Best Putlocker Alternatives

  • 13/Dec/2021
  • 01:14 am

putlocker alternatives

Putlocker’s rise to the top was meteoric, if short lived. One minute no one knew what it was, the next it had become the most popular streaming site in the UK. Indeed, between 2012 and 2016, Putlocker had transformed into one of the most visited websites in the UK!

Free streaming sites and law enforcement never really see eye to eye. By the time Putlocker was eventually shutdown in 2016, everyone could see it coming. After succeeding in making so many movies and TV shows available for free, their battles with law enforcement were an open secret.

Does this mean there’s no hope for streaming then? Absolutely not! Since the exit of Putlocker, a number of free streaming sites have come up in its stead. We have tested many of these and isolated the best Putlocker alternatives that offer lots of quality movies and TV shows for free.

Note: 10BestVPN doesn’t condone the illegal use of torrent websites. But we do recognize it can be used for legal activities, and also admit everyone’s freedom of choice.

A Word (or two) of Caution!

Before you go ahead at this point, it’s important to take note of a couple of things. The first is that a good number of supposed Putlocker sites have emerged since its shutdown. A quick search for Putlocker will yield results like,, etc.

So far, there’s no evidence to suggest these sites are operated by the original Putlocker runners. And without that assurance, it’s safe to assume these sites aren’t safe.

Pro Tip:Avoid Putlocker imitation sites to be on the safe side.

Secondly, as you should already know, free streaming websites are mostly illegal. You know it, copyright holders know it, and your ISP knows it. Your ISP is also able to see everything you do online. And, no (!), they aren’t ready to go down for your sins. Should the need arise, they’d willingly give up your data and allow you handle your lawsuit.

Now, we’re aware that the number of persons using free streaming sites make it difficult for the government or copyright holders to properly police it. Still, you could very well become the scapegoat if caught. To be sure, always use a VPN when accessing any free streaming website.

Pro Tip:Always use a VPN when accessing any free site. It shields you from legal questions as well as potential hackers.

Now’s probably a great time to add that hackers and cybercriminals constantly use free streaming sites to steal your personal details or even money. Although our selected alternatives to Putlocker have shown no such tendencies, you’d be best served by protecting yourself with a VPN.

Best Putlocker Alternatives Still Active Today in July 2022

With that note of caution out of the way, here’s our 10 best identified Putlocker alternatives. Like Putlocker, these alternatives have a good catalog of movies and TV shows, all presented in various sizes and quality to make the suitable for different user needs.

Without saying much more, here’s our top 10 alternatives to Putlocker:

  1. Popcornflix
  2. SolarMovie
  3. Fmovies
  4. 123Movies
  5. Yes Movies
  6. Los Movies
  7. Tubi TV
  8. Watch Series Online
  9. Crackle
  10. MoviesJoy

Note:Free streaming sites are in a constant battle with the authorities. This means the domain links contained in this article could change at any time.

Popcornflix  Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix carries some of the best unknown movies you’d ever find. Its huge library of movies includes both the popular, and the not-so-popular, making it one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

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It carries a varied selection of movies from different genres, from fiction to sci-fi, comedy, action, and romance. A large category list on the bottom right making for easy navigation. This helps even when you’ve got no idea what exactly you want to see.

As well as the ease with which it loads, and the ease of navigation, Popcorn Flix remains attractive for its quality of movies. We enjoyed the quality of movies while streaming, and found its movie player interface to be really nice.

Popcorn Flix doesn’t require any signup or login.

Solar Movie  SolarMovie

One of the rarer streaming sites on this list, SolarMovie is indeed a hidden gem. The site contains over 30 genres of movie and TV shows, with additions made regularly to its catalog. Its organization system is also impressive with movies organized into action, fiction, and more.

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If you’d rather search out a particular movie, a search button returns results in seconds. Otherwise, you could sort out movies by what’s trending, most viewed, IMDb rating, and more. Each movie carries an IMDb rating, plus a summary of its content, and all movies are of high quality.

SolarMovie is a completely free streaming site, and a solid Putlocker alternative. Although you can register an account, it isn’t a requirement for you to begin enjoying the content on the site.

You should note, though, that SolarMovie is on the radar of certain anti-piracy groups. This has led to a few changes in its domain name over the years, but it remains easy to find.

Fmovies  Fmovies

If SolarMovie was a hidden gem, Fmovies is the Sun. One of the most popular streaming websites for streaming movies and TV shows, Fmovies is a great Putlocker alternative. Its great interface is a delight, with a simple, laidback design that’s free of clutters.

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With its search function, Fmovies makes it really easy to locate any specific movies you may have in mind. It also packs a ton of movies, and allow you to sort out movies by category.

Fmovies isn’t just a streaming site. It lets you download movies, meaning you can watch both online or offline as you please. Importantly, all of its movies come in great quality, and fast download is supported. It also regularly updates its catalog, making it easy to find new movies and TV shows.

Fmovies doesn’t require any signup or login.

123movies  123Movies

Perhaps the largest catalog of free movies and TV shows can be found on the impressive 123Movies. Its selection is so impressive, you can find movies everywhere from the US to the UK, and all the way to Asia.

123Movies caters to a large and varied audience. This audience includes those with a preference for live shows, Asian dramas, Western hits, cartoons, and anime movies or shows. These movies can be sorted alphabetically, by release date, or through name-specific search – although the name search function may require some work.

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123Movies is a tad different from the other providers on this list. Movies on the site are provided by unaffiliated third-parties, rather than by 123Movies themselves. While it does have its limitations with search, its organization and movie quality make it a great Putlocker alternative.

123Movies doesn’t require any signup or login.

 Yes Movies  Yes Movies

If you want to stream quality movies in HD without any hassle, then Yes Movies is the Putlocker alternative you needed. The website is packed full of some of the latest movie releases, as well as a really large collection of older movies.

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Yes Movies is easy to navigate and catchy on the eye.

Yes Movies's interface makes it really easy to find the movies you need. And its organization – combined with its growing catalog of good movies – make it a more than competent Putlocker replacement.

Los Movies  Los Movies

Boasting one of the largest ever movie catalogs of a free streaming site, Los Movies is well on its way to streaming stardom. Its great collection of movies covers everything from local to foreign content, spanning over a large variety of genres and movie categories.

International movies on Los Movies are made available in their original language, with subtitles added to make viewing easier. It also had a better interface than Putlocker, making navigation much simpler.

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Unfortunately, Los Movies is supported strictly by ads, and boy do they make their presence felt! The popups keep coming, hard and fast, many of them for some rather dubious websites. While this may take the shine off, a good ad blocker could come in handy.

Tubi TV  Tubi TV

Tubi TV first made an appearance in 2014, but it has in that time grown in our consciousness. Tubi TV is a popular free streaming website for movies and TV shows. Its catalog features tens of thousands of movies, making it a great choice for persons of different interests.

With over 20 million monthly users, Tubi TV sure carries quality movies. It is also a completely legal website with licenses from Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Paramount Pictures.

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Tubi TV is supported by ads, so don’t be surprised to find them appear during video playback. But they aren’t intrusive. More importantly, the app is compatible with a ton of devices, including Amazon Firestick, and signing in allows you sync up your streaming preferences across devices.

Watch Series Online  Watch Series Online

Unlike other streaming sites on this list, Watch Series Online focuses entirely on series and TV shows. And with focus comes specialty. If you can’t find a series anywhere else online, you’re almost certain to find it here.

The site carries tons of TV shows, with every available season and episode complete. It also presents these with multiple links, so you’re sure to find one that’ll work. All of the TV shows are available in HD, so quality isn’t a concern.

putlocker alternatives
A nice feature of the website is the “content at random” feed that randomly displays new series on your homepage. This allows you spruce things up a bit, when tired of re-watching regulars. Note that you’d also have to deal with ads here too, which can be discomforting.

Crackle  Crackle

Crackle is another fully legitimate streaming site on this list. Owned by Sony, it lets you watch movies and TV shows for absolutely free. As of this time, it boasts thousands of movie titles within its fast-growing collection.

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Even as Crackle continues to acquire licenses to display other movies, it has invested in developing some itself. So, you’d find original movies, not found anywhere else, on this platform. The price to pay? Ads. You’d find them intermittently between video content, but they aren’t at all intrusive.

Movies Joy  Movies Joy

One of the more nicely designed free streaming sites we’ve visited, Movies Joy has a nice, intuitive design. The site is frequently updated with new movies and TV shows, ensuring there’s something new for you at every visit.

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If you’re searching for international movies and dramas, though, you won’t be finding any on this site. But its library of US content is impressive. You should also note that the site is supported by ads, and some of these are popups. A nice free ad blocker should take care of this, though.

Do I Need a VPN to Stream for Free?

Free streaming sites have no geo-blocks or restrictions. This means you certainly don’t need to spoof your location with a VPN to successfully access them. But that’s not to say you won’t be needing a VPN at all.

Free streaming sites are constantly in a legal battle with the authorities. As they constantly change domains, it isn’t impossible to run into a fake domain whose aim is simply to steal your data. Many streaming sites also host their content on third-party websites whose safety can’t be verified.

A more obvious frustration with free streaming sites is the typical presence of ads. Some of these sites have intrusive popup ads that can be very annoying to deal with. Some of these popups are links to malwares that end up corrupting your system.

A solid VPN helps you tackle all of these potential dangers lurking behind the surface. A VPN protects you by encrypting your data to keep it safe and blocking out malware on third-party sites. It also protects you from potential legal action by ensuring your anonymity. And with many VPNs coming pre-fitted with ad blockers, they eliminate the problem of intrusive popup ads.

Putlocker FAQs

There are a number of quality VPNs out there that serve to protect your system and personal data, shield you from potential legal hot soup, and keep the ads out of your streams. Indeed, we have taken the time to identify some of the best VPNs for streaming. Clearly, we prefer NordVPN and ExpressVPN for their combination of security with excellent download speeds.

That depends. Some of the free streaming sites on this list are completely legal. Some, while legal, keep some of its content restricted to particular locations. And some are well and truly within legal hot waters. The legality of your free streaming will depend on these factors, as well as the local laws of your country.

It’s easy to find yourself in malicious territory in your quest to find a free streaming site. But that doesn’t mean they’re all bad. The sites selected on this list have been thoroughly vetted for safety, and as of this writing contain no directly malicious content. Still, it’s important you connect with a VPN to be on the safe side.