5 Best VPNs For Eurosport

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 07:11 am


Eurosport, owned and operated by Discovery Inc. is a pan-European television sports network. It offers live coverage and on-demand, multi-camera streaming and viewing options to only subscribers located in Europe.

For the best in depth sports coverage in the world with live coverage of international football, motorsport, Grand Slam tennis, cycling and lots more, Eurosport is the best option as its network of channels are available in 54 countries, in 20 different languages which gives a larger network of viewer’s access to European and international sporting events.

It has two major platforms - Eurosport and Eurosport player. With Eurosport you get free access to event highlight, podcast, news, articles and it also grants its users access to live and on-demand streaming of all its channels. A subscription is compulsory for the streaming service and it is available on the web and on mobile app.

Eurosport player hosts all the Eurosport streaming services only and it is available on the web, SmartTV, AirPlay and Chromecast. You can be reading up news and latest update on sport event around the globe on the Eurosport App on your Mobile phone and also watch Eurosport Player on your SmartTV; this means that you can gain access to Eurosport or Eurosport player with a single subscription using the same account and logins.

The shortfall of Eurosport is its impossibility to be viewed or accessed outside Europe; different programs or events are aired depending on the country, region or location you are tuning from. This is due to the fact that Discovery Communications does not have the universal right to broadcast shows. This means that Eurosport is a geo-restricted service and a VPN is required if you must access it outside Europe.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Watch Eurosport?

“Sorry, Eurosport players are not available in this country” - this statement is a great mood killer for sports lovers who want to access Eurosport from outside Europe. You can only watch your favorite sport event if you are within Europe because Eurosport uses a strict locale selector, or you get another option to access their programs. That is where a VPN for Eurosport comes in handy. With a VPN the frustration that comes with that geo-restricted error message is lifted off. A VPN finds a way to scale through the fence of geo-restriction.

There are bad, good and best VPNs for Eurosport, the focus is on the best. These VPNs, on application, allow you to choose the location you want a website to recognize as your position. It then grants you access by letting you connect to servers in that location, which makes it possible to bypass or unblock geo-blocked service such as Eurosport and Eurosport Player and grant you access from any part of the world.

Speed is of critical importance for sports lovers that stream and view sporting event online, A good VPN for Eurosport Player should have high speed servers scattered in different countries and regions to let you stream and watch your favorite sport event void of delay, lags or fuzzy pictures.

Some of these suggested best VPNs for Eurosport gives you maximum security and privacy by making your online presence and activities private and untraceable; this include your location at a particular point in time. A Virtual Private Network also shields you from government censorship in countries that restrict and check the internet activities of its citizens. It also averts prying eyes from stealing your data and information and marketing it in the dark net.

Eurosport, like any other region restricted service - Hulu, Netflix HBO, NBC, Disney+, etc, strictly guard their content and makes it only available to users in Europe. To access their content outside Europe, you would need a VPN service.

In choosing the best VPNs to watch Eurosport, here are some criterias to consider_

  • Hi-Speed
  • Ability to unblock geo-restricted content
  • Plenty of servers in different location to choose from

How To Use VPN To Watch Eurosport Player Outside Europe

Eurosport is a service available to subscribers located only in Europe, and you need a good VPN if you must access it outside Europe. Here is how to get started_

  • First you have to sign up for a VPN service
  • Create a VPN account
  • You have to download and install the VPN apps on your device (Mobile phone, tablet, laptop or SmartTV)
  • Connect to a VPN server located in Europe after launching the app.
  • A European IP address will be assigned to you that makes it seem you are located in Europe
  • Straight up! You can now access Eurosport or Eurosport Player with ease from anywhere in the world. If you don’t have a Eurosport subscription, you have to go to Eurosport website to create an account and subscribe.

Quick Glance At The Best 5 VPNs For Eurosport

ExpressVPN – Best pick for security online, various server networks scattered across different geographical locations that assures your online privacy and anonymity.

NordVPN – Robust server network, fast new NordLynx protocol has a solid policy that does not keep logs which shields your online personality.

CyberGhost – User- friendly with interactive interface with automatic public WIFI protection.

PrivateVPN –Has a stealth mode and support for multiple protocols, hi-speed self-owned servers. Has a kill switch and a no-logging policy.

Surfshark – Fast, lightweight and secured with robust no-log policy. Commitment to user privacy is a priority.

5 Best VPNs To Watch Eurosport And Eurosport Player

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top VPN provider in the game. Having about 3000+ servers situated in 94 countries with 29 of its high-speed VPN servers situated in the United State of America alone. Always appreciated for its speed which is needed if you must stream and watch Eurosport without lag and fuzzy picture. ExpressVPN employs TrustedServer and zero-knowledge technology to defend its users and defend their information.

ExpressVPN is a perfect pick for unblocking geo-restricted services like Eurosport, Eurosport Player, Netflix, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video. It allows for the connection of up to five devices with a single subscription and it has an extensive range of compatibility as it is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Roku, Xbox, chrome, Nintendo, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, firefox, Chromecast, PlayStation, Apple TV and routers.

In the aspect of security, ExpressVPN uses a military grade American Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption with perfect forward secrecy, which ensures an end-to-end encryption. When there is a loss in connection, a kill switch is activated to prevent your laptop from being connected without protection. It also provides a DNS leak protection to ensure your browser history is protected.

What’s more? For the sake of extra privacy precaution, crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, are accepted as a means of payment and it does not keep log.

2. NordVPN

Boasting of 5,000+ servers in 59 countries, with 350+ servers in Canada, 1,500+ servers in the United states of America, 260+ servers in the Netherlands, 40 servers in New Zealand and 250+ servers in Australia, NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network with a high speed and great unblocking ability that can unblock geo-restricted services like Eurosports and Eurosport player.

NordVPN is well-suited for different platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android TV, Nintendo, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, Chrome, Roku, Firefox, Android, Apple TV, Linux and routers, making it more flexible to use on laptops

With the introduction of a new security protocol – NordLynx combined with the most secure encryption available - Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithm (an encryption algorithm that is used and trusted by various government agencies as a means to keep top secret file) to give your communication the desired security, and this feature makes it seem like a fortress in the area of security and protection. The 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard is combined with a perfect forward secrecy which assigns you a new key each time you log on to NordVPN, SHA2-384 authentication, and 2048-bit DH key. NordVPN runs two classes of security protocol for - OpenVPN UDP/TCP and IKEv2/IPSec. Android and Windows users use OpenVPN only, while MacOS and iOS devices can use any of the two.

NordVPN provides additional services like double VPN that give you an extra security layer; Onion over VPN which allow you to covertly enter unidentified through a browser, and in-built malware blocker to protect your device from infection.

With NordVPN, you can simultaneously connect up to six devices in one subscription; allowing you to stream and watch your favorite Eurosport event from any device and also synchronize them between devices. Apart from its ability to unblock Eurosport and Eurosport Player, NordVPN can also unblock services like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is a great choice for unblocking Eurosport from any part of the world; as the VPN service provider with the highest numbers of servers numbering 7,000+ servers in almost 90 countries, you are sure to access Eurosport from anywhere. The higher the number of servers, the higher the bandwidth which means higher speed and connection enabling you to have a lag free and a crystal-clear picture while streaming and watching sporting events without buffering and in real-time.

Owing to its ease of accessibility, installation and navigation through the app could be achieved with just basic knowledge. With a manual installation, CyberGhost operates effortlessly with wireless routers and Linux OS. CyberGhost VPN grants you the access to connect up to seven devices simultaneously with a single subscription; it also multi-platform compatible as it offers apps on various platforms and operating system including Android, iOS, MacOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Linux, Windows, and Chrome. If you are a fan of other geo-restricted services then CyberGhost is for you, because it unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, ESPN, and others.

CyberGhost offers pre-configured privacy and security architecture which features an Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, WebRTC and IPv6 leaks protection against DNS, automatic malware-scanning and ad-blocking, a no log policy - which means that your privacy is assured, a kill switch. You also have the option of signing up with Bitcoin and a disposable email.

4. PrivateVPN

In a bid to get the most out of streaming and watching sports events on Eurosport online, coupled with the fact that you are streaming from outside Europe; a VPN that can both unblock geo-restricted service and offers high speed connection is required. PrivateVPN server’s offer high speed for a seamless and no-delay video streaming, watching with high definition pictures and in unblocking geo-restricted services.

Despite the fact that it does not have a wide network like some other VPN (with around 150 servers in 60 countries), its unblocking capability and its high-speed is astonishing and that makes it a great option for using it to stream and watch Eurosports from outside Europe.

Although not as robust as other VPN providers, its security structure implements a kill switch available only for Windows, and a stealth mode that lets you operate in a ghost mode while using a VPN. It uses an Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption, protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks; it offers a split-tunneling feature that lets some certain apps by-pass the VPN. PrivateVPN does not keep logs as an additional measure for safety and protection and it also allows the use of Bitcoin to make subscriptions anonymously.

Private VPN offers apps on different platforms including Windows, Android, mac OS and iOS; but requires manual configuration for it to function on Linux and on routers. Like other VPN, up to six devices can be connected simultaneously with a single subscription.

5. Surfshark

SurfShark is a VPN provider that has more than 1700 servers in 60+ countries with servers across different places in the United States and is located in the British Virgin Islands.

Surfshark is a recognized VPN for unblocking most geo-restricted services like Eurosports or Eurosport Player; it has servers located in strategic locations across the United States of America that will give you access to connect to servers outside your location.

SurfShark parades security features like AES 256-bit encryption to protect your activities. A kill switch that terminates all connection with the server when the VPN stops working in all version of the app; it also uses IPv6, DNS and WebRTC leak protection. It enables users to bypass censorship rules with its No-Borders and internet restriction feature or allow some apps to avoid the VPN entirely.

Surfshark does not keep logs, so your activity cannot be traced and subscription can be made with any of these three cryptocurrencies- Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum

In the aspect of simultaneous connection, SurfShark allow for an unlimited number of devices to connect with a single subscription. Yes, I know; it’s just great.