Streaming Websites for Movies and TV Free

  • 28/Jun/2021
  • 09:35 am

sites for movies

Online streaming has been a revelation. The ability to sit back home and see any movie or TV show of your choice is a delight. This is convenience at its peak. But movie streaming typically comes at a price. Or not!

One of the bigger delights of the internet is finding your way into free streaming sites for movies and TV shows. These sites contain movies, TV shows, and sometimes even Documentaries, ranging from classics all the way to recent releases.

Note:10BestVPN doesn’t in any way encourage, promote, or condone piracy. We do not verify whether the sites mentioned here hold the copyrights for their movies. This list is strictly for educational purposes. Any copyright verification or violation is solely your responsibility as the user.

The best free streaming sites typically host movies in HD, offer great streaming or download speeds, include subtitles for foreign language movies, and are easy to navigate.

Yes, you need a VPN!

If you’re going to be accessing any free streaming site, you’d be best served doing so with a VPN. You’d do well to keep in mind that not everything accessible on the internet for free are safe or legal. From malware to copyright issues, free sites for movies may come with an unpleasant baggage.

To be on the safe side, it’s advised you only connect to a free streaming site via a VPN. A quality VPN encrypts your connection. This shields you from intrusive ads, trackers, and malware. It also masks your identity, protecting you from potential legal issues by making your internet traffic totally private.

A VPN is also important when streaming movies and TV shows, thanks to its ability to lift geo-blocks. A number of sites on this list have their content limited to particular locations. By switching your virtual location to those locations, a VPN allows you enjoy the same content without any worries.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to introduce the best free streaming sites for movies and TV shows at this time. Ready?

Tubi TV  Tubi TV

Tubi TV has grown in popularity over the past few years. A free streaming site, it provides thousands of movies and TV Shows to users, with no subscription required. But it isn’t just the movies it provides that has made it really popular.

Tubi TV is as versatile as they come. It has native apps for all of the regular operating systems, including Roku and Amazon App Store. This versatility makes it easy to use from anywhere. Like most sites on this list, movies and TV shows provided by Tubi TV are supported by ads.

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You should keep in mind, though, that you’d likely not find the latest releases on Tubi TV. The site is also only available to users within the United States. With one of our recommended VPNs for streaming, you can successfully tackle both problems.

img  Crackle

Another completely legal and free streaming site on this list, Crackle is owned and operated by Sony. With its collection of both original movies and a growing collection of third-party movies, Crackle is a must for movie lovers.

streaming sites for movies

Here you’d find quality movies, from recent releases, going all the way back to the classics of the 80’s. Crackle also hosts TV shows – original and classics. Movies can be sorted through titles, genre, or even actors.

While signing up isn’t a necessity, it allows you customize your watch lists. Unfortunately, it does contain ads. It is also made available to only US viewers. This shouldn’t be an issue, though, with a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

CONtv  CONtv

CONtv is one of the more genre-specific streaming sites on this list. Originally known as Viewster, it focuses heavily on sci-fi, cult, and horror movies. It also boasts a great collection of anime movies. If any of these is falls heavily on your “most loved” list, then this is the streaming service for you.

sites for movies

Indeed, CONtv was originally created to give comic fans a movie world of their own. With that in mind, it unsurprisingly focuses on movies and shows with games. But there’s a lot to be found here, including superhero movies, fantasies, martial arts, and yes(!) Comic-Con events.

The website is impressively easy to navigate, with a search function that makes it easy to find your movies. However, the site requires your signup before you can proceed.

Unfortunately, like the two options above, it leans on ads for support, and limits viewership to the US. Once again, a good VPN with an ad blocker such as CyberGhost will take care of both issues.

Popcornflix  Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix is one of the more popular movies on this list. This streaming service is packed full of movies, all available for free – and supported by limited ads.

If you’re in need of a streaming site for more recent movies, Popcorn Flix might not be the solution for you. Its focus leans more heavily towards classic movies and TV shows from the past, with a few more recent additions sprinkled in.

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These are well organized by genre, with separate collections for movies and TV shows. You’d also find segments based on popularity and new arrivals. We weren’t too comfortable with some of the ads found on the site, though, so you’d do well to use a VPN with an ad blocker like NordVPN.

AZMovies  AZMovies

One of the older free streaming sites on this list, AZMovies provides an excellent collection of movies in excellent quality. The site is entirely built on the idea of watching all your favorite movies in one place, at absolutely no cost.

streaming sites for movies

Movies on AZMovies can be easily accessed on the homepage. You could also search for specific titles, or sort by year or genre. And if you simply need the most popular movies, the “Featured” section handles that for you.

AZMovies has a great collection of fairly recent movies as well as older titles. It is also entirely supported by ads which can be rather annoying to deal with. To ensure you’re not getting your system infected from this site, a VPN with an ad blocker is highly recommended.

Vodu Movies on Us  Vudu Movies on Us

Vudu is perhaps more readily associated with digital video sales and rentals. With its ‘Movies on Us’ category, it has made available hundreds of movies drawn from just about every genre available – including comics and animations, to viewers who can watch these at absolutely no cost.

sites for movies

Vudu Movies on Us makes movies available with limited ads, allowing it earn some revenue for its free service. The site is properly organized, making clear which movies are free and which are rentals. And with a search option, you’d easily locate your desired movie.

Although Vudu Movies on Us is supported by ads, they are far from intrusive and only present within the playback. You’d have to sign up to proceed with seeing any movies on the site, but this only takes a sec.

123Movies  123Movies

One of the older free movie streaming sites on this list, 123Movies is a popular site for HD streaming. Movies are made available in as much as 1080p. Impressively, although the site is supported by ads, they’re very few and far from intrusive.

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123Movies has a rather attractive home page, with clear sections for movies and TV shows. Each section contains shows/movies of different genres, which can be sorted by rating, viewership, or upload date. The “In Cinemas” category also presents you with the latest movies, currently on the big screen.

If you’ve got a specific movie in mind, a search button at the top can be used to locate it. 123Movies is one of only a few streaming sites on this list that can be relied upon for recent movies, and we love it for that.

Movies Joy  Movies Joy

MoviesJoy comes with an attractive, but simple homepage design that features trending movies as well as all-time favorites. Like every site on this list, it offers thousands of titles – including films and TV shows – for free.

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Like 123Movies, MoviesJoy places more of an emphasis on recent movies and TV shows. These movies can be sorted by genre, upload date, country, IMDb rating, or release date. Interestingly, you can also find expected movies for the year which are yet to be released, helping you plan ahead for their release.

Movies are available in 1080p HD, which is great. Unfortunately, the site does feature some rather annoying, intrusive ads. You could simply close these and move on with your movie. Or, you could ensure you aren’t infecting your PC by using a VPN with an ad blocker for extra protection.

Pluto TV  Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the more interesting inclusions on this list. It offers everything from movies to TV shows, like most streaming services on this list.

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But what really makes it interesting is the broadcast service it offers, much like any cable TV. Pluto TV hosts live TV shows, including kids shows and sports broadcast. This is well beyond what every other streaming service on this list offers.

Unfortunately, Pluto TV is rather difficult to navigate. But once you get a hang of it, it is excellent. You’d also find that there are limitations to the locations from which you can view. Viewers outside of the US, UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland will require a VPN in order to connect.


When you think of IMDb, your brain likely rings to its large database of movie titles, synopsis, and viewer ratings and reviews. But IMDb has become more than just that.

Launched in 2019, IMDb TV has an ever-growing collection of free movies and TV shows. Owned and run by Amazon, IMDb TV also hosts documentaries and original IMDb movies/shows. These can be streamed online, directly from their website, or may be viewed from your Fire TV.

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As you’ve probably come to expect from IMDb, detailed information about each movie is provided for users. And as you may expect from Amazon, the quality of these movies is assured.

It’s important to note, though, that you can only access content on IMDb TV by using a US VPN.

Which VPNs can I use when streaming?

There are a number of reasons to arm yourself with a VPN when accessing a streaming site. When selecting a VPN, though, you must be careful. Your selected VPN should offer great connection speeds, as well as maximum protection from malware, and possibly adware.

After extensive tests, we found our top three streaming VPNs include:

  • NordVPN

    Fast, secure and sturdy, NordVPN is one of our top-rated VPNs ever. The VPN has over 5,200 servers in its network, with top-level security. Even more importantly, it comes pre-fitted with an ad blocker that can take care of intrusive ads on the above free streaming sites.

  • ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN is just about the fastest VPN we ever tested. Its over 3,000 servers are optimized for geo-blocking and superfast streaming. It is also compatible with a variety of devices, and carries excellent security infrastructure.

  • VyprVPN

    With just over 700 servers in its network, VyprVPN has a rather small network. Still, it manages to offer amazing download speeds. Its security feature, with the proprietary Chameleon technology, is also exciting, breaking through the toughest of geo-blocks and offering top level protection.


No. Using a VPN to access any content you’ve legitimately subscribed for is far from illegal. You should have no problems connecting to any legitimate site with a VPN, although the site owners would rather you didn’t.

Unfortunately, most free VPNs come with a ton of baggage. Even those with premium owners largely limit your bandwidth, data, or connection period. To successfully stream hassle-free on a VPN, you’d need to subscribe to a premium VPN package.