ sure 30-days money back guarantee.

To secure the service users, Surfshark deletes all logs and uses strong encryption to keep off any prying eyes. Surfshark comes with an in-built kill switch in both the mobile and desktop apps to prevent data leaks. Torrenting is also allowed on Surfshark, and live chat for customer support is at your disposal anytime and any day, so long as you are connected on the platform.

4. CyberGhost

Key features

  1. Over 6,500+ servers in 90+ countries, these includes over 120 servers in Italy alone
  2. Super speed streaming on a sure connection route
  3. Upto 7 simultaneous device connections on a single account
  4. Tested and trusted 45-day money-back guarantee
  5. Also very well with Netflix, Eurosport, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and many more.
  6. Usable on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, routers, iOS, streaming devices, gaming consoles with a Smart DNS and browser.

CyberGhost is one of the premium VPN services providers to make it to our list of best VPNs to watch RaiPlay. It is famous for its VPN Free Trial, which gives users who are subscribed to their services access to connect to over 36 servers in Italy alone. Their website features a dedicated language translation key that allows users to have easy connection in languages that they can understand. Generally, CyberGhost Pro boasts of over 5,700 active servers in more than 80 countries. Every single connection is secured with an amazing 256-bit encryption. CyberGhost deleted all backlogs and kept zero logs of user activities. It is worthy of note also that the company has ongoing shuffling which might affect most of its policies in the near future, so this particular policy might also get affected in the future. CyberGhost is a full package as it comes with an inbuilt DNS leak protection. Needful to note also is that CyberGhost is well enhanced for speed and network stability for every user, irrespective of location.

In general, CyberGhost boasts of over 120 servers in Italy that are improved for geo-unblocking, unrestricted access and lightning bolt speed streaming. CyberGhost is one the best go-to VPN service providers for Serie A match lovers and for every other person who has developed a liking for watching RaiPlay or Rai TV shows or movies in HD without any interruptions or network hitches.

As an icing on the cake as relates security, Cyberghost also boasts of four types of server connections fully enhanced with first grade encryption. There are servers dedicated and built for seamless streaming across channels, many users have testified to the strength of this server. There is also the server dedicated for gaming, even the P2P-enhanced ones, and many more.

CyberGhost also has the longest grace period for seamless money back transactions, this is a great relief especially for people who reside in Italy but are traveling outside the country for a short period of time.

5. Private Internet Access

Key features

  1. Over 30,000+ servers in 70+ countries, which includes over 120+ servers in Italy alone
  2. Trustworthy connections and lightning bolt speed streaming
  3. Can take upto 10 simultaneous device connections with a single account
  4. A guaranteed 30-day money-back
  5. Works very well with Netflix and Hulu (although with limited libraries), BBC, Prime Video, Disney+ and many others.
  6. Usable with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, routers and browsers

Private Internet Access, abbreviated PIA, has a robust and reliable network spread across Italy with servers getting up to 120, all waiting for users to connect to. With Private Internet Access you can be sure of a seamless and uninterrupted session each time on RiaPlay or Ria TV. RaiPlay’s Bambini section features various children shows and educational programs that keeps your children entertained and at the same time giving them the privilege to master a new language – Italian. Bambini offers great features too numerous to count with everything from children-friendly cartoons to junior science for kids.

Private Internet Access will easily bypass any form of l geo-restrictions from premium services like Disney+ and BBC. Even though Private Internet often has issues with some

Netflix and Hulu libraries, there are various PIA servers you can try to get access to these libraries, and it even gets better seeing that the list is frequently updated to help the companies' feeling user base.

Just in case you are skeptical about this service provider, you can rely on their tested and trusted 30 days money back guarantee. Private Internet Access has a tight refund policy, so you can rest assured that you will get your refund if you are not satisfied or probably if you need the service for temporary usage.

Seeing that Private Internet Access plays host to approximately 30,3000 servers strategically located in over 70 countries, Italy inclusive, and considering how have consistently made additions to their already vast network, one can easily know why they merit to be on this list. Not being present in many countries doesn’t place them rightly when compared to their competitors, but this is also a big advantage to all who are fortunate enough to have access through the service provider because they inevitably enjoy faster connections as the system isn’t overburdened. Private Internet Access is a fast rising player in the industry and it is also a young addition to the competition, if they can come this far is such a short time, you can be sure to expect them to perform better and dole out faster and even more secured geo-unblocked connections in the near future.

What channels can I watch live with Rai TV? (Give this in Box)

The channels include:

  1. Rai News 24
  2. Rai Sport
  3. Rai Scuola (School)
  4. Rai Radio 2
  5. Rai Yoyo
  6. Rai Gulp
  7. Rai Storia (History)
  8. Rai Premium
  9. Rai Movie
  10. Rai 1
  11. Rai 2
  12. Rai 3
  13. Rai 4
  14. Rai 5

How do I get English subtitles on RaiPlay?

RaiPlay doesn't have subtitles available in any language. If you're working on your Italian, you can change the playback speed from fast to slow.


With a top rated VPN, accessing content from anywhere in the world is as easy as ABC. A simple connection to a server in the country you wish to gain access to its content, and you appear as though you are currently seated within the country’s terrestrial.