Best Password Managers in 2022

  • 04/Jan/2022
  • 12:17 pm


Best Secure Password Managers for 2022 Once upon the early days of the internet, personal passwords were probably just a handful. As far as I can recall, about a decade ago, I had no more than six passwords. And yes, that includes my email and social networks!

Today, tons of online services and websites demand personal account creations with passwords. And for good reason.

More so, following the pandemic, millions have been made to work from home, with others relying solely on online services - consequently leading to more passwords.

Now with more passwords come the herculean task of keeping track of each one of them. And this is nearly impossible to say the least.

Although some browsers - by default - have features in place that collect and save passwords in cloud(example Chrome); third-party password manager apps are the real game changers.

In this article, you will find our selection of the best password managers in 2022. The list has been put together, having analyzed tons of password manager apps out there.

Quick Round up: Best password managers in 2022

  • Dashlane: Password management is a breeze with its smart, swift and many security-focused extras.
  • Keeper: Security oriented password manager available for all popular browsers and devices.
  • NordPass: Everything a password manager is and more with topnotch security.
  • RoboForm: Secure file sharing and syncs across multiple device types and browsers.
  • LastPass: Excellent free edition that matches some of the offerings of paid password managers apps

What is a password manager app?

A Password manager as the name suggests is a software designed to store and manage multiple sensitive user data or credentials. Simply put, with a password manager app, you won't have to memorize tons of login information or passwords.

Additionally, it is common to see people reuse the same password across multiple services - to avoid memorizing too many. But what happens when that one password gets breached? Your private information is at best vulnerable.

That's where password manager apps come in. Most password managers include a component that act as a strong password generator. Fortunately, unlike some random password generators, password managers literally do not return random passwords.

Passwords created with password managers are strong and at the same time are kept under tight security with some of the cutting technology available today.

How does a Password Manager app work?

Superficially, a password manager simply allows you create, store and manage your passwords. But a lot more goes on in the background.

Firstly, data stored in password managers are usually encrypted before they are moved to the appropriate storage locations - for e.g cloud.

Encrypting data is simply translating it into a code (ciphertext) such that only people with an access key can actually gain access to such data.

When you sign up to a password manager service, you have a master password that grants you access to your stored data. Most password manager apps today also incorporate a two-factor authentication such as Google Authenticator, a facial or fingerprint recognition - for enhanced safety.

Once installed and setup on your device, some password managers auto fill your passwords anytime you need them as they are compatible with most browsers and offer browser extensions.

Lastly, you don't only enjoy the protection of your login credentials and passwords, some of the best password managers out there provide secure online storage for your documents and other files and even let you share your credentials with trusted people.

Are Password Managers Really Safe?

Yes they are, if you find the best ones. After all, in recent times we have seen cases of identity theft and security breaches escalating.

In fact, in July 2015, LastPass one of the best password managers today came under an attack which put their systems to the test.

The attack was intented to access user password vaults. Fortunately, it was a failed attempt. Somehow the hackers managed to get into LastPass servers, but were unable to get around accessing individual user’s password vault.

This is because of the underlying architecture of LastPass's system. LastPass itself maintains a zero-knowledge architecture and so does not have access to any user data including master passwords. Every data stays encrypted and locked down in users vault and users alone have the access key.

In conclusion, not all password managers are safe. Some even dispose you to identity theft and other cyberattacks.

If you must use a password manager app, ensure that it has reliable security measures in place to keep your data safe. In fact, always use a two-factor authentication for extra security.

How to Choose the Best password manager

A quick search on password manager will leave you with a pool of competing options to pick from.

As if that is not enough, you'll also take on the tiring task of separating the wheat from the chaff. Here's what we mean: some password manager apps live up to their promise. But for a couple others, we can't say much.

Many password manager apps today are known to put users in bigger problems by risking the very data they promise to keep safe. Worse still, you may literally watch your hard earned cash flushed down the drain.

Now this brings us back to the question: how do you choose the best password manager? What's important to look out for in a password manager app?

The best password manager apps are simplistic, furnished with features that keep your data safe and maintains a highly transparent service.

Find below the criteria for our round up of the best password managers in 2022.


When it comes to choosing the best password managers, safety tops the list.

If a password manager cannot keep your data safe, you clearly do not need it. At this point, your private information is best stored in your memory.

To ensure your data safety, some of the best password managers use AES 256-bit encryption. This is a very tough encryption protocol used by VPNs, top financial organizations and even the military.

In addition, some of our password manager app recommendation here offer two-factor authentication. More like an additional layer of security, in which case, your passwords or any information stored is not at risk, even when your master password has been breached.


Many password manager apps do not come forward with how they work. They simply mask important information about how they collect and store your data or what information they keep.

Based on experience we advise that you choose a service that is dedicated to transparency. They are simply your safest bet.

You can trust that our best password manager apps in this article are all run by reputable companies that maintain transparency in all their dealings.

Ease of Use

It is one thing to get a password manager; it’s another to be able to use it. That being said, the best password managers are designed with one thing in mind - Users.

The less complex the better. A password manager should work with your device and browser without much hassle. Some password managers even go ahead to auto-fill your usernames and passwords as soon as you land on the pages where you need them.

In addition, your password manager can even be your on-the-go password generator. You can quickly create and save password at the same time - whilst making sure of your password safety.


The best password manager apps offer compatibility across a range of devices, browser extensions for popular browsers to say the least.

So ensure your choice of password manager is compatible with your device prior to making any commitment.

10 Best Secure Password Managers in 2022

The password managers below are inarguably the best out there. They have been carefully considered, and through extensive test-run proven to be safe, powerful, user-friendly and compatible across a wide array of devices.

1. Dashlane

  1. Well-designed and well-executed apps
  2. Offers VPN protection
  3. Dark Web monitoring for compromised accounts
  4. Supports Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge.
  5. Encryption: AES 256-bit key with CBC-HMAC and a choice between Argon2d or PBKDF2-SHA2.

Dashlane stands out with its user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate. And with its impenetrable encryption, your passwords are under tough lock and key.

We also found Dashlane to be a strong password generator as we were able to create strong passwords in a matter of seconds.

In addition, you won't have to worry about going back and forth, how Dashlane works is that it auto-fills your saved password everytime you need it.

Another impressive thing Dashlane has going for it is the option to store other personal information and payment details. You know how annoyingly long billing information on most sites are and how you have to fill such forms every other time?

Well, with Dashlane, you only get to do that once. And by once I mean, the next time you want to pay for a service, your information is automatically filled in. Takes all the stress away!

Dashlane also has a Secure Notes feature that allows users to save documents, attachments and important notes.

Furthermore, if for any reason you want to share your account credentials with trusted friends and family, you don’t need to give them your personal password.

Dashlane has an emergency contact feature, that you can use to grant account access to someone you trust in the event of an emergency.

More on security, Dashlane gives you access to an Identity Dashboard which is a comprehensive layout of your online security status. Now this doesn't come without pointing you to improvement areas to enable you enhance your online safety.

In the event that your data is leaked or stolen, your personalized alerts from Dashlane will keep you abreast of this. It does this through Dark Web monitoring.

Lastly, Dashlane offers a free version that comes with a few limitations. It allows only one device and limits you to saving 50 passwords. Upgrading to a premium plan will mean unlimited storage and devices and other feature including Dark Web Monitoring.

You can check out the different plans available and settle for one that best suits your need. And of course, irrespective of the plan you choose, risk is averted with Dashlane’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Keeper

  1. Well-designed apps and browsers extensions
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Secure password sharing and inheritance
  4. Secure file storage and messaging
  5. Supports windows, Android, MacOS, iOS ,Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.
  6. Encryption: AES 256-bit key with PBKDF2-SHA2.

Keeper is by far one of the best password managers to consider if you intend keeping your private information safe. And it will interest you to know that this password manager also works well for businesses as it has a dedicated business plan.

When you sign up to Keeper’s service, any data you save will be encrypted before it is sent out to its Cloud Security Vault. To access your data, you'll need a Master Password which acts as your access card.

Keeper also provides an option of multi-factor authentication which gives you an additional layer of security.

You can decide to use a biometric login where you can use your fingerprint to access your data. Conversely, you can use the Keeper DNA, which allows you to confirm your identity using your Apple Watch or Android Wear device.

Additionally, Keeper adopts a zero-knowledge security architecture, where no one has access to your private information. Any by no one we mean even Keeper itself. This has been confirmed as the software service has undergone and passed multiple independent audits.

Similar to Dashlane, Keeper offers a limited free plan. On this plan your data storage allowance is capped at 100MB. Upgrading to a premium plan gives you access to all of its offering.

For Premium plans, the personal/individual use comes with a 30-day free trial offer. Conversely for the business plans you have the option to try it out for 14 days.

3. NordPass

  1. Neatly designed and easy to use apps and extensions
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Syncs passwords across devices
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.
  5. Encryption: XChaCha20 with Argon 2.

If you are familiar with the VPN world, you probably know NordVPN - the overall best in the market.

And NordPass? NordPass is NordVPNs very own password manager app. It is an excellent tool for storing and managing passwords and other vital information.

Any information stored is done securely. NordPass uses a strong encryption to keep data safe.

Whether its your credit card information or passwords or private notes, NordPass seamlessly auto-fills them whenever you need them.

Just like Keeper, NordPass also features zero-knowledge architecture. In other words, no data is seen to be kept by this password manager. Your information is first encrypted on your device before it is sent to NordPass's servers.

NordPass also allows a two-factor authentication. This feature makes it impossible for anyone other than you to access your data. Even if your NordPass Master password happens to slip by chance, the hackers will need your fingerprint to access your password vault.

Opposed to using any random password generator, you can use NordPass as a password generator to create strong passwords.

Interestingly, you can always import your data from an old password manager. This makes switching from one password manager to another a breeze.

NordPass offers a continuous free service on one device. However, it's premium plan allows you up to six devices connections. So you can switch between phone, tablet, laptop and desktop at work to sync your data anytime.

You can explore its offering firsthand, this password manager app provider allows you a 7-day free trial or sign up to enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. RoboForm

  1. Identifies weak and duplicate passwords.
  2. Comprehensive web form filling.
  3. Secure file storage and sharing
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.
  5. Encryption: AES 256-bit with PBKDF2 SHA256.

RoboForm wraps a robust security around a very simple and user-friendly interface. Information stored are brilliantly organized in category folders that make for easy navigation.

RoboForm uses a strong AES 256-bit encryption together with PBKDF2 SHA256 to protect every user data stored.

To access your account, you can decide to use only your Master password or its two-factor authentication.

As your data or passwords are being stored, they are consequently captured for a quick recall as you browse the net. With just one click, you're logged in to the service you are trying to access.

As much as RoboForm allows, you can always access your private information across all your devices.

In addition to secure password storage, you avail a strong password generator with RoboForm. You can readily create strong passwords checking password strengths at the same time.

RoboForm is an outstanding password manager app. You can use it for free or subscribe to one of its premium plans. Interestingly, if you don't want to use its free plan, there's an opportunity to leverage the service's free trial.

5. LastPass

  1. Password strength checker and dark web monitoring tools
  2. Secure sharing and password inheritance
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  5. Encryption: AES 256-bit with PBKDF2 SHA-256.

LastPass is a neatly-designed software that works like in a very non-intrusive manner. It is compatible across a range of devices and browsers and works seamlessly with them to secure, store, and auto-fill your login information.

As with most password managers, you can use LastPass as your reliable strong password generator. You can quickly create both username and password and ensure their security in one place.

With LastPass, you are the only one that sees your data. In fact, you are guaranteed that even LastPass cannot tell what kind of data you have saved since you're the only one that knows your master password. How so? your data is encrypted even before it leaves your device for storage in LastPass's cloud.

LastPass is without a doubt one of the best password managers around. You can store password details, enjoy automatic filling of data like payment information on shipping platforms, store insurance cards and memberships - and be sure of their safety!

Free users even get to enjoy unlimited device connection but will not enjoy other features like secure sharing, emergency contact access and more.

Whether its a marketing strategy or a just another generous offer, we got a 30-day free premium trial addition, after signing up for LastPass's free plan.

6. RememBear

  1. Syncs passwords across devices
  2. Secure Password and file sharing
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  5. Encryption: AES 256-bit with PBKDF2 SHA256.

Looking for a password manager app that maintains uncompromising transparency? RememBear is your go-to option. This service provider has undergone and passed an independent third-party audit that has confirmed the reliability of its security architecture.

Additionally, with a military grade encryption, Master Password to ensure private information safety, Transport Layer Encryption, RememBear takes security a few notches higher.

In fact, master passwords on RememBear are usually created without being exposed to an internet connection and the service uses Amazon’s Key Management Services to protect stored data.

Overall, RememBear is truly of one the best password managers in 2022 worth considering. It offers a free version but users are limited to only one device. Alternatively, there's a paid plan that allows you sync your password on all your devices at the same time.

7. 1Password

  1. Comprehensive yet intuitive password organization
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Secure authentication method for adding new devices
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and Safari.
  5. Encryption: AES-GCM 256-bit with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256.

1Password is yet another excellent choice of password manager in 2022. It is very intuitive and syncs passwords and personal data across all your devices.

When you sign up, a secret key is generated based on your private Master Password and your data is encrypted end to end. Offering more protection from hackers, 1Password allows users the option of a two-factor authentication.

This implies that even if someone gains access to your phone or laptop, your information cannot be compromised.

Furthermore, with 1Password's Watchtower feature, you receive an alert if a password breach or any other forms of security threat is sense

In addition, 1Password also checks to make sure the websites you visit are secure and verified prior to auto-filling your account information. This is an incredible feature that serves as protection from harmful malwares or phishing attempts.

1Password maintains a highly transparent privacy policy and you can easily access and in-depth information about the company’s security design. The entire process is exposed to you from when your data is collected to how it is stored and what happens to Personal identifiable information (PII).

In conclusion, you can enjoy 1Password for 30 days for free on its free trial. This is enough time to review the service and make up your mind about it. Alternatively, you can also pick from its multiple plans depending on your need - whether personal or business.

8. Sticky Password

  1. Syncs passwords across devices
  2. Also manages application passwords
  3. Provides two-factor authentication
  4. Secure no-cloud Wi-Fi sync available
  5. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chromium, Seamonkey, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, and Pale Moon.
  6. Encryption: AES 256-bit with PBKDF2 SHA256.

Sticky Password does everything a password manager is meant to do - manage and protect your password.

Sticky Password offers an enhanced two-factor authentication and you can use fingerprint biometrics on compatible devices. Also, your Master Password is only known and saved by you. No one - not even sticky password - has access to it.

When you are on your browser, saved passwords are automatically filled for you - safely and conveniently. Every data in your personal vault is encrypted so you don't have to worry about your credit card information being at risk.

Though it lacks some advanced features like data breach checks or dark web monitoring, it does protect your data from security breaches with its military grade encryption/.

Lastly, you will enjoy Sticky Password's free plan but I bet you'll find its premium offerings extremely helpful. Luckily, you are allowed a 30-day trial of the premium plan which is yet another generous offering.

9. Intuitive Password

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly design
  2. Dedicated robust antivirus program
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
  5. Encryption: AES 256-bit with PBKDF2.

Intuitive Password offers some of the best security features available.

It uses a cutting edge AES Encryption technology to encrypt all data stored and PBKDF2 to mask password from hackers. You will never find passwords being stored in plain text hence making it difficult for malicious hackers to decipher.

In addition to that, it offers a two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Users can either use the TOTP (time-based one-time password) and a messaging-based onetime password algorithm.

Intuitive Password databases are strictly controlled by application certificates and uses a real-time malware service to keep its servers protected from malware and DDoS attacks at all times.

10. LogMeOnce

  1. Vast number of unique and patented features
  2. User-friendly browser extensions and native apps.
  3. Supports Android, iOS, Secure USB storage, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.
  4. Encryption: AES 256-bit with SHA-512.

LogMeOnce is a very fascinating password manager. It has tons of features that cannot be seen from any other password manager. Though we find some of its features quite unnecessary its automatic two-factor authentication is quite credible.

It allows you to choose from using your traditional master password or a Selfie 2FA photo recognition, a pin code or biometric fingerprint recognition.

LogMeOnce also incorporates a unique blend of anti-theft measures to ensure your sensitive data remains uncompromised. If your device is stolen, you have the option to log out remotely, delete all your data, lock your device or use its unique GPS locator to find you device.

LogMeOnce offers both free and premium plans. You can decide to use its basic features for consumers free. But if you run a business I suggest you sign up to a paid plan.

Do I really need a password manager?

Yes you do and No you don't if you can do actually do without it.

Thing is, it hard enough to memorize a 20 different 10-character passwords with numbers and symbols. But the more frustrating part comes when you forget the passwords. You are left with creating new passwords with the forgot password feature - giving you yet another password you may forget.

Instead of saving your passwords on your notepad or sticky notes on your phone, your best option is a password manager.

It’s a more secure way of keeping your logins under lock and key and averting the risk of crucial account information falling into the wrong hands.

With a secure password manager, you can even take the stress of creating new passwords off yourself - most password managers have built-in strong password generator that let's you handle the task easily.

How safe are password managers?

You may be wondering: how secure is my password with password managers?

Well, it can’t be said that every password manager out there is safe. But one thing you must know is that your private information is by far safer in your hands than that of the wrong password manager.

With a wrong password manager app, hackers can easily break into, steal your login credentials, and perpetrate very damaging attacks and theft with your private information.

That being said, all our best password managers in 2022 recommendations in this article are reliable and do not in any way compromise your private data. Their security features are robust and ingeniously designed to counter attacks.

Bottom Line

For most, the frustration of having to remember tons of passwords is one half of the problem. The other half - keeping these passwords safe. But with a password manager, you enjoy both - unhackable passwords and zero frustrations.

Using one of our ten solid picks of the best password managers in 2022, you can enhance your online security.

However, it is pertinent to understand that password managers are no magic pills. To enjoy well-rounded protection online you will need one more tool in your kit - A VPN.

A VPN also know as Virtual Private network is a software that keeps you secure and anonymous online at all times.

To learn more about VPNs, you can check out our No.1 recommended best VPN for 2022 NordVPN. It is sure to provide you with airtight security with blazing fast speeds as you go about your activities online.