PrivateVPN was made in Sweden (which is a country that receives two thumbs up where privacy is concerned). They live up to their name as they adhere to a strict and legal no-log policy; plus they also have a 2048-bit encryption.

This means you can be rest assured that no hacker or any form of threat will come your way or gain access to your data. PrivateVPN also comes with some top-notch features such as an in-built protection and an automatic kill switch which helps to protect your information from any form of accidental escape or disclosure.

PrivateVPN provides a private tunnel for lots of clients and does this job pretty well. If you are conscious of your privacy online or you love torrenting you will fall in love with the point to point (P2P) functionality as well as the port forwarding; plus Private VPN also comes with 6 simultaneous connections and this is what tech-savvy lovers always want.

Challenges associated with PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN will get thumbs up when it comes to unblocking or circumventing through different geoblocks. However if you are planning to stream US Netflix it is advisable for you to use another VPN and not PrivateVPN. This is because it is challenging to use PrivateVPN to circumvent the geoblock. Another VPN such as NordVPN is preferable for such services.

You can try using PrivateVPN from different servers to get through the Netflix geoblock although you may be disappointed eventually. One of the reasons might be because they have limited number of servers (just about 100 servers).

What's there to love about PrivateVPN?

One great thing about PrivateVPN is that the company releases coupons that can help you save more than 82% when you subscribe to it annually.

If you are searching for a VPN company with amazing customer service then you’re thinking of PrivateVPN. This way you can test the VPN by yourself and decide if you love PrivateVPN enough to continue with it. This means you can terminate your subscription and get your money back when you want to stop using PrivateVPN (after 30 days).

Why should you opt for PrivateVPN?

  •  They have a strict no-logs policy (which is great for security purposes)
  •  Get your money back after 30 days if you aren’t impressed
  •  It has great encryption
  •  It allows more than 5 synchronized connections
  •  It has a great and organized user interface
  •  It has a kill switch and adequate leak protection
  •  It has amazing torrenting qualities

Downsides of PrivateVPN

  •  It has a light blue interface colour which may be annoying or irritating to some people
  •  It isn’t the best VPN for Netflix
  •  There aren’t too many servers which is about 100 in more than 50 countries.


PrivateVPN 8.2 has awesome speed levels. After testing it on diverse servers, it delivered impressively within a short period. All servers performed well except the servers that are located in Hong Kong. This is because Hong Kong servers location are the most difficult for any VPN service provider.

The upside with PrivateVPN is the bandwidth which is unlimited and it has great speed levels which make it ideal for some activities online such as streaming videos or playing games in HD.

What to look out for when searching for servers?

One important but neglected factor that many VPN users neglect when searching for the best choice of VPN is the number of server located in each country. If you decide to only focus on the number of servers available or the location of each server you may not get the best result for your search at the end of the day.

The thing is more servers would lead to increase in speed but you need to know that if another VPN service provider (lets say VPN zee) has more servers and more clients than a VPN of your choice (lets say VPN Me). VPN zee will be slower in speed than VPN Me.

So what you need is a VPN with more servers in each location to ensure higher speed levels; plus that VPN has fewer clients when compared to others.

User Experience

PrivateVPN is actually user friendly as easy to work with. It is easy to download, install and configure the software on your device; plus it is pretty fast. You should be over this in a few minutes.

It comes with a vibrant blue theme which can be considered straining on the eyes (depending on each user) although if the color was a little darker it might be more attractive).

PrivateVPN’s ease of use is another great feature of the service.  If you choose the best servers, you would have an enjoyable experience and this will enable the VPN to connect with your device automatically and this makes everything you need when you are online can easily be gotten. You can download on use this software on any device such as your smartphone, your tablets, your iPhones, iPad, your PC or laptop.


If you are thinking of how to get help or contact their customer service and you don’t know how to access their live chat (which isn’t on their website). Their live chat feature can be found on the top-left corner of the site.

Also, you have a wealth of information in their FAQs, their guides, troubleshooting and all other information you need to know. if you are sending messages or a ticket, you can’t be sure that you will receive a swift response.

Another interesting feature that good about the PrivateVPN is that can provide you with remote help. You can be sure that you may not need help with the installation of PrivateVPn but if you do need help, then it’s ready for you.


PrivateVPN has different prices depending on the service provider. It is more expensive than some other VPN’s but you get to enjoy a one-year discount.

If you don’t enjoy the service you can easily reach out to the service provider and get your money back after 30 days money back guarantee. So if you get one for yourself and you try it out; if you don’t like it, you can get your money back within one month.

You can pay via your MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Bitcoin and PayPal.