10 Best Torrent Websites that Still Work in 2020

  • 23/Jun/2020
  • 10:30 am
  • Blog admin

Torrents. We all use them, don’t we? The unique file sharing protocol they offer mean some of us have come to be dependent on them. Sadly, some of our best torrenting sites suddenly cease to be active for one reason or other. But torrenting isn’t dead yet!

10 Best Torrent Websites

If you’re to continue getting your torrenting needs serviced, it’s crucial you stay up to date with functioning torrent websites. This is why we’ve put together this list of the best torrent websites that still work in 2020.

A Note of Caution Before Torrenting

It’s easy to slip into torrid waters when torrenting. I mean, you may not know this but a ton of persons actively watch torrenting sites to capture the personal data of torrent users – both legal and illegal individuals.

In plain terms, your torrenting activity is closely monitored. Watchdog groups, Internet Service Providers, the government, and even plain old data thieves and cybercriminals constantly try to monitor your torrenting activity. How do you keep safe?

To ensure complete anonymity while torrenting, check out our carefully curated list of the best VPNs for torrenting. These VPNs have been identified for their security, lack of data logs, and complete dedication to your anonymity. They maintain the speed of your downloads while protecting you from the hazards of torrent downloads.

Note: 10BestVPN doesn’t condone the illegal use of torrent websites. But we do recognize it can be used for legal activities, and also admit everyone’s freedom of choice.

How to Select the Best Torrent Site

10 Best Torrent Websites

We’ve all been there. You’ve been sold on the world of possibilities open to you by using a torrent site. Eventually, you decide to check it out and… boom! You’re hit by the presence of gazillion torrenting sites all beckoning on you.

It can be overwhelming, we know. But we’ve got you. And we’re here to make your job easier with this list. If you must select a torrenting site yourself, though, here are some key considerations you should keep in mind.

PS: These are the same considerations we had when selecting the best torrenting sites for you.

  • Launch date: As a general rule of thumb, torrent sites that have been around for longer, are safer and more reliable for downloads.
  • Speed: How fast is the download speed of the torrent website? As always, faster is certainly better.
  • National regulations: Is the site banned in your country? If yes, you’d have to safely connect over a VPN.

The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Widely recognized as the undisputed best torrent site by most torrent enthusiasts, The Pirate Bay has been around since 2003. Its history is about as rough as guts, but it has managed (just) to survive multiple attempts at a shutdown, the conviction of its owners, and several domain name changes.

Considering its age and popularity, it’s no surprise that this torrent site boasts millions of torrents in a variety of categories. Its simple interface is a crowd pleaser, and a solid magnet link support ensures you have it easy even as a beginner.

One of its more critical features is the provision of trusted user tags for verified torrents. This helps ensure you don’t download harmful torrents that infect your PC with malware or spyware.

Note: While the current domain is “.org”, you’d need to keep up to date with information on their domain changes. A Pirate Bay proxy website can always be of help in this case. Given the website is blocked in over 25 countries, you may also need a VPN.

  1. Around since 2003
  2. Navigated plenty of hurdles and shutdown attempts
  3. Millions of torrents in various categories
  4. Uses tags to identify legitimate torrents

Visit The Pirate Bay



Long time torrenters may know of the site once referred to as YIFY, now YTS. Around since 2011, YTS is renowned for the speed of its downloads, sometimes hitting a top speed of 30.1 Mbps. And for those who are concerned about their bandwidth, YTS is about the best torrent site in terms of its file sizes.

Unfortunately, your choice of torrents with YTS is limited to just movies. So, if you’re in need of music, games, or ebooks, you’d need to look elsewhere. YTS is essentially the best torrent site strictly for movies.

Otherwise, seamlessly navigate the easy interface of YTS on your way to enjoying any of the over 15,000 movies – including classics – on the site. Check through the IMDb ratings, watch the trailers, check out the screenshots, and select your preferred video quality on your way to enjoying your desired classic.

  1. Formerly known as YIFY
  2. Around since 2011
  3. Top speed of 30.1 Mbps
  4. Excellent for users with limited bandwidth
  5. Perfect for finding and downloading classic movies

Visit Get YTS

Kickass Torrents Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

Around since 2008, Kickass boasts a massive community and a huge library of torrents. It offers access to torrents for movies, games, music, apps, TV shows/series, and more.

Considering its massive all-round support, it is no surprise that the millions of torrents are often connected to lots of seeds. This allows users enjoy download speeds that sometimes hit the 53 Mbps mark.

Like Pirate Bay, though, this site is subject to multiple blocks across countries and ISPs. You’ll likely need a solid VPN to enjoy all it has to offer. Unfortunately, the kickass community does a poor job of rating torrents, so don’t be surprised if you end up downloading a torrent that doesn’t match its description.

  1. Around since 2008
  2. Massive and fast-growing community
  3. Survived multiple take down attempts
  4. Top Speed of 53 Mbps
  5. Huge and varied library of torrents

Visit Kickass Torrents



Also launched in 2008, RARBG exposes users to a massive torrent library, detailed information on every torrent, and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. RARBG’s reputation for constantly updating its torrent options through regular new additions is no fluke, making it a great source for recent releases.

Its large community is also very active, constantly rating torrents and dropping feedback. This ensures that you have everything you need to decide on a download – screenshots, album art, posters, star ratings, and comments on the file quality and usefulness.

Users may enjoy download speeds of up to 90 Mbps while downloading movies in an almost ad-free environment.

  1. Around since 2008
  2. Regularly updated library of new torrents
  3. Access to multiple servers in 10 different countries
  4. Lots of seeding by a huge and active community
  5. Provides screenshots, posters, rating, and detailed feedback of torrents


Torrentz2 Torrentz2


Popular torrent search engine torrentz.eu might have been shutdown back in 2016, but it has simply morphed into a new favorite – Torrentz2. Its appearance remains as basic as ever, with minimalist features and powerful indexing capabilities.

Essentially a torrent search engine, Torrentz2 regularly crawls torrent sites, scans its database when you search, and offers you a list of ranking torrents alongside the sites that offer them. You can then choose your preferred site for download.

Torrentz2 is more or less the Google of torrent websites. If your preferred torrent site isn’t active, or you’re not sure the best torrent site for a particular download, this is your plug.

  1. Formerly known as torrentz.eu
  2. Easy to navigate minimalist interface
  3. Large variety of crawled torrents

Visit Torrentz2

1337x 1337x


Like Torrentz2, this is a torrent search website that helps you locate the torrent you weren’t sure you needed. It boasts a simple interface, with a search box and an organized media category that makes finding your desired torrents uber easy.

1337x boasts a powerful database of torrents, thanks to its up-to-date torrent tracking capabilities, with everything from TV shows to movies – new and old, games, and music torrents all tracked. Although they’ve recently made adjustments to boost security against malware and spyware, you can’t go wrong with using a solid torrenting VPN for extra security.

  1. Powerful database of torrents
  2. Great collection of movies and TV shows
  3. Super organized media search category

Visit 1337x



It may be one of the younger websites on this list given it was founded in 2015, but EZTV has built a reputation over its comprehensive selection of torrents for TV shows, a good range of download options, and a simple, ad-free interface.

Like Pirate Bay, EZTV has enjoyed its fair share of legal and phishing troubles. Now, though, it has managed to put all that in the past, and reliably hosts every kind of TV Show and series you may think of. Unfortunately, it seems to carry more options for older shows than for newer ones.

  1. Around since 2015
  2. Simple ad-free interface
  3. Exciting database of old, new and classic TV shows

Visit EZTV

TorLock TorLock


Simple, safe and sound. TorLock ranks very highly amongst the throng of torrent websites thanks first and foremost to its massive selection of torrents from across the internet. Its always updated list of movies, TV shows, apps, and music are as impressive as ever.

TorLock also moves to ensure all of its 4,000,000+ torrents are legit by promising a $1 pay for any user who finds and reports a fake torrent. No wonder, then, that it carries torrents no other sites carries, as well as torrents every other site carries.

Unfortunately, it’s still quite easy to find misleading torrents on the site, and the interface is generally not-so-easy to use.

  1. Regularly updated torrent collection
  2. Over 4 million active torrents
  3. Unprecedented step to ward off fake torrents

Visit TorLock

Zooqle Zooqle


A large indexing site with a focus on TV shows, movies and games, Zooqle has been a success since its launch in 2013. For a site so new to the torrenting space, it hosts an impressive collection of titles for torrent selection.

Its interface is solid and well structured, with movie torrents broken down by content and resolution quality. Although its interface may not be the prettiest, Zooqle remains easy to use, when searching for any desired torrents.

Zooqle has somehow managed to maintain its domain since its launch – an impressive feat considering the struggles of most torrent sites. And as its fan base continues to grow, there’s no doubt the site will only improve going forward.

  1. Around since 2013
  2. A well-structured interface for easy navigation
  3. Excellent for limited bandwidth downloads

Visit Zooqle

LimeTorrents LimeTorrents


With similar download speed and interface to RARBG, LimeTorrents is a decent alternative when any of your favorite torrent sites are down. Its simple interface is easy to navigate for inexperienced torrent users.

LimeTorrents also boasts a very robust torrent tracking capacity, enjoying up to 9.8 million-plus torrents. Somehow, though, the site tends to abandon older torrents, so you’d be best served visiting the site when looking for more recent movies.

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Over 9 million active torrents
  3. Excellent collection of recent movies

Visit LimeTorrents


Selecting a torrent site may be a little difficult if you’re new to torrenting. But the best torrenting sites ensure you encounter little or no difficulties while searching for your desired file. Be sure to stay safe while torrent surfing, though, with any of your preferred torrenting VPNs.