10 Best Torrent Websites that Still Work in 2022

  • 16/Aug/2021
  • 01:33 am

10 Best Torrent Websites

While torrenters get hard at work downloading torrent movies, they’re not the only ones seen having their hands full. Most governments equally work tirelessly, cracking down torrent sites. And in 2022, even some of the best torrent sites have faced multiple takedowns.

Indeed, you’ll find tons of torrent sites today, but many of them are unreliable. Worse still, they are unsafe. And if you ignorantly go on these sites, you’d either be wasting a lot of time or getting into so much trouble.

We are going to show you some of the best torrent sites that still work in November 2022. These sites have been thoroughly tested and confirmed active and safe to use. Their library size, speed and usability is commendable. Quite interesting, they’re not solely for movie download as some allow you access to music torrent and ebook torrent.

Also within this article, you will find some of the best VPN recommendations to keep you secure while torrenting. And even if your ISP tries to lower your download speed, NordVPN (one of our solid picks) has dedicated torrenting servers that help optimise your speed.

But before we get started...

What is a torrent?

Though the term may be quite popular, not everyone knows what it actually is. So if you are new to torrenting lets get you started with some basics.

A torrent is essentially a computer file that contains metadata that holds information of files or folders meant for distribution. A torrent file exists in .torrent and the main content of the files are eventually shared via BitTorrent protocol.

Some of the data that can be shared via torrents include but is not limited to films, music, applications, games, programming scripts.

How does a torrent work?

In the BitTorrent network, there are basically two categories of participants. On one hand, there are the seeders. These are people who host the torrent files. On the other hand, the leechers - those who download torrents.

Several computers (seeders) invariably act as the servers that hosts the torrent files to be downloaded. What this means is that, a single torrent file can even be downloaded from over 10 networks simultaneously.

How torrenting works is this - when a person wants to receive a file, they first download the corresponding .torrent file. (In some cases a magnet link can also be used).

To download or upload a .torrent file, a torrent client is required. Most of these software are free to use. The most common of which are BitTorrent and uTorrent clients.

After downloading the torrent file, the BitTorrent software then scans the file, to find the locations of seeders who are sharing the corresponding file within the network.

In a matter of seconds, the BitTorrent software will crawl through a list of defined trackers. Thereafter, a direct connection is established. If it’s successful, the appropriate content will then begin transfer to your device. And if you choose to download, you can do so.

Point to note: It is essential to understand that even though uploading and downloading torrents is legal, usually most of the data uploaded on torrent websites are under copyright protection.

Best Torrent Sites at a glance

  1. The Pirate Bay - Best overall
  2. RARBG - Best for latest content
  3. 1337x - Best usability
  4. TorLock - Best for animations and ebook torrent
  5. Torrentz2 - Best for Music torrent

The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
Average download speed 6.2 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 40 - 60million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 1
Number of search results for “Joker” 651
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 350
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 22/2
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 8,219/2,327
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”3,506/957
MirrorsThe following are alternative proxies if you're having trouble gaining access : pirateproxy.id, proxybay.xyz, thepiratebay10.org

If there is one torrent site that happens to be as old as the activity, its The Pirate Bay. Not only is this site one of the oldest around, its seen to consistently wear the crown of best torrent site, year after year.

Having evaded multiple shutdowns, Pirate Bay proves its reliability as it continues to serve users till date.

What makes Pirate Bay the crowd's favorite? Most certainly its large pool of categorized content available on an extremely easy-to-use interface. If you are new at torrenting, you will have no trouble navigating the site. Users also find helpful options like tags that identify safe download.

If you find yourself in a pinch trying to reach the Pirate Bay site, find some of the mirrors in the picture above.

Visit The Pirate Bay


Average download speed 6.1 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 40 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Number of search results for “Joker” 25
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 19
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 1,881/447
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”448/147
MirrorsThe following are alternative proxies if you're having trouble gaining access : rarbgmirror.com, rarbg.is, rarbgunlock.com

RARBG Welcomes you to a world of unending variety of content - old and new. RARBG is a continually popular torrent site that has been around since 2008. It is extremely easy to use and constantly updates its library to showcase the latest content. To access some of the best content, you’ll find a “top 10 list” which features the most downloaded content at any time.

To access RARBG, you have the options to either log in with username and password or access the site as a guest. The choice is ultimately yours.

Unfortunately, you may encounter access denials if you happen to be in countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Bulgaria and the UK. But there’s a way out - You can simply use a VPN to unblock torrent.


1337x 1337x

Average download speed 4.2 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 53 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 2
Number of search results for “Joker” 200
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 214
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 21/5
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 10,903/5,161
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”6,092/3,083
MirrorsThe following are alternative proxies if you're having trouble gaining access : 1337x.is, 1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se

1337x is packed with an excellent choice of TV shows, movies, music and games. Its library is easy to browse with well laid out categories, amassing about 40million monthly visitors. Content that can be found on 1337 torrent include Movies, Anime, Television, Music, Games and lots more.

A recent revamp of the 1337x website has not only seen an improvement on layout but a massive cutdown on security risks. Depending on where you’re situated, you may find it hidden from google search, but it's nothing a VPN cannot fix.

Visit 1337x

TorLock TorLock

Average download speed 4.4 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated at 3.4million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 4
Number of search results for “Joker” 728
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 480
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 5,165/1,148
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 1,136/49
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”438/21
MirrorsAn alternative torrent proxy to connect to the site is torlock.unblocked.krd

Torlock is one of the best torrent sites that caters to a variety of categories. Users enjoy free movie download, access to music torrent and ebook torrent. But while it may not match up to The Pirate Bays’ library, it has a whooping 4million torrent.

Torlock interface is clean and intuitive and a “top 100 option” available easily connects you to the best content.

One thing we did find extremely irritating was ads intrusion. There were just so many ads popping up at intervals. But this can easily be kept at bay with a VPN in hand.

When it comes to content, you are sure of getting legitimate content as Torlock focuses on eliminating fake content. In fact, they offer to pay users $1 for any fake torrent.

More so, if you happen to be around Australia, the UK or India - where this site is blocked - you can readily gain access using a VPN.

Visit TorLock

Torrentz2 Torrentz2

Average download speed 2.0 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 10-20 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 216
Number of search results for “Joker” 1,116
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 1,795
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 207/25
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 421/1
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”568/9
MirrorsThe following are alternative proxies if you're having trouble gaining access : torrentz2eu.org, torrentz.eu, torrentsmirror.com, torrentz.pl, torrentz2.is

You may not be able to torrent movies as you wish with Torrentz2, but one thing you’ll enjoy is exploring a huge music library. In fact, Torrentz2 is known to have the largest music torrent library.

Its download speed isn’t that great but you can get an average of 2MB/s. Just like Torlock, you may find its ad intrusion pretty annoying.

Besides these downsides, its still one of the more reliable torrent sites around.

The main torrentz2 site (https://torrentz2.eu/) is currently was down, following a clamp down. However, you can find all the mirrors in the above table working just fine.

Visit Torrentz2

yts YTS

Average download speed 3-4MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 70 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Number of search results for “Joker” 0
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 4
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 3282/736
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”0

If you are looking for a utorrent free download site that is exclusively focused on classic and difficult-to-find movies, you should definitely check out YTS.

It's interface is simplified making content very easy to search out. While it metrics cannot be compared to big sites like The Pirate Bay, you can rest assured of quality HD movies download.

And if your bandwith is so much of a constraint - you'll be happy to find that the size of most movie download is relatively small on YTS.

But if you're looking for ebook torrent or music torrent, you should take your torrent search elsewhere.

Visit YTS

yts EZTV

Average download speed 3.2 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 28.2 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Number of search results for “Joker” 0
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 27
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 0
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”141/32
MirrorsThe following are its alternative proxies if you are having trouble gaining access : eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.unblockall.org, eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.tf, eztv.yt

If you are among the population interested in utorrent free download for anything TV show, no torrent website comes close to EZTV.

EZTV is the haven for anything TV related. It also allows users to create and manage personal accounts where they can save their favorite shows..

Interestingly, we found that some popular TV shows own their pages on the site where we easily accessed the list of their available episodes.

Visit EZTV

Zooqle Zooqle

Average download speed 3.0 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 7.7 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Number of search results for “Joker” 131
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 211
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 0
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 9536/3125
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”1957/359
MirrorsThe following are its alternative proxies if you are having trouble gaining access : zooqle.unblocked.krd, zooqle.unblocked.krd

Zooqle, though new in the torrenting scene, is fast rising in the success charts. Zooqle has over 3.5million torrents available including movies, TV shows and a host of softwares/games.

This torrent web wears a very simple look that makes for easy navigation. With no ads popping up in your face everytime, you're sure to enjoy your experience with Zooqle.

Visit Zooqle

TorrentDownloads TorrentDownloads

Average download speed 2.8 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 5,825
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 4
Number of search results for “Joker” 950
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 1000
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 214/58
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 8658/56
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”6,186/63
MirrorsAn alternative torrent proxy if you are having trouble gaining access: torrentdownloads.mrunlock.pro

An extensive library of movies(old and new), Anime, TV shows, ebooks, software and more, perfectly organized in a simple interface.

TorrentDownloads is popular and it didn't come as a surprise when we were blocked from using it. Thankfully, had no trouble unblocking the site using our NordVPN.

Note: TorrentDownloads besides movie download, you can find some very old and rarely used software in this website.

Visit Torrent Downloads

LimeTorrents LimeTorrents

Average download speed 3.7 MB/s
Monthly visitors Estimated 17.1 million
Number of search results for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 1
Number of search results for “Joker” 680
Number of search results for “The Witcher” 120
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Lizzo, Good as Hell” 28/15
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “Joker” 8849/3813
Best seeder/leecher ratio for “The Witcher”2178/839
MirrorsThe following are its alternative proxies if you are having trouble gaining access : limetorrents.asia, limetorrents.zone, limetorrents.co, limetor.com

LimeTorrents is inarguably one of the best torrent sites in 2022. It’s a decent alternative if you want to enjoy free movie download.

Complementing its well organized category of movies, animes, games etc, is star badges that showcase verified torrents. So you're sure of downloading healthy torrents.

Visit LimeTorrents

What are the torrent sites to be avoided?

Having established some of the best torrent sites for torrent download, it behoves on us to expose you to a number of sites to avoid.

Thing is - as most torrent websites face crackdowns by government everytime, unscrupulous cybercriminals identify a wealth of opportunities.

These individuals set up decoy websites, mostly aimed at exploiting the ignorance of end-users.

Some of the sites we have found carrying out dubious activities include:

  • Putlocker
  • 123Movies
  • GoMovies
  • h33t

While we may not have the entire list of sites to avoid, there are signs to look out for that indicate possible threats of compromise. For example viruses, malware, ransomware, personal information theft. Whatever you do avoid the following:

  • Creating profiles with personal information that can be traced back to you.
  • Unprotected websites/pages should set off alarm bells as cybercriminals can easily plant malicious script into HTTP or PHP code. A protected site uses "HTTPS".
  • If you notice the website URL is very strange with irregular spellings like wvw. and www1. you can leave the site.
  • We advise users to avoid domains from countries with lenient penalties for cybercrime - examples include .ua (Ukraine), .ro (Romania).

Why are some torrent sites inaccessible?

If you are a fan of torrenting you would have noticed occasional blocks on certain torrent sites or torrent proxy. This is mostly government actions - through ISPs - in a bid to curb illegal torrenting.

In fact, in some countries you simple cannot access certain torrent sites as a result of the local laws put in place. Even Google lends to these causes by blocking torrent sites from appearing in search results.

Why is this so? Well, usually,most torrent download files are protected by copyright. And it is illegal to download torrent you do not own the rights to

While these torrent sites are a cheaper option compared to some movie websites, care need to be taken. Your internet service provider or legal authorities could find you culpable and you may face serious charges.

Is a VPN really an essential tool for Torrenting?

Simple answer, Yes.

If you have been wondering how to stay safe while torrenting, a VPN is the answer.

In fact, you will find most of the torrent sites we have on our list explicitly warn you BOLDLY on their to use a VPN. This is not because they are unsafe, it is for your own protection.

Firstly, without a VPN you're vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers can steal your IP address, monitor your connection, and feed you torrents infected with viruses or malware. With VPNs, your browsing activity is encrypted along lines that masks your original IP.

Furthermore, certain laws put in place in some regions prohibit torrenting. If you fail to take precautions in these areas, the consequences can be quite daring.

Conversely, in countries where copyright rules are fairly lax, downloading copyrighted material is still termed illegal. In some instances, ISPs may intentionally throttle users bandwidth and make your connection extremely slow when they detect heavy data usage.

With a VPN, you can easily unblock torrent while keeping your activity anonymous.

  • Secure and Anonymous Torrenting

    While torrenting with a VPN, everything you do is hidden from prying eyes. Whether it's hackers, the government or any other third-party, you simply remain untraceable. You can enjoy free utorrent download on movies, books, softwares and application, all from an anonymous location. More so, VPNs are equipped with malware trackers that detect/evade invasion from dangerous softwares.

  • Unblocking Capabilities

    "Access denied" means nothing with a VPN as you're able to unblock torrent and access content from anywhere in the world. There's no limitation whatsoever with your torrent search as some VPN can bypass tough censorships like the Great Firewall of China.

  • No throttling.

    ISP Throttling can be very frustrating - you're compulsorily slowed down and streaming/downloading becomes extremely difficult. With a VPN, your traffic is masked. What this implies is that your ISP can no longer monitor your activity or detect heavy data usage.

Which Torrent Site Is the Fastest?

For torrent sites, speed largely depends on the swarm (number of seeders and leechers) on a given torrent. The higher the swarm the better the speed.

To determine the fastest torrent proxy, we decided to run speed tests using our No.1 VPN recommendation - NordVPN. Table below shows how the torrent sites performed for a file size of about 1.5GB.

Site Average speed (MB/s)Peak speed (MB/s)
ThePirateBay6.6 7.7
RARBG 6.1 7.9
Torrentz2 6.4 7.9
Torlock 4.4 6.5
1337x 4.2 6.8
LimeTorrents 3.7 5.2

Our speed test showed that The Pirate Bay is the fastest site for torrenting.

Popular torrent searches

Find torrent search results on popular movie Bad Boys for life, Rain on me music by Lady gaga, Game of throne TV series and Over the Moon Animation.

Site Rain on me - Lady Gaga(Music)Bad Boys for life 2021(Movie)Game of Thrones (TV Show)Over the moon 2021 (Anime)
ThePirateBay3 469 32,192 12
RARBG - 36 116 7
1337x 5 141 1,000 15
Torlock 6 428 132 142
Torrentz2 391 918 17,104 214
YTS - 1 - -
EZTV-- 216 -
Zooqle-20 3720 13
TorrentDownloads71000 - 115
LimeTorrents 3275 1000 37

It will not be wrong to conclude that The Pirate Bay has the most extensive library of TV shows and movies.

But if you’re in search of music torrent, your best bet would be Torrentz2. For anime, you should consider Torlock and as well as Torrentz2.

The most impressive movie result was from TorrentDownloads and Torrentz2. However, Torlock, pirate bay, 1337x and Lime torrents also gave decent movie results.

Top VPNs for Safe Torrent in 2022

The VPNs below are all equipped with the right tools required for safe torrenting. In addition, you will find optimised torrenting servers - designed for better speed and unlimited bandwidth.

1. Best VPN for Torrenting - NordVPN

NordVPN wears the crown of our best vpn for 2022 - for obvious reasons. This VPN provider leaves nothing to be desired as it clearly delivers on its promises. With a large network of 5,500+ servers in over 59 countries (all dedicated to P2P), the scene is all set for safe torrenting.

Contrary to popular opinion that VPNs slow speed down, with NordVPN, you’ll enjoy lightning fast speed - even on HD movies download. And unlimited data here means that your free movies download knows no limit.

A solid military-grade encryption, complemented by a DNS/IP leak protection, provides the required safety for torrenting. And its proprietary CyberSec feature is put in place to block off annoying ads and spy trackers.

More on anonymity, NordVPN maintains a strict no logs policy. This implies that the provider collects/stores no traffic logs - not even negligible data. Your browsing activity can never be traced and your torrent download is private.

When it comes to unlocking abilities, it’ll interest you to know that NordVPN gives you easy access to streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and lots more. Thanks to its obfuscation servers, you can get around torrent sites in regions with tough blocks or VPN bans.

Irrespective of the device(s) you use for torrenting, you can always connect your NordVPN as it offers compatibility across a range of devices, while allowing multiple connections.

There is a responsive 24/7 live chat support available to assist with any kind of trouble.

Explore NordVPN deals

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is yet another brilliant VPN choice for torrenting. It not only offers blazing fast connections, but just like NordVPN, users enjoy unlimited bandwidth. This means that you’ll evade annoying throttling that impairs your speed or ability to download torrents.

It has a decent network of about 3,000+ servers with over 160 server locations across the globe. And with the option available, you can easily connect to the nearest available server for even faster speeds.

Interestingly, it doesn’t end at speed. In terms of security, ExpressVPN is fashioned with some of the most powerful features. As you connect to any of its P2P dedicated servers, your data is encrypted along a military grade AES 256-bit encryption. This type of encryption keeps third-party away from your torrenting activity as it's totally masked.

Additionally, there is a Network Lock feature on the VPN which turns on an automatic kill switch. What this does is prevent any sudden leak of your original identity(IP/location), if your connection to the VPN at any time is altered.

ExpressVPN, like Nord, maintains a strict zero logs policy. Nothing is stored that leaves traces back to you. More so, since ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, it is not subject to any privacy intrusive laws. So you are further guaranteed zero compromise on your privacy. With ExpressVPN, you can go on download torrent movies and no one will come looking for you.

As a matter of fact, we tried to unlock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, sling TV and a host of other popular streaming sites. The result? Seamless access!

Another interesting feature is ExpressVPN’s split tunneling. This feature gives the option to control applications you wish to use VPN on, on your device. For instance if you want the VPN to route only traffic on google chrome, you can set it as that, while all other browsing traffic goes through your normal internet connection.

With ExpressVPN you can enjoy multiple utorrent free downloads on different devices at the same time. The trick is simple - you subscribe on one and you’re allowed simultaneous connection on others.

If you encounter any trouble, there’s a ready to assist live support that offers 24/7 help.

Explore ExpressVPN Deals

3. CyberGhost

We highly recommend Cyberghost for beginners because of how its apps are developed with a simple intuitive interface.

Before going ahead to download torrents, you can connect to one of its 6,600 servers which are all dedicated to P2P. And you should expect great speeds while at this, as CyberGhost’s servers are well optimized to support torrents.

With CyberGhost, you can download film, music, ebooks, TV series, with no limitations as this VPN offers users unlimited data bandwidth.

In terms of security, CyberGhost masks your IP address and browsing activity using an airtight AES 256-bit encryption. This VPN also has an automatic kill switch and IP/DNS leak protection put in place to ensure that abrupt disconnection doesn’t lead to data leaks.

Laying claim to a no-logs policy may not mean much until proven. Unlike most VPNs out there, Cyberghost is clear about its commitment to zero logs. Firstly, it does not store data connection logs or browsing history. Secondly, the VPN provider is situated in Romania, a country that is not subject to privacy intrusive laws.

So as you can torrent movies, games, anime, or go wherever your torrent search leads, you’re sure of your anonymity.

To help with any concerns, you can rely on CyberGhost 24/7 live chat support that is not only friendly but very responsive.

Though Cyberghost offers a free version, to explore its premium offerings, you can leverage its 45-day money-back guarantee.

Explore CyberGhost Deals


Yes, it's possible to download torrent on your iPhone. But you’ll need to look outside the App store.

Unfortunately, Apple’s security protocols just won’t let you download torrent clients on your device. In fact, there’s no BitTorrent or utorrent client in the App store. This is because Apple believes that such applications solely exist for the purpose of infringing copyright laws.

Good news is you can bend the rules and download torrent clients from third-party websites on your iPhone. All you need to do this is iTransmission.

iTransmission is a BitTorrent client designed for iOS and can be found on third-party websites and downloaded. With iTransmission installed on your device, you can easily download torrents on your iPhone.

What happens depends on where you are situated at a given moment. Ideally, if you’re uploading/downloading materials that are non copyrighted, you're at no risk. But conversely, any torrent download that is copyrighted could have you facing serious legal action.

This is why we advise the use of a VPN. Even if you accidentally upload or download a copyrighted file, a VPN is sure to cover your tracks.

With a VPN, your IP stays hidden and your browsing data is encrypted along secure tunnels that leave your activity cloaked. No downloads whatsoever can be traced back to your device.

When it comes to torrenting, speed is of essence. And most ISPs will not hesitate to throttle your data when their sensors detect heavy data usage.

This is where a VPN comes in handy. Some VPNs not only offer unlimited bandwidth that keeps your ISP guessing, they are also furnished with features that improve speed.

With VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN you’ll experience excellent speeds irrespective of how large the size of the file.